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Author Topic: Deniable Assets Race-Mondragon Collective SCALE  (Read 4489 times)


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Re: Deniable Assets Race-Mondragon Collective SCALE
« Reply #135 on: February 11, 2019, 10:45:57 pm »

Probably should finish this up...
Quote from: Votebox
Plan v3: (6) NUKE9.13, Thanik, AC, ConscriptFive, TTE, Piratejoe

Santa Letter:
TTE+Nik's Letter: (4) NUKE9.13, Thanik, TTE, Piratejoe
ConscriptFive's Letter: (2) AC, ConscriptFive

Release "ON THE SUBJECT OF DOMESTIC TERRORISM": (6) NUKE9.13, Thanik, AC, ConscriptFive, TTE, Piratejoe
Do not release the above:

Hire Yuki Ito: (1) Piratejoe
Hire Kammie Raikatuji: (1) Piratejoe
Hire Komachi Watanabe: (1) Piratejoe
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Re: Deniable Assets Race-Mondragon Collective SCALE
« Reply #136 on: December 30, 2019, 01:21:31 pm »

It's been awhile. Something like 370 days? Well anyways, this update has been a long time coming.

Mondragon Mission Phase:

The new hires have been successfully inducted into the organization. Thanks to your increase in knowledge of magic and how to observe it, you now know the strength of future recruits before recruiting them.

Bank hack
The team successfully replaced one of the teams by snagging them while on lunch break. They entered the bank, using Dragon’s Gaze to bluff past the guards and other workers. Thantro did not seem to have a Spec Ops force present. They found a location in the facility not covered by cameras, broke into the mainframe, drained some confirmed Thantro accounts into Mondragon shell accounts, covered their tracks, and left. We think it is unlikely that Thantro will catch on to our break in method. Command commends you on a flawless mission.
+50 funds, +10 monthly funding.

Diego extraction
Thantro did not show at any time during the extraction. Diego’s last remaining relative has been successfully relocated and hidden under a different name, and similar incidents should no longer be a risk. Command is pleased with your success, though the issue is rather minor to them.
+10 funds.

Scientist escort
Everything went perfectly with no sign of Thantro, up until the point that the car needed to turn off of Kennedy Expressway to reach the airport. Boris cried out as he spotted four bright signatures hiding in the bushes off to the side of the road. That was all the warning the three were given before a series of explosions rang out. More than 10 grenades detonated in a short period of time. Most of them missed the car but one detonated against the rear passenger door, injuring Hannah through the door but thankfully not killing anyone. Had Hannah and Lin Ying been in opposite positions, the mission would have almost surely ended then and there.
The detonations around the car shredded the wheels and a good deal of the frame. This combined with the door grenade caused Boris to lose control, sending the car spinning off the side of the road. There was only a moment of silence before foal carbines began firing. Boris and Yin jumped out of the car and took cover from the engine block while Boris and Hannah both returned fire, Hannah from the rear and Boris from the front.
Unfortunately as Boris had already noted through the use of thaum lenses, the enemy agents were almost entirely fifth level or higher, and two SCAFIR proved to be insufficient to break them in time, given the relative lack of cover provided by a broken car frame on an open freeway.
The enemy ignored Hannah and focused entirely on the front of the car, and, after a few moments and a lot of bullets, managed to kill both Boris and Yin through lucky deflections through the engine block.
It seems at this point they beat a safe retreat, choosing to let Hannah live in order to make their escape before backup or law enforcement arrived.
Mondragon is in turmoil after yet another loss of a department head. Command is rather upset at the loss of Yin Ling, but also rather disappointed at your combat performance. Despite the improvements made to your armaments Hannah and Boris were completely unable to inflict casualties in this fight. Command is largely stayed from acting, however, by the promise of TAPE. Hannah has gained minor trauma and will be out of commission next month. All lost equipment was successfully recovered and repaired.
-10 monthly funding. -8% stability.
1 SFOS needs repair.
Hannah has grown more experienced.
Hannah is in therapy for the month.
Hannah has been awarded the Violet Heart for bravery in battle.
Boris has been killed in action

Campaign mission results
For the most part preparations before the event started were completed successfully, although the event planner from NI vetoed boarding up the windows. Kaish even got a security camera room that covered the entire building to work from, along with a couple of NI mooks. Thantro didn’t really communicate with us a whole lot on the setup, although their agents placed two potted plants around the main entrance and one next to the closed entrance, as well as a fourth potted plant near the top of the stairs above. At first glance they seemed to have only sent two agents to our five, oddly enough. The first day passes by peacefully as the agents fall into a routine. Possibly important of note is that the two plainclothes Thantro agents would pass by on the half hour without fail and touch each potted plant for a moment.
The gateway checks done by our agents for those entering and exiting the third level seem to have been sufficient to discourage any potential agents on the first day, but that wasn’t to last. On the second day a businessman was caught with a fake compartment in his briefcase. Upon the compartment being discovered, he snatched the case from the hands of our agents and began running. Moments after the first shout rang out the potted plant farthest from the stairs exploded upwards, showering the nearby area with dirt as a Thantro tactical team of one guy emerged from within.
We’re beginning to detect a theme with Thantro’s plans.
Anyways, as our agents started moving to grab the thief a near invisible barrier slammed into place before him, causing the thief to come to an abrupt and painful halt. The thief was successfully apprehended and his briefcase confiscated. Unfortunately the case was taken by the NI security overseer before we could take a peek at what was inside.
The area was cleared of bystanders momentarily as some NI higher ups arrived to take a look around. Thantro’s agent hesitated for a moment before nodding to the two women, then hopped back inside his potted plant. The two plainclothes ops showed up moments later to scoop up the dirt and repot the plant.
The second incident went somewhat similarly. A shout rang out above and a person came charging down the closed off set of stairs, making it halfway before running into a barrier projected by the female Thantro agent who had been hiding in the adjacent pot. The thief was apprehended and what he tried to steal was confiscated by NI. Based off of how the attempted theft occurred, we can safely assume the agent was from a different corporation who hadn’t done their homework about the first attempted theft.
On the final day of the conference, the sound of a window breaking and a flashbang going off heralded what was likely a full blown assault. Our two reserve agents ran out of the main ops room, and were greeted with the sight of 8 agents in full black pouring through two windows on the East side of the floor. Thankfully most guests were in the side rooms in private business meetings and such, and the ones that were in the main room were ignored by the agents, as none of them were from NI. One of the 8 agents had eyes that flared purple, and everyone who was looking in that direction was filled with an unnatural fear.
Our and Thantro’s agents stood their ground, barely. The enemy opened fire but found their efforts stymied by one of Thantro’s plainclothes ops, who had ran over to Alexandro and Evgeni in the opening moments of the assault.
We opened fire as well, but to similar effect. Later in the debriefing our team swore they were on target, but every shot fired seemed to miss without fail.
As the rest of our and Thantro’s agents ran up the stairs and the enemy found themselves outnumbered, the man with purple eyes began flinging bolts of dark energy out of his palms. They passed straight through Thantro’s shields and every time they hit an agent, said agent was wrapped up in tendrils and immobilized.
All agents focused fire on the man with purple eyes but the shots continued to barely miss, coming within centimeters of his body in places.
“Close your eyes!” shouted Kaish through the radio, as one of Thantro’s agents threw a cooked flashbang right at the man.
The stunt worked, causing the man to stumble backwards shouting in pain and clutching his ears as the fear effect he was projecting faded. When our agents opened fire again, they found that he was suddenly very easy to kill.
The fight ended moments later, as the loss of their caster caused them to no longer have much in the way of protection, while our agents were shielded from harm by Thantro shields and our body armor.
There was only one civilian death, and the cleanup after the assault went well. The event was about to end anyways, so NI simply decided to end it now and conclude the business talks elsewhere.
Both teams were congratulated by NI for excellent performance. The decision to keep over half our forces in reserve or hidden, by both teams, meant that the corporation that planned the final assault drastically misjudged the number of agents they would need to capture the top floor and the tech found there. They have not reported on which team did better, instead choosing to wait until the end of the year to announce everything then. Command is pleased with the show you gave as well.
A possibly useful piece of information was revealed in debriefing. Those with thaum lenses all confirmed that the enemy caster glowed as bright as the Thantro agents we fought alongside even despite the fairly large difference in distance, implying that there are ways to increase the base thaumic potential everyone has.
NI conference successfully defended.
+10 funds
Moira, Alex, Alexandro, and Evgeni are more experienced.

Public opinion/government
The letter has been delivered to the Department of Internal Affairs for the local government. Presumably its been forwarded to the people who need to see it, as we received acknowledgement of its reception later in the month. It may take some time for them to start taking action, and we think we’ve managed to avoid giving ourselves away too much in the process of pointing them at Thantro. The letter, combined with Thantro’s use of grenades this month, should result in some fairly hefty consequences, even for a first offence and fine.
Other than this, the civilian unrest continues to rise as the rate of incidences does.

Event results
Santa reacted favorably to your letter. On Christmas morning a nondescript box was found on the desk in the head of the bureau’s office. A written note is attached to the box. Hope this helps. Merry Christmas! - Santa”
Along with the normal design, you may create a unique item using a second design. The design ignores two levels of difficulty, and the lowest die will be rerolled.

Spoiler: Agents (click to show/hide)
It is now the Design Phase of May 1983. You may vote on a single design to research, along with an extra one time design granted from the event.
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