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Author Topic: The Bay 12 Games Report, October 1st, 2020  (Read 19831 times)

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The Bay 12 Games Report, October 1st, 2020
« on: October 01, 2020, 11:08:36 pm »

The Bay 12 Games Report, October 1st, 2020

Mission Status

Strong is the root of a tree not felled by the buffeting winds.  With the foundation of your support, month after month, we can survive this chaos and arrive on the other side with the trophy everyone has been waiting so patiently for. Believe me, no one wants this process to be done more that we do.  Imagine the UI on the other side of the rainbow.  Then imagine many rainbows after that, all in better position to be hunted until they give up the treasure and bring the future into the present.

"Congratulations to the generous!" -- ThreeToe

Fun with Numbers

Wow, a string of excellent months numbers-wise there.  Thanks for helping out!  We'll try to get the game together as quickly as I can, but of course September was not incredibly friendly here with the wildfire smoke and also insulation-installers drilling the side of the wall near my bed and so forth.  Not a lot of sleep in September.  But October will be different somehow!

First project this month is: dwarves!  I should be able to show some of them beyond the one placeholder dwarf we'd been using soon.  Then I need to finish up the stockpiles, and get back to all of the other matter.

Should be at the Roguelike Celebration this weekend, in virtual form.  It is a MUD of some kind, I think, and I have no idea how that'll be since I missed the demo, but perhaps I'll see some of you there!

September: $10681.97
August:    $10369.24
July:      $10578.03
June:      $10560.49
May:        $9921.44
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