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Author Topic: Stella Primum, a simple, fun and mesmerizing solar system sim, life sim.  (Read 658 times)


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Hey guys, I developed this little game about a year ago in 3 months in a custom engine made in c#. I never released it until now and i havent changed it much since then you can generate solar systems, look at planets, watch their atmospheric contents change and evolve as well as watch the life forms that evolve (And look at images of them) . You can also view the history of planets, and save and load solar systems. I made some changes and decided to release it, it may get more updates just to add more god-game features if anyone actually tries it.

Generate a solar system and observe the life that evolves in it, read through the history of the planets. This uses an early version of the auto-evo simulation from the game Thrive, which is another project i've been involved in.

It also has lots of fun history messages and you can let it run and then look through the entire history of each planet year by year.
It also simulates the molecular chemistry of each planets atmosphere to some extant.

Anyhow, if you have time and a dollar, i would appreciate feedback and ideas and such.

Thanks again
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