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Author Topic: (Discontinued) Let's save the mods!, a forum project  (Read 1171 times)


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(Discontinued) Let's save the mods!, a forum project
« on: December 19, 2020, 08:22:48 am »

This has been discontinued. If anyone wants to pick it up, feel free. Read my comment further down for more info as to why.

Let's save the mods!
A forum project

In light of Mediafire mass-deleting old uploads, we should all be reminded that online storage is not permanent, especially big company ones made as a service and not for the purpose of conservation. For this reason I'm starting this project with the intent of uploading all old mods from the Mod Releases subforum onto DFFD (the Dwarf Fortress File Depot, maintained by Bay12), if they are not there already. The same should also be done to the utilities on that subforum.

To not act against the creators' wishes, I will not upload mods by creators that have been active on this forum the last year (2020). Instead, I will save those mods into private storage and try to contact the creator. If I don't get any response within another year, I will upload it under the assumption that most creators want their mod to be available to the public, considering they've already uploaded/advertised it once. If you've made a mod and want it removed from this list, please just say so. Of course, I will not take any credit for the mods, nor should you if you're helping out and are not the original creator.

I do not plan to include any mods currently uploaded to Github, as it seems much more stable than other hosting services.

Saved/mirrored mods:

Modest Accelerated MashDorenASCII, Ironhand16, Mayday, Obsidian, Phoebus, Spacefox-Afro
Cat Fortress - Replace Dwarves with intelligent CatsnuggetemilyStandard, Without cheats
Advanced CivilizationsShadowclaimer2014-07-30 (latest), 2014-07-29, 2014-07-26, 2014-07-18, 2014-07-14

Lost mods:
Some mods already had dead links when I found them, and are thus (presumably) lost to time. If you have a copy of them, please contact me or upload yourself them onto DFFD, preferably commenting on this thread after so I can update the list.
Here is a list of them (links to their forum threads):

Human Hamlet, by JacenHanLovesLegos
Goblin Tower/Human City, by B-Dasher
Yet another civilization mod? Madness!, by Random Dragon
Fuzzy Bunny Mod, by Far117
Korbac's Komplete Krossover Kollection, by Wysthric
Strange New World:A Lovecraftian Dark Fantasy Mod, by Untrustedlife
Igloo's Box of !!FUN!!, by Igloo the Almighty
Underground expansion ALPHA, by MoonyTheHuman

Helping out:
If you want to help out (I call this a forum project after all, I will have a hard time doing it all myself) just upload a mod currently hosted riskily, and post a comment in the thread so I can upload the list, and so we don't double-upload.

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Re: Let's save the mods!, a forum project
« Reply #2 on: December 19, 2020, 04:13:56 pm »

Thanks for doing this. I think all my work is already on DFFD, aside from a few minor requests I put on Dropbox. Sad to think what this will do to some older, less active communities though.
My mods and forum games.
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Re: Let's save the mods!, a forum project
« Reply #3 on: December 19, 2020, 05:16:45 pm »

Absolutely. The DF community is lucky for having DFFD, most other only have the option of moving mods etc. from one ephemeral hosting service to another ephemeral hosting service, or setting up websites. I found out about Mediafire purging stuff from the Pokťmon rom hacking community, which has depended much more on e.g. it, both for the hacks themselves and for tools, the latter of which are downloaded by much fewer people and thus more likely to be lost...
I should scan through the utilities section as well, at least update the top post. Iíll do that tomorrow.


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Re: (discontinued) Let's save the mods!, a forum project
« Reply #4 on: January 03, 2021, 04:15:01 am »

Iím discontinuing this. A big part of why is that there simply were very few such mods I was wishing to ĒsaveĒ. No ill intent meant, DFFD already being well-spread meant that most mods not already there were by budding modders trying things out, and thus unlikely to have left a big impact. The other big part of why is that I donít have much time, and having another thing weighing down on me that I felt I had to do was not very wise.

Thereís a minimal chance Iíll pick this up when I have more time (whenever that is), but in all likelyhood I wonít. Iíll still update the list if someone does the rest though, as itís not too time-intensive, and having it all in the same place might have some value.