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Author Topic: Reworking of Skills and how Dwarfs lern  (Read 293 times)


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Reworking of Skills and how Dwarfs lern
« on: December 02, 2019, 11:06:59 am »

So with the upcoming of guilds I was thinking about the current skill system and the demonstrations. I fast came to the conclusion that the current skill system is relatively dull for the standard DF experience.
Current a Dwarf have a skill and train this skill by doing an appropriate action. Learning by practice is not the worst but more or less ignore the knowledge side of things. In spacial with guilds were theories and experience will be shard this side could be got a bit more fleshed out.

Currently, I think in splitting it at lest up in: Basic knowledge, advance knowledge, technique and practice. While knowledge and technique could be shard among Dwarf in guilds practice is something that can only archive by well practice. Overall skill lvl would be just the sum/average of these subskills. So you don't need to change how the game determine quality of items.
On top, you could do the same as with taming for different rock and wood type for example. That your Civ have a great understanding of a material or other topics for example.
This split up would help to determine new ways of improving skills on different levels. Make stuff like Liberties more useful for your public. This also would slow down dwarf skill development (way to fast masterworks for relative low training effort in my opinion) since knowledge base skill gain out of practice is existence but slower.

What do you think? How and even should the skill system improved and in what way.