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Author Topic: [OOC] TTG2: Public Void  (Read 293 times)


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[OOC] TTG2: Public Void
« on: February 06, 2020, 05:21:00 pm »

Ten years have passed since the Planes of Tempest were saved from destruction by the Tenth God, the Hellfire Knight. Seven new planes appeared in the wake of this grand event, and many are eager to explore them. However, to avoid the massive political upheavals that have occurred in the wake of gods ascending into a plane that is already inhabited, the other gods declared these off limits until after a god ascends there. And although a good idea in theory, this policy has proven troublesome, as not a single god has risen since the tenth.

Faced with no better ideas, the gods decided to attempt to replicate the circumstances that led to the Hellfire Knight’s ascension by holding a grand tournament in which the best of the best from each plane would come together to fight one another, strengthening each other and themselves to a point where they could surpass their humanity.

And this brings us to you, one of the eight challengers in the Second Godhood Trial. You managed to win your way to the top of your plane’s selection process, and now represent it on an international stage. Now all you have to do is face down each of the other challengers, a task that won’t be easy, but one which will certainly prove rewarding.

Also there is definitely not a mysterious, world-threatening crisis looming just over the horizon this time, nope, not at all.

~Foreword that Comes After the Little Hook Directly Above It~
Hello, welcome, this is TTG2, it is a sequel, and as such there’s a lot of stuff goin’ on from the previous RP that might make it a little intimidating. Since understand all of this would be really confusing, there’s a wiki here. Unfortunately, it’s not very complete, and you’ll certainly still have questions. So if you’re interested in participating in this RP, please stop by the Discord server and request the TTG role. There are only 8 slots here, and returning players will be getting priority in that regard, so be sure to pop by as soon as possible.

Do note that this OOC will primarily be covering new information, so it’s probably best to try to familiarize yourself with the older material first.

Tempest is a strange world originally comprised of seven infinite planes, each with their own strange properties. In the wake of the Hellfire Knight’s ascension, seven new planes emerged. Due to the gods closing them off, all but Hope are almost entirely uninhabited, save for a few special allowances for research expeditions. These new Planes will serve as the main locations for combat across the RP, however most all of the non combat interactions in the RP will take place in the Plane of Greed, as that is where the challengers will be staying.

A mountain of infinite height, covered almost entirely in a thick forest of pine trees. Its peak, held constant by a cluster of anchors, serves as the home of a surprisingly well preserved ancient city built of wood. Although prone to the occasional bout of snow, Faith is surprisingly warm, although that still leaves it a rather chilly land, especially at the peak.

A stone tower, also possessing infinite height, the levels of Hope are in a state of constant flux that only solidifies once observed with purpose. The tower’s adaptive nature makes it ideal as a place to live, as its rooms can be altered to fit any purpose. As the most recently colonized plane, Hope is still rather small. As inexperienced as she is, the Hellfire Knight makes little attempt to draw in more residents, although help from her various advisors has lightened the burden, and recently Hope has been expanding more rapidly. Due to its young nature, there is very little unique culture, but it would be fair to say that the uniting factor of Hope’s people is that they live up to their plane’s name.

Finishing out the trio of infinite height is Love, an endless tree. The air through its massive tangle of branches is warm and dry, yet always carries a gentle breeze to make it feel a bit cooler. Rarely, the wind will pick up in speed and cause the branches to creak and sway.

A hot and humid land of swamp and marsh. Justice is by far the most animal-rich plane, being downright teeming with wildlife (especially irritating insects). Sometimes ravaged by raging monsoons.

An arid and sandy desert littered with ruins. The extremely hot and dry air seems to instantly obliterate any liquid water exposed to the open sky. Luckily, there are many caves hidden in the dunes which protect from this unusual property, and many of them are filled with ancient technology or even underground springs. Sometimes sandstorms blow through, blotting out the sky, but these can prove even more treacherous than the evaporation, so only the foolhardy would dare brave them.

Trapped in a state of endless twilight, the grassland of Temperance can seem rather empty, save for the occasional glistening pond. It rains here rather regularly, but not in any sort of severity.

An infinite expanse of water teeming with ocean life. Although primarily salty, some lake-sized patches on the surface are mysteriously freshwater. There is a floor, but it is infinitely far from the surface. Anchors on the floor create pockets of breathable air. The surface is constantly ravaged by severe thunderstorms, save for the lakes, which are always unusually calm.

~Challenger Selection~
Each of the eight inhabited Planes is fielding one challenger for the tournament, and the process for selecting their challenger was left to the individual Planes. As such, your character will need to be created with a Plane to represent in mind. The selection processes were as follows:

Would-be competitors had to have a recorded record of high standing in past events. Those that met a certain threshold faced off against Adam, who selected the fighter he thought had the most potential. Although being a resident of Pride was not required, it was required that all tournament standings submitted were from Pride, biasing the process towards those who spent larger portions of their careers there.

Queen held a tournament of his own to select the champion of his realm. Entry into this tournament was completely open, and it was absolutely massive. It was also a single elimination bracket, where one mistake would cost competitors their bid. Short rests were held between matches for mechs to repair at least a little, but overall it ended up being a constant three days of fighting. The entire ordeal was a test to see who could achieve complete domination of their opponents for the longest duration. Only Greed natives were allowed to enter.

Gluttony made a huge bid for competitors to participate in a series of small tournaments leading up to a main selection tournament, trying to encourage even the poorest and most outlying participants to join (Ice Gryffin had to use a lot of political influence to get the aristocracy to okay this). The idea was that since a new god hadn’t been found for so long, it must have been that all of the potential gods were those who hadn’t had the opportunity to showcase their abilities yet. These tournaments were held over several months to give ample time for unknowns to find one they could participate in, with those who placed highly even once being given the opportunity to compete in the selection tournament.

The selection itself was a double elimination bracket fought in best of threes, all intended to minimize the chance of the best choice being knocked out of the tournament by a stroke of bad luck.

Although no rules were set for residency, any well-established competitors from outside of Gluttony were banned from participating, for fear they might dilute the pool too much.

Wrath’s challenger was selected by the aristocracy, and as such was the result of politics and bickering. They are widely considered to be unworthy of their spot, and are clearly the least skilled off all the tournament competitors. Of course, they are not only a native, but a member of a long-standing dynasty.

Anyone wishing to represent Lust had to go through an hour and a half long interview with a selection committee headed by Swag. A total of ten interviewees were determined to be worthy of the spot. These ten were put through a series of matches with each other, as well as other top fighters in the mech combat scene and the god of Lust himself. In the end, all but one dropped out from the pressure of having to talk to Swag again.

Bear just picked someone he liked. Sloth’s population isn’t big enough to warrant anything more complicated, and his judgement is widely considered excellent. Obviously they were a resident.

Since Envy already uses a delegative democracy system, and it was simplest to use it to select a champion as well. As such, the Envy champion will be someone who is not only a respected combatant, but also influential enough to convince large numbers of people to support their bid and tenacious enough to campaign for their spot. Being a resident of Envy was not a requirement.

Hope’s representative was chosen by a series of round robin tournaments, followed by an elimination bracket. The round robins were held off-plane due to space constraints. After the elimination bracket, anyone who wanted to dispute their results was allowed to fight the Hellfire Knight to prove they deserved better. It’s rumored that the representative actually managed to defeat the god and earn their place that way, but this is as yet unconfirmed (AKA talk to Lexi and Val if you want to go this route). Due to Hope’s low population (of which all natives are under 10), there were no rules on residency whatsoever.

~Chapters and Phases~
The RP will be split up into several chapters, which will in turn be split into several phases. Two story phases on either side of one combat phase. The first story phase will be very freeform, allowing characters to interact with one another and various NPCs at a few different locations. The post combat story phase will be more structured, and the PCs will typically be split up to interact with specific NPCs in ways that further the plot of character development. Of note, whoever is deemed to have fought the best (IC, not OOC) that chapter will find this story phase occupied by an interview.

Combat in this RP is largely freeform, although anything you do will need to be reasonably justifiable within your stats. Keep in mind that the goal of combat is not to win, but to write a compelling and satisfying result for all parties. In general, each combat post should include a reaction to your opponent’s attack, and your own attack (or other response, such as setting something up for the following turn). The more you give up in your reaction, the more you’ll be able to get away with in your attack. Your character’s unique set of skills and abilities will allow you to put more into your turns while giving up less, but so will your opponent, leading to a back and forth that should bring out the best of both character’s designs.

Fights should end with both sides having given it their all, and the result should come down to whoever finds the best way to make their character lose in a satisfying way.

Also, this whole thing is pretty animu, so please do have your characters fight through banter just as much as through mech combat.

Prior to each combat, an analysis written from the perspective of in-universe analysts will be posted to provide some insight into how the match is expected to go, as well as pointing out some things that might complicate those expectations.

~Character Design~
Characters are given 17 stat points to split among four stats: Speed, Melee, Firepower, and Armor. At 6 points in a stat, a special ability for that stat is unlocked (do note that aside from the speed ability, all of these will need a reasonable justification when used). With the way things are distributed, this means that you can have two of such bonuses at most. Stat power is thought of somewhat exponentially. The higher your stat, not only the more variety you can include in it, but the more raw power abilities from that stat can possess across the board. While this does encourage specialization into a stat, keep in mind that you need a variety of tactics to be truly successful, so your build will need to find other ways to patch up the inevitable holes.

One of your most powerful tools in character design is your character’s Spark, a powerful ability central noty only to their combat but also who they are as a person. A Spark is a constant, no matter how your character chooses to fight, it will always exist within them in some form.

Similar to Spark, your character also has a personal skill, which is a unique trait of theirs that comes from their own abilities as a person, rather than their mech’s abilities.

You will also be afforded one other method of spending your stat points besides raw stats, but which method exactly depends on which system you choose to use. The options here are between Divination and Revelation. Divination provides the choice of using a signature, which costs 2 stat points. A signature is a powerful technique that can only be activated when certain conditions are met. On the other hand, Revelation gives access to spell slots, at the cost of 1 point per 2 slots (up to a maximum of 3 points/6 slots). Spells are much weaker than signatures, but in return gain a massive amount of versatility. A spell can take up multiple slots, and a 5 slot spell would be on par with signature, while a 6 sxlot spell would be slightly better (although using a 5 slot spell is a pretty significant diminishing return compared to just having a signature)

Also, during the design process, you should be aware of the seven damage types. Different types of attacks have different properties, and your character’s defenses can get more power for less points by specializing their defenses. Only Revelation System mechs can use Arcane, Elemental, and Curse damage attacks, but any mech can specialize their defenses against them.

Damage from hitting things with solid objects or other stuff that would physically push them around

Damage from hitting things with attacks that aren’t physical, but still exist in the physical realm

Damage from magical power that does not truly exist in the physical realm at all

Explosive (Physical+Energy)
Damage from explosives, which merge energy and physical damage

Elemental (Arcane+Energy)
Damage from magical power generated to mimic real energy. Although they mimic some properties of energy attacks, they are still made of arcane power and are not exactly the same

Curse (Arcane+Physical)
Damage from magical power that has physical repercussions (for example, a beam of arcane power that forcibly causes rust)

Nova (All)
The ultimate power formed from all of the others. Only those most in tune with their fundamental alignment have any hope of accessing such raw power (AKA this is a lore thing, don’t actually use it)

~Character Sheet~
Name: [What your character’s name is. If they are concealing their identity and only operating under their Alias, you may leave this blank, although you should at least personally be aware of it]
Alias: [The name your character uses when competing in the arena, doubles as the name of their mech]
Age: [How old your character is]
Plane: [The Plane your character is representing in the Trial, as per the selection process mentioned above]
Motivation: [What your character hopes to achieve by participating]
Personality: [Who your character is as a person and how they act]

Appearance: [What your character looks like]

Mech Appearance: [What your character’s mech looks like]

Mech ([System - Revelation for spells, Divination for signatures])
  • Speed: [How fast and maneuverable your mech is. 6 point bonus: Five extremely short range teleports that can be activated so long as your mech is capable of moving freely]
  • Melee: [How much ability your mech has to deal damage at close range. Thrown weapons are typically counted under melee. 6 point bonus: One autohit when taking an attack at melee range, allowing you to counterattack without giving your opponent the ability to respond]
  • Firepower: [How much your mech can lay on the hurt from a distance. 6 point bonus: Unavoidable and unblockable hit. Can be used with many small attacks or a single powerful attack, as long as you can justify it. While they can’t defend, your opponent does still get to respond to the attack before you act further]
  • Armor: [How much of a beating your mech can take. 6 point bonus: One time ability to completely block any damage]
  • Spells/Signature: [Spells are 2 spells for 1 stat point, with a max of six slots. Signatures are one big, conditional ability for 2 points To get a spell on par with a signature would take 5 slots]
  • Spark: [A unique and powerful ability that is deeply intertwined with your mech’s combat style and your character’s personality]

Personal Skill: [A special skill based in your character’s own strength rather than anything created as part of their mech]

Note that while backstory is not a required element, I will want to touch on at least the basics of it with you before accepting your character, so you should have a general idea of it regardless.

~Accepted Characters~
Ethereal Hunter - Twinwolf
Ruby Darter - DragonRage
Wandering Dragon - Chevaleresse
Sycophant - Goggy
Neon Aletheia - IntSys

~Returning PCs~
Hellfire Knight, God of Hope - Chevaleresse
Revenant - Stratos

Swag 2.0, God of Lust
Blink, God of Envy
Sleeping Bear, God of Sloth
Queen, God of Greed
Aries, God of Wrath
What Truths Ahead, God of Gluttony
Marita Lemmins
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Re: [OOC] TTG2: Public Void
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2020, 05:23:51 pm »

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Re: [OOC] TTG2: Public Void
« Reply #2 on: February 06, 2020, 05:47:28 pm »

Ah crap, I might've already had a sheet for this as well, whoops.

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Re: [OOC] TTG2: Public Void
« Reply #3 on: February 06, 2020, 06:14:07 pm »

Here I come!

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Re: [OOC] TTG2: Public Void
« Reply #4 on: February 06, 2020, 06:30:20 pm »

As it turns out, outpost liasons blend.
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Re: [OOC] TTG2: Public Void
« Reply #5 on: February 06, 2020, 09:03:15 pm »

The following details a property of Erebos Co., Ltd.

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Re: [OOC] TTG2: Public Void
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Hi yes, hello. Lore Master Stratos reporting for duty.

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Re: [OOC] TTG2: Public Void
« Reply #7 on: February 07, 2020, 01:45:59 am »

The Master of The Inexplicable Skill walks forward, an undeniable noble and wild soul. Ookami!
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Re: [OOC] TTG2: Public Void
« Reply #8 on: February 15, 2020, 10:25:14 am »

Finally got my sheet ready to go.

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