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Author Topic: Simple quick bugfix - Tame animals & Sentient butchering 'O'rders.  (Read 246 times)


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Hi, i have another bug reported, and this one is a particualrly long-standing gripe; 0001275: Dwarves refuse to butcher tame animals unless they're directly slaughtered so here is a supportive idea to address it.


Under the 'O'rders screen, the effect of dead_dwarf=true which determines on point of death where a body is regarded to turn up as food or buried can be made flexible by the input of additional 'O'rders that toggle the behaviour of the dwarves habits. Since automation can be turned off, fine tuning the ways in which food is prepared should be a fortress wide activity instead. When they are changed by player input of a new 'O'rder direction, all corpses which are affected by the changes are made to be forbidden for sake of keeping accidental butcheries safe (though I would suggest that this would be considered, its not nessecary)

Quote from: Sentient Butchering Menu
Quote from: Animal Butchering Menu
Animals Butchered/Not butchered- (applies to butchering of wild creatures killed by hunting and other mens broadly with arguements.)
> Tame Animals Butchered/Not butchered - (pets are purposefully omitted by default)
  > Pets Butchered/Not butchered - (emergency option if your fortress is facing starvation, allows slaughtering)

Sentients Butchered/Not butchered - (applies to non affiliated parties like wild sentients, cavern creatures or animal-men for instance)
> Visitors  Butchered/Not butchered
> Hostiles Butchered/Not butchered
  > Cannibalism Allowed/Disallowed - (another emergency option, allows you on correct ethic to eat citizens of your own civilization and type)
  • For whichever reason you can make your dwarves entirely vegetarian if it suits your conditions and not eat animals, theming or circumstances. Same goes for if bodies are likely to re-animate, a proiritzation to not add them to a butchering pile may be important for your purposes as less bodies typically are delivered to a corpses/graveyard pile in general.
  • If a nation does not have access to a ethic related workshop order, (such as sentients above for civilized races) the toggles will not be changable and may be greyed out or marked in red. Elf decorum about eating their kills doesn't mandate butchery for instance, unless this is listed as exceptional rule in Purple or Cyan marked with a star * and butchering sentients along this rule is allowed for creatures with a correlating death-cause.
  • Living plant matter or plant derived creatures like grimelings (and any elaboration like tree-people/ents or modded races) can be sorted under the same rules for [ETHIC:KILL_PLANT] and given respective burials, memorials & omission from being processed. Because in Elven society, plant based beings have as much right as a typical animal, including trees.
Why would we want to apply these changes?

Players in the past have complained about the relatively round-about way that has enabled pets to be reserved for burial, at the same time without a meaningful consequence to adding a ethic having much of a effect on fortress or adventure mode.

With this change, significantly less tools like DF-hack scripts to push around booleans to make corpses be correctly eaten & processed will be needed, and players can enjoy more involvement from playing as different cultures through their own modding or the framework for future DF developments where it might eventually stray away from a Dwarf Centric viewpoint.

I hope this was a satisfying read, thanks for reading.