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Author Topic: Best ways to reduce fps drain in Adventurer mode when visiting player Forts?  (Read 513 times)


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Iíve become increasingly interested in Adventurer mode recently, and Iíve been doing some messing around with the areas where it and Fort mode intersect. When building a Fort with the intention of then visiting it in adventurer, what are the best known ways to maximise fps, what drains the fps the most, and what effect does the size of the Fortís embark have on Adventurer fps? How big can you make one while still gwtting away with it?
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- Amount of NPC's loaded within that area.
- Amount of open space. (some npc's have a habit of wanting to path from the surface, down to the cavern layers, if open) Pathing tends to be a annoying issue when visiting Dark and Normal Dwaven like fortresses.
- Flying ai with a lot of mobs opens up even more pathing lag, mainly in Dark Fortresses.
- Amount of items within that area.

But all of this depends on your computer mainly. If you have a big beefy computer, most of this wont be to big of an issue. BUT if you have a low end computer, the amount of NPC's and Pathing can be a 0.1-0.5 FPS dropper.
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