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Author Topic: Elgato Capture Card and OBS problems, please help!  (Read 2360 times)


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Elgato Capture Card and OBS problems, please help!
« on: May 06, 2020, 10:22:27 am »

Hi, guys. I have a rather large problem at the moment, and I'd really like your help. I recently decided to do an LP of Persona 5: Royal. Or at least, I'm TRYING to do one. Nothing's been posted yet due to persistent technical issues involving my Elgato capture card and OBS.

I didn't know that the Elgato doesn't cooperate well with OBS. I just knew that an LPer I watched managed to get it to work. Since I first started using the Elgato, I have encountered the same problem, and by now, I'm more inclined to throw it away and get a new capture card to avoid this nonsense. In fact, I did order one, but it won't arrive for two weeks. So I thought I'd ask here for advice to see if it's possible to fix this, or maybe pinpoint the problem more exactly, because I just don't get it.

I'll go over everything in as much detail as possible, because I don't know what's relevant.

I've mostly been recording in a small office room. I have a small TV on a table, the PS4 in front of it, and my microphone, a Fifine model (for reference: in front of that. When I first recorded, I found audio issues. For one, I had faint audio repetition, as in, I heard the game sounds twice, once faintly, and then a second or two later, the full volume game audio. So it was like:

Stop, Joker!... Stop, Joker!

This became particularly noticeable during Kasumi's introductory cutscene, if you know the game. Furthermore, while the faint audio was in sync with what was going on in the game, the full volume audio was not.

Now, I presumed that the faint audio was just the TV being picked up by my microphone. I'm still inclined to think that, but now I'm not 100% sure. I tried putting the microphone further away by having it on my lap, putting a good little bit of distance between myself and the TV, and also turning the TV volume down to 6. One of my tests seemed to have fixed the faint audio, but the desynced game audio remained.

I tried recording in a larger, more open room. That didn't work. Based on some advice, I tried working with Sync Offset under the Edit -> Advanced Audio Settings. I set Audio Offset for Persona 5: Royal to 2000 ms, but that didn't change anything. Then I tried the other direction, going for -199 ms, because that was as far back on the negative I could go. That didn't work. Based on some other advice, I also changed the sample rate for OBS to 48 kHz, to match the Elgato.

I did a test with just the sample rate change, no change. I did another test with the sample rate change, and Sync Offset for P5R set to -199 ms. That seemed to fix the problem. I heard no double audio in Kasumi's introductory scene, and no desynced audio, either.

But then I tried recording yesterday, and the only difference from the day I tested and my recording yesterday was that the TV volume was up a couple points, and yet... the problem came back.

I'm totally at a loss, guys. Is there a way to for sure fix this nonsense? Is that faint audio I'm getting really being picked up by my microphone? I don't know. If it also helps, in Advanced Audio Properties, Desktop Audio, Mic/Aux, and Persona 5: Royal have all six track check boxes checked. I tired messing with that once, I forget the result. I don't know if that's a factor.

Please, can anybody help me untangle this? I really need help.

EDIT 12/25/20: I forgot I wrote this. But a while back, I managed to fix the problem with an obscure sound setting. Just letting everybody know.
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Re: Elgato Capture Card and OBS problems, please help!
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2020, 08:37:29 pm »

If you have a 3.5mm jack headset plug it into your playstation controller. That will basically eliminate the sound entirely without you having to fuss over where to play. For the sake of recording things it might be best to do so using elgato's software, Game Capture HD unless there is something you absolutely need from OBS.


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Re: Elgato Capture Card and OBS problems, please help!
« Reply #2 on: July 09, 2020, 04:12:10 pm »

Varying volumes could be a broken cable/jack, if you're using 3.5mm or similar ports check if they have 4 poles or 3, are mono or not... I have a jack female to jack female to minijack somewhere in my setup and from time to time I have to spin the plug to get same volume left and right, in short they're weird an I prefer cinch.

(sry Im a bit late)
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