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Author Topic: Alikai Team Thread - FR20 [~5 players]  (Read 6733 times)


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Re: Alikai Team Thread - FR20 [~5 players]
« Reply #255 on: July 17, 2020, 06:55:34 am »

Quote from: Flag Vote
PMs flag:
Ms flag: (2) Powder Miner, m1895
Tric's Crescent Moon Flag: (3) Doomblade, Happerry, TricMagic

Did have more than one version of that flag.

I have a question for the GM. If we don't remove a bug this turn, will we only be able to use the -2, or can we remove a bug from a future design?

Likewise do we pick one boon or another right now?

... For that matter, think this is turn 4 anyway. Flag submission isn't till turn 5.

Water> Fruit> Beasts. For next turn, fix the aqueduct, make a hero/powerful mortal, and fix the Rabbit's unique diet if possible by seeing what works and what doesn't and coming up with a standard plan. Which will net an insight for the creation of agriculture, or similar Fruit design.

Alternatively, just move on with other designs.

Design Idea

Dire Mountain Goats

Dire Goats are rather unique among Lunacy. Rather than being bigger versions of themselves, they are instead the same size as their normal brethren. That does not mean there are differences though, their intellect is much higher, and their solid strength and hardiness is even greater. A Dire Mountain Goat's charge allows their horns to go straight through any traditional armor, and those that do happen to survive are nearly always knocked down to be trodden to death.

The strength of their hooves and horns are enhanced as well. This is done by increasing the hardness of the keratin in them, which also applies to their wool, giving them a layer of defense against arrows and weapons, with blunt weapons being ineffective. A charge of Dire Mountain Goats signals death for any caught underhoof, and in mountains they can render any attempts to climb over the mountains extremely dangerous to an enemy. Their bones are also a lot tougher.

Generally, Dire Mountain Goats can only live in cooler climates than the desert. In hotter areas and times they will shed their wool for a lighter coat, which affects their defensive ability. This limits their full impact to The Devil's Scab, the Frostspire, and the Ghoulwood, as well as Zehlin itself. They can go to the Blasted Craters as well, but require plenty of water. It should be noted their sense of balance and movement over uneven terrain is as excellent as their unenhanced cousins, and are still herbivores. Note that using them as pack animals does not end well, they do have their pride. Treat them as you would any other ally.

Somewhat obviously, them being so intelligent means we do have to pay them in food, and they do breed and have families. The Devil's Scab is undoubtedly their main territory.

Other ideas, some type of birb, a dragon.
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