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Author Topic: Stellarisstuck: My Dimensional Anomaly is Bigger than Yours  (Read 28878 times)


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Re: Stellarisstuck: Sweeps in the Future
« Reply #15 on: March 12, 2021, 11:03:25 pm »

Where BACK!

> Ambassador: Mind the Gap

Gap? What gap? Oh. Right. That thing. After multiple lawsuits resulting from folks falling into the gap, the Mira Transit Corporation was forced to fit platform doors to prevent intoxicated scallywags falling onto the tracks.

While this occurrence would be considered a feature on Alternia rather than a design flaw, in order to weed out such scallywags from society, you cannot help but admire the Miranu legislacerative system's efficiency.

> Ambassador: Look out of Window

Mira is a relatively peaceful oceanic planet orbiting a higher-mass M-class dwarf, Mirava A. There is, however, a G-class star, Mirava B, which supplies a considerable amount of energy to the planet, and the combination of reflections leaves a purple tinge to the sky most times of the day. Actually, over 90% of the planet is ocean, with a few island archipelagos and minor continents. Unlike Alternia, the environment is more peaceful and less impacted by industrial pollution.

> Ambassador: Issue Orders

You are NIKHEE XIGISI. You are the ENVOY OF THE ALTERNIAN EMPIRE, in fact the only one at that. For many sweeps, you actually had little to do... until the arrival of an alien vessel belonging to the Miranu Republic in the Fer'I'Jus system. Your job then became to travel to the MIRANU REPUBLIC and IMPROVE RELATIONS.

You are a conoisseur of PUPPETS. In fact, you have a lot of PUPPETS in your office and just about everywhere. You are good at working things BEHIND THE SCENES, and have been coordinating sales of EXCESS FOOD ITEMS and SMUPPETS in exchange for IMPORTANT ALLOYS. You also have access to MIRANU ELECTRONIC GOODS and have DONE SOME UPGRADES to your shades.

Your troll tag is backendSmupeteer and your sign is AQUALO.

[Now] As AMBASSADOR TO THE MIRANU REPUBLIC, you surely outrank most other members of the NAUTICAL ARISTOCRACY. Your projections show that the Pan-Galactic Accord will take control over Eshiuq and there's no way to finish exploring the system on time.

You transmit your orders to the [certified lazy-ass tealblood captain of the] Hivekeeper. [You have no fucking idea why the governor even thought this guy was a good pick, you suspect corruption but nothing out of the ordinary.] ETA will be 155 days.

There's actually no way this vessel could be more rapidly assigned to expanding the other frontiers of the Empire.


> Laivan: Set course back to Amgathorra IV

At last, you are finally at an end to your scans of the Amgathorra system. About time, considering the number of alien vessels which have been doing scans here as of late. Just on cue, you have a message from a member of the Nautical Aristocracy to get moving to another target...

Spoiler: Troll Log (click to show/hide)


> Kaista Skalbi: Finish Dissection

After three months at the laser cutter, you've finally cut up the remains of the drones. You have yourself part of a FUSION REACTOR, some ION THRUSTERS, and the laser system used by the miniung drones. The data has of course, been filed with the physics research and engineering departments.

Otherwise, your detour is over. You set course for Ejok, where you will investigate where your previous superior, KONYYL PEIXES, went to.

You're a FRIGGIN' GENIUS, so you can work out that one in about a week... once you get there.


> Zekura: Complete Research

You managed to track down a YUHT COLONY SHIP. This colossal vessel had the remains of, perhaps, two Yuht individuals on board. You did, however, find the exoskeletons of about twelve Yuht in a cryo-chamber, or what was left of it. You were also unable to find a workable FTL drive on the vessel, or really any attempt at one. The Yuht, apparently, did not learn how to manipulate FTL travel. Strange.

Considering that the planet has a solidified core, it is not surprising that the colonisation efforts of this world might have failed.

It will take a further six months to carry out further scans, which may assess the point of origin of this vessel and lead you closer to the Yuht homeworld.

Note regarding the vote: I accidentally froze the vote at 1:1... walp. Not that it was an issue - influence intake vs. exploration speed means both are possible!
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Re: Stellarisstuck: Sweeps in the Future
« Reply #16 on: March 14, 2021, 12:52:58 am »

As the Bay 12 Reader adjusts to the reality of a mere six sweeps into the future from where they were previously... next up we'll likely deal with the end of Konyyl's voyage!


> Aryknu: Gambalignancy Report

Today was your ordinary average 6.12 report. You got notification of a massive borehole, drilled to the core of the planet Urrom II. The borehole did not hit any useful deposits, but was rather used to win in a competition named "race to the bottom". Urrom II is, however, outside of the likely domain for your sector, so that's someone else's problem. Cepros, as you remind yourself, is the male Jadeblood assigned to scan that sector of space aboard the POUNCE DE LEON. You turn your attention to the newly-active trade route.

Shit. Looks like there's rising Gambalignancy on the trade route from Appon to Alternia. It might be a good idea to build a fleet dedicated to SUPPRESSING GAMBALIGNANCY.


> Kaista: Trace

Your genius mind has crunched the data from the perculiar drive system of the vessel, and have determined that Konyyl has fled to Ne'Prata. You communicate the information to the nearest fleet, which happens to be Strike Force Highblood.

You new mission is to use your skills to investigate the DERELICT COLONY SHIP in orbit around Bardegan III. The other issue is in the hands of your lessers.

> Bay 12 Reader: What is this Strike Force Highblood thing?

Ah yes, Strike Force Highblood. Let's look in on the reader.

You are DEXOUS HERMOD, Admiral of Strike Force Highblood. The original admiral, LATULA MAENAD, was actually a highblood and you were the comparatively humble captain of the AIS Neophyte. Your objectives were to chase the REBEL SCUM fleeing the Alternia system, under sublight engines, and dispose of them appropriately. Instead, you fell into a trap, and your part of the fleet ended up in the belly of a GIGANTIC SPACE LEVIATHAN for the subsequent twelve sweeps while the lowblood crews died off.

Fortunately, you were rescued by CAMIUS COLBUN, who also helped you bring the fleet up to spec. You were headed back to Alternia, but have received a change in orders to hunt down the ROGUE SCIENTIST AND FUSCHIABLOOD, KONYYL PEIXES, in the Ne'Prata system.


> Latula: Form 1st Subjugglator Fleet

You are LATULA MAENAD, and you are REALLY UNYIELDING AND UNCOMPROMISING. You have a long history, going back to when you were the ADMIRAL OF STRIKE FORCE HIGHBLOOD during the REBELLIONS. That came to an end when your flagship was ambushed and FELL INTO A TRAP. You managed to survive, but the rest of the fleet was lost until recently.

You're not sure whether to call this the 1st Stellar Subjugglators, or the 1st Subjugglator Fleet. Either way, it is now formed, with the sole vessel being the AIS Hoofbeast.

Some would say nuclear weapons don't make good for dealing with gambalignants, but you disagree.

You don't use social media because you think it is a FUCKING WASTE OF TIME, and therefore do not have a trolltag. All communication is had by email, which is just

Your sign is Capririus.

You set course for Mindara to start some subjugglations. You've been out of this for a while. Not anymore.
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Re: Stellarisstuck: Sweeps in the Future
« Reply #17 on: March 17, 2021, 12:16:50 am »

Where back with more events! There's going to be another update on this and then we'll be brought back up to speed on everything.

The webm version failed to upload to imgur for some reason. Also the quality is distinctly C.R.A.P. compared to the videos it was put together from, with a lot of jitter and dropped frames. Not sure if people have any advice on how to fix this.


> [S] Dexous: Confront Physics Head

Strike Force Highblood exits hyperspace into Ne'Prata and you quickly scan the system. Your sensors pick up the YHY Drifting Coracle, which identifies itself as a science vessel of the United Yalon Sovereignty, subsequently of the Pan-Galactic Accord, and under the command of the archeologist Nir-Shub Oilskin. You've heard of these aliens, but they're not the threat.

Your crew are able to zero in on the signal of the head, and, oh, cr@p. You patch the communication through to Empress...

You slam in a course for the "Sunblaster Pirates", whoever they are. This gambalignant scum will not survive this.

> Empress: Demand Answers

The "window" needs to be secured in the name of the Empire, and the Fuschiablood, dealt with.

Clearly, the Fuschia's approach would cause major problems to the future of the Empire too, were she to get involved. You demand her return, but... her vessel vanishes.

> Bay 12 Reader: Shiiiiiiaaat this got hot quick what do whee do

Calm down. I'm sure someone's traced the vessel somewhere. We git gud at this right?

> Camius: Pause the Musclebeast Erotica and Troll the Nearest Science Vessel to the Endpoint



OK, I thought you were researching an anomaly. Oh well.

You're the one who will trace her signature through the void, but it gets done with haste. You had the algorithm to run thanks to one of the FUCKING GENIUSES back in the labs on Alternia. The trail ends in Amgathorra. Orders are relayed by the Empress to Strike Force Highblood to head there, but it will take many days. Maybe, if there is violence at the end destination, it is worthwhile anyways. Fortunately, there's a science vessel present already.

Spoiler: Trolling Log (click to show/hide)

> Laiven: Abandon Investigation

With a royal order to do so, you're not going to challenge that. You're also going to jump right back into the system. You set course for the Sigge system, with a speedy return. Just in and out of the system.

For next time, we'll be focusing on resolving this. Which, it has, I just need to put together the video.
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Given current events, I've altered my profile pic and I'm sorry it took so long to fix. If you find the old one on any of my accounts elsewhere on the internet, let me know by message (along with the specific site) and I'll fix. Can't link the revised avatar for some reason.


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Re: Stellarisstuck: Sweeps in the Future
« Reply #18 on: March 20, 2021, 10:57:01 am »

As previously, the video had a total shithive meltdown when I tried to upload it to imgur with sound, so you have only the GIF.


> Konyyl: Enter

Your sensors detect the arrival of the AIS Pathsighter and a successful scan of your vessel. The solar radiation of successive suns has destroyed your stealth systems, but now your crew is complete. The great game you have pieced together across several different star systems has been completed in this system.

You wouldn't have gotten this far, of course, were it not for events in the Pyral system, which delivered a certain rogue known as SKYLLA MAYZEE, into your hands. You were looking for such a test subject, and they are at least somewhat willing to help you achieve what you wanted.

A window into a new world is about to open.

You are alerted to a vessel entering the system. You are receiving a hail... you will explain yourself, but the plan is in motion, and it cannot be stopped.

> ================================================================================================================================================>

> ================================================================================================================================================>

> ================================================================================================================================================>

> ================================================================================================================================================>

> ================================================================================================================================================>

> ================================================================================================================================================>

> ================================================================================================================================================>

> ================================================================================================================================================>

> ================================================================================================================================================>

> ================================================================================================================================================>

> Laivan: Get Trolled

The affair is over - the Fuschiablood's vessel is empty, and the airlocks were never cycled. Strangely, each of the habitation units has been pulled out of order. All 288 of them, for that matter. Whoever built this vessel really wanted to ensure everyone had their own quarters.

Did they vanish through... a portal of some sorts? You may never know. The vessel is now under your control, however.

Oh look, members of the nautical aristocracy are already trying to appropriate this vessel for their own use.

Spoiler: Pesterlog (click to show/hide)

Next up, we'll catch up to where we are. I hope.
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Given current events, I've altered my profile pic and I'm sorry it took so long to fix. If you find the old one on any of my accounts elsewhere on the internet, let me know by message (along with the specific site) and I'll fix. Can't link the revised avatar for some reason.


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Re: Stellarisstuck: Sweeps in the Future
« Reply #19 on: March 21, 2021, 01:48:24 am »

In which we get up to speed with current events. Good news is my skill with the GIFs has... somewhat... increased... marginally... such that it is.

Oh well here we go.


> Camius: Level up

The asteroid, 13-S-72, has another motherload of trade goods to be unleashed. You are also now level IV, and have earned your credentials as a BIT OF AN ARCHEOLOGICAL TYPE. Makes sense. You're good at a lot of kinds of archeology now.


> New Physics Head: Who dis?

You are AOZENA XIDYRS. You were once a RESEARCH ASSISTANT under Yeshin Mersiv, at the Sapphire Bay research center. Your adaptability was noted, as you became the only serious candidate to run the facility.

We'll be here all day if we keep this up. Let's see where the former head has gone...

> Be Yeshin

You finally got to this system to take control of the science vessel once commanded by KONYYL PEIXES. Just about everything is ready to go, except...

Who named this ship? Oh. We need to fix that.

> Yeshin: Name Science Vessel

Looks like Yeshin needs some help naming this science vessel something appropriate.

> Yeshin: Name the vessel something sensible

The "Sapphire Medium" will do it. You will now spend a quarter sweep checking this anomaly.


> Kaista: Finish investigating Colony Ship

You communicate with the science department that, amazingly, the Yuht never breached the lightspeed barrier. Therefore, all these ships spent centuries out in the void... potentially.

This has likely confined their spread to nearby star systems. Their homeworld must be close...

You decide to continue scans in the nearby vicinity, cooperating with Aozena with investigating the DIMENSIONAL PORTAL on Redemption.


> Ikamai x2: Combo Breaker

You manage to take out at least one of the lithoid salvage ships before the others abandon the chase. The others are lost to the FIERY PLASMOUS ENVELOPE of the red supergiant. The probe is now secure.

Fluffy has outperformed expectations.

You have more work to do, and set your course for the cultist fleet. Justice shall be done here... well, not today, but in a month or two.


> Ikamai x2: Confront the Gambalignant

Diemen Maught is wanted in several star systems, and you're going to take him down. Ideally, he would be captured, and have to face the wrath of His Honourable Tyranny on Alternia, but it would be fine if he died here. Actually it is. The end result is the same, considering he has earned the wrath of the Empress in joining The Fellowship.


> Trizza: Order System Claim

For better or for worse, Rijjin will be claimed in the name of the Empire, and nothing will change that. The highbloods have been getting angsty about the need for expansion, so you will deliver. It is better that balance be maintained. Luckily the lazy loungeplank tuber in charge of this vessel is already in orbit to begin "work", not that he will contribute anything to the endeavor. You don't know why he ever was allowed to rise to such a position and quite frankly don't want to know the thinkpan-bending reasoning behind the Governor's decision making in that regard.

Your INFLUENCE INCOME indicates that you'll be able to claim a system around every 14 months. Considering the amount of time it takes to get spacecraft around here, you're not going very far.

Spoiler: VOTE RESULTS (click to show/hide)


> Tazsia: Complete Research

"Ground Defense Planning" is finally complete. After several treatises on the matter, and a LOT of work, your worlds will be a lot safer.

There's a few research projects been proposed, but only one will stand the demands of time so well.

You kind of wish there was someone better at statecraft to do this job. The scientific crew you currently have are lacking at industrialism, computational skills, and particle theory too. Alas, you have no such scientists, nor any scientist-candidates. Fuggaroo.


> Azdaja: Fucking Finally, a Discovery.

After over a year of engaging with ANCIENT PUNCHCARD COMMUNICATIONS GEAR, you have been able to tell that the apocalyptic events on this planet occurred around 155,000 sweeps ago. The last communicated word was... "Ziaskehorn".

Spoiler: Trolling Log (click to show/hide)


> Tazsia Erdehn: Adopt Tradition Tree

You have convinced the EMPRESS that TRADITIONS OF DISCOVERY are needed to MAKE THE MOST OUT OF OUR SCIENTISTS. The "tree" has been adopted, but now you need to water it.

If only there were some way to get some more unity, you could get everyone's performance to higher spec soon...
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Given current events, I've altered my profile pic and I'm sorry it took so long to fix. If you find the old one on any of my accounts elsewhere on the internet, let me know by message (along with the specific site) and I'll fix. Can't link the revised avatar for some reason.


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Re: Stellarisstuck: Sweeps in the Future
« Reply #20 on: March 25, 2021, 01:20:03 am »

In which several discoveries are made, another cultist fleet is obliterated, we discover a mirror world, and make contact with the TAU ALIENS. This brings up mostly up to speed with fewer discoveries and major incidents expected. Except for a very big one, that is. A MAJOR EVENT is about to occur in the galacto-political structure. A big one.

Yeah, sorry these are all GIFs.


> Zekura: Yuht Warship

There is a precursor defense grid at Ejok I, and a destroyed military cruiser. As with the colony ship, this one lacks an FTL drive, so it is a lot larger than other vessels of its class. You're going to leave this one for Kaista to finish exploring too.

You set course for the devastated tomb world in the system...


> Marius: Complete Station

The Rijjin station, and thus the Empire's claim on this system, is secure. You nervously note the number of highbloods taking up residence on the outpost before setting course for constructing a number of stations...


> ???: Colony Ship

Dubious Abyss has established a sort of vanguard at the edge of Alternian Space. While the highbloods have taken a backseat in the expansion of the Empire, that will no[t be the case for much] longer {/be the case/}, for a new colony ship has been commissioned today at Dubious Abyss.

We won't be introducing this guy just yet, but he has been enjoying the effects of TIME DILATION in the UNDULATING INFLUENCE OF THIS BLACK HOLE.


> Rypite: Discover Alien Civilization

You drop out of hyperspace into the OSMADIN SYSTEM. Sure enough, there's a base here owned by the TAU ALIENS. It's a much stronger STARPORT, and marks a certain GALACTIC FRONTIER. You guess these are the aliens the Pan-Galactic Accord are on WARY TERMS WITH. There's no point in hanging around here. You set course back to Jhurope and try to figure out a better plan of action...

Meanwhile over on Alternia, a certified Genius initiates the project to make contact...


> Tazsia: Take Command

You TAKE COMMAND of the AIS Pounce de Leon. Cepros Ezillo is now in control of the Society Research Department in your absence, and will pursue efforts to contact the mighty TAU ALIENS.

Your reason for taking command of this vessel is very simple: chart a course to the Khamb system. As leader of the STRENGTH THROUGH CONQUEST COALITION, you will ensure that the cultist scum are BROUGHT TO AN END.

That, and you want to captain your old vessel for a while.

Khamb is home to a SHITLOAD OF OBJECTIVES, and your sensor pings turn up the SUBLIGHT PROBE, an asteroid belt allegedly produced from a disrupted planet, and the afforementioned frozen planet, all of which are objectives for an expedition.

Your sensors also turn up a CULTIST BATTLEFLEET, headed by a VESSEL OF UNFAMILIAR DESIGN. The commander is LIPSEN KORIGA, another Trickster and limeblood. At 21.5 sweeps old, he seems to be the most immediate threat you have seen so far.

You transmit a signal to the IMPERIAL FLEETS to move in and engage. You will not hang around for this expedition, but will rather more to GREAT WOUND in order to recover the last probe.


> Ikamai x2 Combo: Engage!

The last cultist fleet is in orbit around Khamb VI, a massive cold and barren world with a frozen moon. They are moving to engage.

Unsurprisingly, the battle was over quickly. The "space battleship" has fallen with the limeblood chaplain on board, and with that, the system is clear of immediate threats. You discern that the battleship likely has POOR TRACKING ABILITY which explains why it fell so fast to your fleet. That, and you have Fluffy on your side. The battleships and other vessels must have a source outside of Alternian space, and you'll need to locate it in order to legislacerate remaining enemies.

A special project has been issued for this purpose. Unfortunately the captain of the Pounce de Leon is in another system. You'll have to wait for the seadweller genius to finish her job.


> Yeshin: WTF

This doesn't seem physically possible, or sanely possible, but you're used to a lot these days. The curious inhabitants of the space station tell you to go pail yourself, but you can negotiate a bribe. You abscond with a SIGNIFICANT QUANTITY OF ENGINEERING DATA in your Sylladex in exchange for leaving them be.

Whatever they were involved in, they felt it was important.


> Aryknu: Behold thine new demesne

One of the scientists of the Empire, the seadweller KAISTA SKALBI, has completed her research on the DIMENSIONAL PORTAL operating on your world of REDEMPTION.

The portal is sufficiently large to fly spacecraft through. You had to assess its stability with help from the physics department, but you got there. On the other side is a mirror copy of REDEMPTION, effectively doubling the size of the planet for the purpose of colonization. Redemption is turning out to be a pretty safe bet for expansion. You have grand ideas about what to do with MIRROR REDEMPTION.

You also discovered traces that Konyyl Peixes has been through this portal and carried out some research. You wonder what she discovered there...


> Tazsia: Drop out of Hyperspace

The jump, as expected, was successful. Of course, you can't quite see anything...

> Tazsia: Turn on your ship's headlights.

You're in a black hole system silly! Damn, there's also a lot of dust in here.


Something went down here, sweeps ago, and maybe very many. Rupture QX-3 is on scans, as is your probe - which has become trapped in one of the anomalies.

Also present are three powerful entities... you code-name them the Chi Aliens.

There's no way you're going to face them down now. You order an emergency retreat.


> Tazsia: Crack the Code and MAKE CONTACT

You weren't going to let Cepros take all the credit for this, were you? You finish your work on decoding the alien's communication patterns and open a channel for the Empress

You proceed to begin researching the Chi Aliens which are infesting the MASSIVE FUCKING SUBPACE RUPTURE SYSTEM, a task you expect to complete in four months.

> Nikhee Xigisi: Inspect Galacto-Political Situation

The Aera Ascendency, with which some members of the PAN-GALACTIC ACCORD has a rivalry, are hegemonistic imperialists governed by an EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. Their space covers the rimward edge of the galaxy, and is heavily fortified with all but two of their star systems hosting an upgraded starbase, including all the border systems. They only appear to have a single colony world, the PHARUS MANDATE, which is the fourth planet in the system of QRECK.

The homeworld of the Aera is AENATH, and their capital system is THUTEILYLK, a close binary system.

Aerans are HOOFBEASTOIDS and thus they have attracted the attention of the Indigobloods. Meanwhile, the fanatically materialistic approach taken by the Aera has lead to the Highbloods denouncing them as INFIDEL SCUM. This will likely lead to a confrontation in the future.

> Trizza: Check Aeran Intel and Claims

You can verify the Aera have claims on Jhurope and Poligar. This is to be expected, because the Aera can only use their political influence to press claims and pass policies now and are rivalling the Miranu.

The Aera have a belligerent policy stance, making their claims somewhat cheaper, politically. The Aeran CHAIRMAN, JAKA, SON OF UTHA, is allegedly seeking re-election in just over two sweeps. He is an Aeran of the people, an explorer, and has an eye for talent.
Given current events, I've altered my profile pic and I'm sorry it took so long to fix. If you find the old one on any of my accounts elsewhere on the internet, let me know by message (along with the specific site) and I'll fix. Can't link the revised avatar for some reason.


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« Reply #21 on: March 26, 2021, 11:54:32 am »

In which we are introduced to a new (non-simulated) character and everything hits the fan. ALL OF IT. But mostly for other people.


> Bay 12 Reader: Be Darava Hongim

That would be an entirely different story now, wouldn't it? Seriously. You really meant to check on the CAPTAIN OF THE AIS LUSUS.

> Bay 12 Reader: Check in on the Captain

There have been some changes around here. Big changes.

Who is this rumpus fucker?

>  Nullis Zekken: Sort out this conksuck mess.

You are NULLIS ZEKKEN. You're the captain now, on an ageing vessel that has been recently depopulated... well, not so recently. How long ago was that? Not quite a sweep ago, you think. The sense of time has been greatly altered, though you remember piloting the vessel through Alternia lately.

The previous bridge crew absconded, and actually packed away most or all of their belongings. Naturally, leadership over this vessel fell to you. Naturally. This is coincidentally your first time with any significant responsibility over other people, and that has made you VERY ANGRY INDEED.

You captchalogue the rogue contents of the room using a special BIOHAZARD MODUS. At least the offending ones. You'll probably dump it all out the airlock later.

Again you weren't responsible for this mess. You're just not good at working with other people, and the janitor isn't accounted for given recent events.

You can now start examining the contents of this room.

> Nullis: Examine High Literature

You found this piece of poetry behind the back of the omnipurpose storage unit in the Captain's Quarters lately, with an ancient bottle of Faygo which you're sure the two prior captains of this vessel have not drunk. It's quite old. As far as you're concerned, this isn't even worth wiping down the load gaper with.

You bag the bottle of faygo and will store it in the thermal hull when you can roll high enough for initiative.

> Nullis: Examine codex

Someone on board this vessel had a copy of "effective techniques for achieving social justice", and it migrated to the floor here. You pick it up.

A few pages in, and you're starting believe whoever wrote this was grifting off the movement to make a few creds.

> Nullis: Examine Behind You

The previous captain had some movie posters on this wall. Yours have been squirreled away, as you did NOT want to expose them to the elements. Instead, you have two (framed) items with SIGNIFICANT RELEVANCE TO YOUR LIFE, and a billboard for looking organized.

> Nullis: Examine photograph

This is the Great Guttersprawl, formally known as the "Greater Hivestemcluster Area Guttersprawl". Was. You weren't very old when the area was demolished at the end of Imperial Sweep 1100 and redeveloped but your first memories after surfacing come from here.

Most of those in the redeveloped area were able to take up better jobs, but you were not and had to ABSCOND THE HIVESTEMCLUSTER ALTOGETHER.

> Nullis: Examine Schematic

This is the diagram of the AIS Witch of Life, as it was launched from the Pyral Starbase under the command of TIRINA KANGAR in the half sweep... which half sweep was it? Oh. It was 2204. You stowed away on this vessel, which later founded the colony of VIRPIO, a GEOTHERMAL WORLD kept warm by the heat of radioactive decay and tidal forces. You spent half a sweep travelling between the stars. Survival around Hearthhive, the main administrative area, was actually easier than on Alternia, and there were few highbloods around, so you stayed put.

> Nullis: Draw your sword

You draw your sword and pull some sick moves in the hallway.

You've practiced in many parts of the ship with this thing. You really aren't good at it.

> Nullis: Head to the Bridge

Enough shithive shenenigans. You put on your SPACE GLASSES and go to the bridge.

The Bridge is... mostly empty. That's OK. While the vessel is understaffed, you're used to doing stuff yourself.

> Nullis: Examine vessel status

You are in the TRAX OFKO system. Orders were issued to your predecessor to establish a RESEARCH BASE orbiting the brown dwarf at the barycentre, and in the process you managed to get yourself instated as captain thanks to some shouty seadweller who wanted their base done and wanted it done now.

More recently you have been acting on the governor's orders, installing CRYSTAL MINING STATIONS in this system. T-233-D hosts the first facility, depicted from a few months ago. You finished the second one today, and can already see the burgundies being shipped in to work the place. Geez, this is a major op, right? At least you're getting paid.

> Nullis: Comms Station

The governor of this sector is trying to contact you.

> Aryknu: Troll the Worthless Captain

All space-based sources of crystals in your sector have now been claimed. It's time to expand your sector, and the Empire has the influence banked to do it. Nor are they in a position to argue, for every rational claim choice will be a part of your sector. The nearest construction vessel answerable to your orders is in the next system over.

Spoiler: Troll Log (click to show/hide)

> Nullis: Fuck this Shit

No, you're not going to pail with the load gaper. It is written, and it shall be done. Fortunately you know a shortcut to Ne'Prata. You better be getting paid for this.


> Nullis: Watch the News

You're done turning this vessel about. You switch on the ONE ALTERNIA NEWS CHANNEL, which is the Empress' favorite source for "news" and see... Oh... FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK...

It's official. The first war (and probably the first galactic war between hyperspatial powers since the game began) is on. The Alternian Empire isn't part of it, but changes in the political map may convenience further galactic conquest. A poll has been put out regarding which power people think will "win" the war.
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« Reply #22 on: March 31, 2021, 08:16:22 pm »

Declare war on Miranu Republic.  All our sectors should be connected, and they own stuff we need for that.  Peace out when we've got enough to connect the dots.


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« Reply #23 on: April 10, 2021, 09:47:05 pm »

In which the clock advances... several months. Mostly.

Declare war on Miranu Republic.  All our sectors should be connected, and they own stuff we need for that.  Peace out when we've got enough to connect the dots.

At the moment they have probably three massive fleets in the right places, while we have half a fleet. The war might help cut them down to size though, and it's degenerated into a bit of a shitshow (on from here). Building the fleet up will take some months. Ideally, the Aera would conquer the systems and then we'd move on to claim them.


> Nullis: Watch News

The news cycle has been full of scrollenfreude and drama surrounding the out break of war. Today, you can see the Aera Ascendency has closed their borders to the Alternian Empire.


> Laivan: Horrible Discovery

Spoiler: NSFL (click to show/hide)

This is a rather highblood-level discovery.

Spoiler: Memo Log (click to show/hide)


> Tazsia: Void?

Spoiler: SERIOUSLY? (click to show/hide)

You are done with the research on the Chi Aliens, or "VOID CLOUDS". The highbloods are getting a bit angsty about their existence. Some believe they are the personification of "chucklevoodoos", others that they are DARK FORCES SENT FROM BEYOND. A special project to study these "clouds" has now been issued.

You then move on to read the report from Cepros Ezillo on the battleship. Cepros has discovered the Fellowship managed to locate an alien shipyard thanks to the efforts of three conspirators, one being "The Vehement", who was apprehended in combat over Scorist until they were "appropriated" by Konyyl Peixes. The others are "The Corrupt" and lastly an entirely unknown figure.

The experience has helped Cepros train up a second specialization: Statecraft. This is odd, but welcome.

> Tazsia: Locate Shipyard

Unbelievably, the shipyard is located on the other side of the galaxy! This seems ridiculous. It may be many sweeps into the future before you can send out a squad to subjugglate them.

At least they're not anywhere near Imperial Space.


> Azdaja: Discovery

After several failed attempts and dead ends, you have finally pieced together some of Xarmaton I's history. You immediately contact your boss while taking a "breather". Thankfully, this shuttlecraft has functional air conditioning.

Spoiler: Trolling Log (click to show/hide)


> ? ? ? Launch AIS Teltin

Your colony ship, the AIS Teltin has finally launched, on its DIVINE MISSION, which is why you are in command of this vessel. The High Subjugglators demand a SECTOR FOR THEMSELVES, and the Teltin, named after an ancient hivestemcluster on Alternia, will do that job.

Unfortunately, you weren't able to get the new ion engines equipped to this design, and therefor it will be a long journey for this ship, well over half a sweep, as it travels to Rijjin II. You're absolutely sure the ship doesn't have enough Faygo to last.

This makes you want to crack someone's nugbone through a bulkhead. You're in stiff competition with the seaglubbers.

Meanwhile, LIGHT YEARS AWAY (but not many)

> Arkari: Plan out upgrades to Amgathorra Station

Spoiler: Zoning, bro (click to show/hide)


You then zone an ANCHORAGE, thus increasing the NAVAL CAPCITY of the Empire and allowing you to construct a small FLEET OF THE ARISTOCRACY within the limits of the empire. That is, unless capacity gets appropriated for other purposes.


> Meerus: Establish Colony

Spoiler: Outskirts, Viro Hive (click to show/hide)

For the last two sweeps, you have been in CONSTANT CONFLICT with the hostile wildlife on this world. You will need to constantly expand the frontier and this will call for intervention by MANY DIFFERENT FORCES.

The fact that this is happening on such a valuable world is greatly disturbing to the empire. You immediately commission a mobile legion of BUZZSORCERERS and request backup in case things hit the proverbial breeze blender again.


> Tazsia: Crystalline Entities

Spoiler: Crystalline Entities (click to show/hide)

The Crystalline Entities, formerly known as the OMEGA ALIENS, have been identified and catalogued. They will be dangerous to your ships for now, and you have issued a project to study them further in the physics department. Curiously, the highbloods have not commented on them.

> Tazsia: Get Trolled

The discoverer of the crystalline entities has some news for you. It isn't Crystalline Entity related and you're fucking tired of hearing about those things.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

> Tazsia: Watch Feed

In the first major engagement of the Aeran War, the 1ST STAR ORDER has hyperspaced behind the prime Miranu defensive line and attacked Poligar. It appears the frontier outpost in the system is woefully inequipped to fight against this kind of force, lead by RETI, DAUGHTER OF TAGG. There are over 5,000 dead.

Why the Miranu did not move to reinforce this system before they declared war, you do not know. It seems like a major strategic shortfall on their part.

> Tazsia: Check Vessel Loadouts

Spoiler: Video Feet (click to show/hide)

You analyse the video feed that has been uploaded from the battle by Rypite Adalov.

All of the Aera vessels belong to the AN GIRANIS-CLASS. There are two versions of these vessels, however. The first variant is older, and is armed with mass drivers and a red laser system. The second variant has heavier armor, and uses a point defense systems combined with BLUE LASERS.

You suspect if ever some of these ships were defeated, you could analyze the remains.

Spoiler: Trolling Log (click to show/hide)

Light-years away, on the other side of accessible space...

> Cepros: Frozen

Some of the results do not make sense, but you suspect the planet was knocked into a cooling spiral after major greenhouse gases were removed from its atmosphere. It can be Alterniaformed back, but that requires much better technology than the Empire possesses at current.

> Cepros: Check News

Being of the scientific type, you do not watch ONE ALTERNIA NEWS, though this fact is kept secret from the rest of the crew.

Today, Poligar Station surrendered to the 1st Star Order of the Aera Ascendancy. It appears there have been several thousand Pan-Galactic Accord casualties while the Aera suffered minimal damage. The Corvette AASV An Felgiris and AASV Kha Itnis have taken damage to their armor from the nuclear missiles on the station.

> Kaista Skalbi: Yuht Battleship Investigation

You managed to turn up two unoccupied gigantic Yuht cryo chambers on the battleship, and downloaded some medical logs, which was enlightening.

You have some more data pertaining to the location of the Yuht Homeworld, but you still need about two more points of reference.

You set a course for the SHIP GRAVEYARD at... where was it... ah yes. Ejok II. You won't be taking part in the research though. That task will fall to OCCEUS POMACE, the Engineering Head. You will take over his duties for the intervening period of time and put your GENIUS SKILLS TO WORK in finishing the Exoskeleton Project.


> Trizza: Level up

You are now an HEIRESS LEVEL II. This is good news, because you now have some more skills at... doing your... stuff... whatever that is.

You have also developed an EYE FOR TALENT, which you attribute to your time spent working with a variety of FUCKING ASSHOLES.

> Trizza: Inspect Warfront

The commander of the AIS MIRTHFUL IDOLATRY has arrived in the Jhurope system. This was expected to be one of the targets of the Aera advance, but no Aera ships are present. Perhaps they decided to move past the frontier? Jhurope station is heavily armed with SPACE LASERS, which notably are damaging to updated Aera designs and particularly the newer ones. You order the ship to carry out a 180 and return to Poligar.

The ambassador to the Miranu Republic, Nikhee Xigisi, is unable to ascertain the present location of their fleet.

> Bay 12 Reader: Check up on the Frontier at Redemption

Looks like everything is set up OK. Whose this?

You are CRIHKA HESIAX. You are the Colonial Legislacerator, sent to help this colony through its larval stage and through it's metamorphoses into a functional world. The colony capital is Viro Hive, but you are at an installation known as FORT CORPSESMOOCH to most of the crew here. Being located on the edge of Viro Hive, you can see few updates have been made to the population counter. As you can see, a lot of progress has been made. The colony has a defensive army of BUZZSORCERERS hard at work pushing back against the aggressive plant life. Here, though, some of the aggressive flora has gone underground and more radical means are required to exterminate it. You also head up the first army of LEGISLACERATORS dedicated to an alien planet.

In the past, you were involved in fighting crime on Alternia, but lately you've headed for greener, err, actually more dusty dunes. Once upon a time, Alternia was facing a tidal wave of crime, unrest, and revolution but that is no longer the case.

Your sign is Licer and you are 22.5 sweeps old.

> Crihka: Examine military situation

You've commissioned the 4TH STELLAR LEGISLACERATORS, and you have TWO defensive armies now. Those are the 1ST COLONIAL LEGISLACERATORS and the 4th Buzzsorcerer Guard. You're uncertain these may be sufficient, so you have commissioned a mobile legion of the 4TH STELLAR LEGISLACERATORS and have called in some reinforcements from Foundation.

Those are under the command of... NERARA JOESUN. They are mostly mobile buzzsorcerer legions. You expect the number of these will drop as the empire expands, and more... traditional armies take command of certain aspects of the TROLL ARMY.

Working with the COLONY LEADER, MEERUS MANEEL, you can see there are two jobs available on this planet. The first is an opening for scientists, but no sane scientist would work in this environment. The second is an opening for ENFORCERERS, and you believe you could extricate FOUR MORE DEFENSIVE ARMIES out of this one. Unfortunately, the only available crew is present on VIRPIO, and is working a LOCATION OF IMPORTANCE on that world.


> Rypite: OH SHI-

You thought the 1st Star Order wasn't going to go this way, but they did. Huh. Weird order just came through, but it makes total sense.

You quickly turn the ship back around.

Spoiler: Trolling Log (click to show/hide)

Edit: I've put a lot of the gifs behind spoilerwalls to help the page load X_x.
Spoiler: Credits (click to show/hide)
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« Reply #24 on: April 12, 2021, 10:50:10 pm »

Happy Homestuck Day 4/13! Once again I have to hide away the images or the tab crashes. I'll have to edit the other posts to fix them up before moving further.


> Arkari: Now build some mining stations

Ugh, the very thought of this is really straining your gills. Nonetheless, it is a NECESSARY COMPONENT of a functioning and independently capable star system. The only thing missing, is power. Power is something you'll have to build by means of trade, or building generators in the right places.

> Laivan: Complete Investigation

Spoiler: In Limbo (click to show/hide)

Sigge II was once a habitable planet, but it ceased to be. The strategy for the life present on the surface was... retreat to a vault? Curious. A special project has been issued to investigate this.

You have sent THREE minor artifacts to the Imperial Collection.

Spoiler: Trolling Log (click to show/hide)


> Nullis: Watch the News

The news stream has been full of more scientific discoveries lately, aside from the fanfare over the new system outpost you completed, but today's a change. As expected, the Aera are going after their claims first.

At current, you are busy building one of the power stations in orbit around this red supergiant.


> Arkari: Order Colony Ship

This is it. You use your AMPLE PRIVILEGES to order some consumer goods off the market and give the orders. Your very own colony ship will be launched from this starbase. It's not exactly your space, given it's in the core sector, but it's close enough.

> Aryknu: Archeradictators

Spoiler: Archeradicators (click to show/hide)

Archeradictators are the most noble unit of the Alternian Military, and you are proud to be behind the creation of the 1ST, 2ND, and 3RD mobile units. You immediately commission three more such units on Alternia and the more recently established worlds. Based on IMPERIAL DECREE, this is the main part of the expansion of the military you have control over. The Alternian military will include at least TWO MORE Subjugglation units, and several mishmash "Extraorbital Corps" which SURELY HAVE NOT THE SAME STATUS.

Meanwhile, several parsecs away...

> ? ? ?: Finish Upgraiding the Clownbase

It's done. The RIJJIN STARBASE aka CLOWNBASE ALPHA ALEPH ONE SLAMDANCE FERMENT YIFFBEAST is done. Also you've blown the Empire's capacity on starbases which means running these thing's is getting hella more expensive. It's enough to make you cough blood.

You take a moment to assess what you've done. You've established a LONE STARBASE on the border of a MAJOR INTERSTELLAR WARZONE, the most REMOTE PLANET of the lot in the Empire. Arguably this could be the capital of a NEW SECTOR FOR THE HIGHBLOODS. That was the point initially. It's perhaps starting to look way more... iffy now, short of a major WAR OF CONQUEST which the Empire is far-stretched to achieve.

Oh who are you kidding. This would be a great place to establish a BASE OF OPERATIONS FOR THE HIGHBLOODS. You start by ordering a new shipyard. You won't be outdone here.


> Cepros: Complete Research

You're not sure why the species this rock originated from decided to blow up the planet. Or maybe the planet blew itself up as its Uranium core achieved criticality. Maybe.

Either way, you now have the ENTIRE COMPILATION OF RESEARCH. You send it back to the lab with a recommendation that the data be used for further research.

> Tazsia: Make a Decision

You've looked over the current banks of research. There's no reason to say this data cannot be PRODUCED IN TIME, while there is a GOOD REASON TO PROMOTE HOPE IN SPACE. At least, you have good advice. That's what you're going to do.

You will continue to use your GENIUSNESS to work EXPLORATION OF SPACE, but hopefully with MORE TRADITIONS completed.

Influence also allows you to EXPAND THE SPACE OF THE EMPIRE. Well, it allows the Empress to do so. That's a good thing, right?


> Marius: Name Base

Damn, you're done already? Geez, THEY are done already. Get your pronounology right. It's a lot of people working for YOU and you don't have to do Jack shit.

Err, maybe that wasn't correct. Anyways, what shall we call this?

> Marius: Correction

THE BAY 12 READER NEARLY GOT IT RIGHT. You just fix the last term. This isn't lube. It's a lab. Learn the difference. Gotta gently brush up on your homophones there.

> Marius: Course

Your A1 objective is to build a RESEARCH LAB around this conksuck star. There's two of them. Then you've got to get the power stations done. We gotta power shortage here folks!


> Tazsia: Complete Research on Space Amoeba

Spoiler: Space Amoebas bro (click to show/hide)

No Shit Serlog, the "space amoeba" is pretty huge. You don't blame the radar operator though. The amoeba was pretty small at the time.


> Occeus: Search the Spaceship Graveyard

Spoiler: Lots of Unity Here (click to show/hide)

You just did that and you're done. You've discovered a whole lot of ENGINEERING RESEARCH, obtained a MINOR ARTIFACT, and a WHOLE LOT OF UNITY. The discoveries here have HELPED CONNECT THE SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY OF ALTERNIA TO THE WONDERS OF THE VOID.

Now that's an achievement.

You are now LEVEL IV. And have made a lot of progress towards LEVEL V too.


> Bay 12 Reader: Check up on what that Genius is doing

Which Genius? Oh. Let's just flip perspective, shall we?

OK. Where the hell are you?

> Kaista: Figure out your bearings.

You partied all day yesterday after you submitted your project in exoskeletons. Aside from EXCESSIVE CONSUMPTION OF INEBRIATING FLUIDS, you also worked this exoskeleton on your arm to great effect.

> Kaista: Breakthrough

Your husktop survived the rampage, which is to be expected. As a GENIUS, you ensured it would remain in an ARMORED POCKET during the festivities here. You actually can't remember quite what happened. The effects of the invention though will be felt throughout the Empire.

This will give added punch to the RUFFIANNIHILATOR SQUADRONS, as well as increase mineral output from serfs and slaves working in mines. It may well be a precursor to other mechanization protocols. You can only dream at this moment.

Dorms trashed: 413/420

> Kaista: New Project

Out of all these options, there is one in particular that stands out among the others: Starholds.

With starholds, you can expand starbases in the Empire to include TWICE AS MANY MODULES and TWICE AS MANY BUILDINGS. This has happened faster than it was previously anticipated, allowing trade routes to be expanded.

Your work here is done. Occeus Pomace will be reinstated in his role. You've given him the specifics of this project. You also note the specific importance of this research to Imperial Might.

Spoiler: Memo Log (click to show/hide)

> Tazsia: Demand the Ambassador Act Accordingly

This is an enormous project for the glory of the Empire. By upgrading your starbases to STARHOLDS, you can

There is one small problem: You are short on alloys to conduct that kind of an endeavour. That matter, however, can be solved in short order. You get on the proverbial "line" with the ambassador.

Spoiler: Trolling Log (click to show/hide)

> Nikhee: Buy a shitload of smuppets

Spoiler: Where buyin theeze (click to show/hide)

They're actually your smuppets and related gear, along with other commercial products you have your fronds in, and imperial funds are being used to purchase them and divert them to imperial stockpiles. You purchase a total of 1000 units so as not to break the bank.

> Nikhee Xigisi: Pull some strings.

The quantity of alloys you've been asked to obtain is enormous, and in normal times during a war, no export of such material to a non-allied normal Empire would be deemed acceptable. Normally.

You have all the BACKEND CHANNELS to work your way around that. Senator Lyesaw is one of the facilitators in those channels. The elective system of government used by the Miranu is alien to you, but there are some similarities.

Lyesaw campaigned for popular election on the basis of small government, low taxes, deregulation, "family values", and open carry of weapons. Most of which are alien concepts to you, but there is unity in the search for profit and a kind of genetic descent. Lyesaw's genetic forebears have preceded his "term" or "tenure" through at least five generations, and the Senator, as an owner of a major retail megastore chain, is a non-trivial purchaser of some of your own goods, whence they have passed into Miranu fronds.

The Miranu, like the Alternians, have distributed luxury goods on their homeworld, but the policy is expected to expire in about a sweep. Already, the Miranu Senate is scrambling to find additional procurement options. That's where you step in.

You have pursued at times an interspecies flushed relationship, and the details of this would not be convenient to transmit into the public domain. You are pretty sure you can PULL SOME STRINGS. You can also apply pressure by second degree, knowing connections to the BLACK MARKET on FARREACH COVE.

You are able to ascertain that the Miranu have 734 units of alloys stockpiled, while the Kundan Confederacy has 347. The Yalon, however, are unwilling to put any of their own stockpiles up for sale.

You then proceed to make the calls to settle the deals. Best get it done now. You trade the vast majority of consumer goods in the Empire, and some food, for most of the alloys in the Pan-Galactic Accord. Most of them.


> Arcent: Incoming

Spoiler: Just scannin' (click to show/hide)

You took your pretty time scanning the debris from this battle, forgotten to the ages, and putting your archeological skills to work. Unfortunately, not all the destroyed hulks were so destroyed.

Spoiler: Oh shit (click to show/hide)

Your archeological finesse from your early years on the internet, means you are able to identify these corvettes as the 607TH DRONE WING, or what's left of it. They clashed with an unknown foe in orbit around Rimborth VII, were severed from their fleet, and remained in low-power mode for the subsequent millenia until now. They have picked up your ship's energy signature and are moving to engage.

Spoiler: OH FUCK (click to show/hide)

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Given current events, I've altered my profile pic and I'm sorry it took so long to fix. If you find the old one on any of my accounts elsewhere on the internet, let me know by message (along with the specific site) and I'll fix. Can't link the revised avatar for some reason.


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« Reply #25 on: April 13, 2021, 05:51:19 pm »

The actual 4/13 post. I'll keep adding to this until it's up to spec, though.

> Arcent: Alert Fleet Command

Fortuitously, the nearest vessels are both in the Amgathorra system and in Dubious Abyss. Preparations for departure will take a considerable amount of time though, as the fleet appears to be undergoing upgrades.

> Arcent: Evasive Maneuvers

Your vessel is under attack. You immediately plot a course for the hyperlane exit and begin spooling the drive to PRE-EMPTIVELY EXIT THE SYSTEM. Unfortunately, that's going to take 30 days.

> Arcent: Hyperspace

You can't do that! The instructions said so carefully! You're careful to follow instructions. Oh. Right. That's. Just.

> Arcent: Hyperspace please

Fuck man, you can't just jump to hyperspace from the gravity well of a... what gravity well are we in? We're in a K-class system, messer.

OH SHIT your armor plating is down.

> Arcent: Hyperspace. Now.

A BIG RED BUTTON has been installed on the navigator's console for CERTAIN PURPOSES. Theoretically, one can jump to hyperspace from within the gravity well of a system, but at the cost of taking time to navigate home. A lot of time at that.

The AIS Gold Mage's shields and armor are now gone. You have a hull breach and the vessel won't last much longer.

> Arcent: Punch it

Phew. That was a close one. The hyperdrive overload sends you flying into the NETHER DIMENSIONS and you'll have to navigate this mess. At least you'll be able to do it in your own time.

Some had the foresight to put on protective gear for this occasion.

> Arcent: Damage Report

You count twelve crew dead and about fifteen injuries. Some severe. Fortunately you are NO LONGER UNDER ATTACK.

You estimate you'll be able to get to a nearby STARBASE in about two months. You hope. This would, if luck would have it, be DUBIOUS ABYSS or even AMGATHORRA. However, you have no clue how to pilot the ship in hyperspace during this maneuver. You'll work something out...


> Azdaja: BOOM!

Oh SHI- a volcanic eruption! You manage to rescue yourself, but unfortunately the dig site has completely changed! All your clues are now lost. Some of the new guys dieded too. Damnation. But at least you're alive.

Spoiler: Trolling Log (click to show/hide)

> Azdaja: Watch the news

Normally you don't watch the news but... well... fuck...

The Aera Ascendency has taken Jhurope, but at a cost. 4 corvettes have been destroyed. Many Miranu are dead, though, and this has been one of the most costly battles of the war thus far.

It appears a strategic retreat has been orchestrated by the Aera.


> Aozena: Breakthrough

You have discovered HYPERLANE MANIPULATION. At least, that's the name of the technology in question. Hyperlane manipulation allows you to create, destroy, or stabilize hyperlanes around star systems. This is the work of MULTIPLE GENIUSES and you are quite proud to have been a part of it.

> Aozena: Investigate New Technologies

Options for new research projects include automated exploration, field modulation, energy management, fusion power, and mining drone lasers. As it so happens, fusion power is high on the list of priorities for "stuff that will make our empire better", while the others do not have much of an immediate impact any more.

You resume the Empire's objectives in this area.

> Tazsia: Order Starbase Facilities

The project is done and you're satisfied. You really want to bash in the skull of whoever chugged up this project by so many months.

There are THREE starbase facilities which could host hyperlane generators. You approve two of them. The last serves as a vanguard.

Spoiler: Credits Bro (click to show/hide)
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Given current events, I've altered my profile pic and I'm sorry it took so long to fix. If you find the old one on any of my accounts elsewhere on the internet, let me know by message (along with the specific site) and I'll fix. Can't link the revised avatar for some reason.


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« Reply #26 on: April 15, 2021, 10:57:29 pm »

We're not quite there. This weekend, I'm going to have to update the save to 3.0.1 BONER BULGE. The save might not survive, so I'll need "thoughts and prayers". Proverbially.

We'll have to wait a while while mods are updated to 3.0, so I'll continue in 2.8 mode without updating the mods in the meantime.

We'll probably get all the Galactic Imperium and crisis stuff if the upgrade goes properly. Note I will not be making the Alternian Empire the "crisis"...


> Arcent: Finally, where are we now?

You have finally gotten out of the TWISTED KNOTS OF TRANSDIMENSIONAL STRANDS KNOWN AS HYPERSPACE. Right, where are we now?

> Arcent: Home

You are in the PYRAL SYSTEM. This is good news, because you're in the heart of the Empire. You set course for the STARBASE in order to repair this vessel and recrew. You seem to be out of engineering staff.

Oh look, some of them were accidentally flushed out the airlock, not that they weren't already metabolically disadvantaged by the HYPERSPACE SHOCKWAVE.

You probably need to get a lot better at this captaining thing...


> Cepros: Ping!
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
You had a supply of RARE CRYSTALS on board your vessel for some time. You weren't told much about what to do with them, but you held on to them, until now. In the end, it was very simple: all you had to do was connect your hyperspace engines in tandem with the RADAR AND OPTICAL SYSTEMS using a specific circuit. You've been assigned a stockpile of these crystals and more are on the way.

You send out a SENSOR PING to check on the nearby systems. Azelah has been vacated. It appears with the OUTBREAK OF WAR, the alien science vessels ABSCONDED ALTERNIAN SPACE AND DESIRED SPHERE OF INFLUENCE, the vessels engaged an emergency hyperspace jump to return to their home systems.

Code: [Select]
Mail from:

i guess its time to EVEN TRY THIS NEW STRATEGY. all imperial ships have a
small supply of RARE CRYSTALS on them. these are PRECISELY MACHINED. ive
attached an OPTICAL CIRCUIT DIAGRAM so you can connect it BETWEEN THE


Spoiler: Trolling Log (click to show/hide)

> Aryknu: Watch the News

That was frustrating and fucking awful. Seriously, how could this be happening? You're not sure. You don't like being in the not-know.

To take off matters you watch the news. It looks like the new technology has brought scans from the Osmadin system, and a massive 3X SHOWDOWN COMBO is occuring between the Aeran 1st Star Order and the OSMADIN BASTION, and two PAN-GALACTIC ACCORD FLEETS, which are BLACK TIDE, a Kundan fleet under the command of SNAGG WATERSAIL, and WHITE CRUSH, a YALON FLEET which is assigned to follow the Kundan fleet.

The next few weeks may see a turn of the tide in this war. While a weakened Aera Ascendency would be easier to conquer, the Pan-Galactic Accord would have proven itself militarily.


> ???: Arrive at your new world
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

After over half a sweep moving through alien space, you have finally reached your new destination. This VESSEL OF MIRTHFUL HOPE will land here, and establish a new sector for the glory of the HIGHBLOODS.

Let's help this guy name his colony, OK?

> Bay 12 Reader: Help Out

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Rijjin Prime is too generic a name. Let's find something better.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)


Spoiler (click to show/hide)

What is this "Whimsiphae" planet you speak of?
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

We're not naming it that, no. Come on. Let's have this person introduce themselves.

> ???: Introduce Yourself
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
You are ASTLUS MAKARA, and you are the captain of this ship, the AIS TELTIN, which was named after a stemcluster on Alternia. You kind of forgot what the deal is with that stemcluster but it was pulled out as a MORE REASONABLE NAME for a Colony Ship.

You're really angry about that and you understand why you are angry about it.

You don't look like a clown because you've had to TAKE A SOMEWHAT MORE PROFESSIONAL APPROACH IN LIFE and that still makes you angry. You're good at managing clowns though. You think like a true clown and understand how a true clown thinks.

You'd rather ditch the whole professional act though because it's getting real tired. You had to yell at someone to stop eating the rustbloods the COLONY NEEDS TO GET GOING. You also had to get the supply of HYDRATING FLUID completely cleansed after someone put sopor slime in it.

Your XO and Co-Commander is Mirvum Soodak.

Your sign is True Capricorn and your social media handle is bigtopBoss.

> Astlus: Name this conksuck planet

There's no other name you find reasonable. This world will be henceforth known as CAPRICORN and it will become not just a world for the Highbloods but also the capital of the future CAPRICORN SECTOR.

> Astlus: Call for descent.

This ship is going down. You take ten days to de-orbit the vessel and set down near some LUSH JUNGLE.


> Astlus: Name the Capital

This will be the Hivestemcluster of NEW TELTIN. You promptly declare yourself the Mayor, while Mirvum undertakes the care of the mother grub.

You estimate the colony will be operational in a little under two solar sweeps.


> Arkari: Launch the Colony Ship

As of today, you are no longer the captain of the AIS Chiselkind (CSI-1). You are now the captain of the BL1ND PROPH3CY, which is mostly filled with water, in order to own the landdwellers.

You really want to rip to shreds whoever decided to name the ship like that. Oh well.

You set course for Amgathorra IV, a journey which shall take about a month under ION PROPULSION, which has been fitted to this vessel.


> Nullis: Watch News

Spoiler: Facepalm (click to show/hide)

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

The Aera have moved to reinforce their home system after their Bastion on the Novichok Line was bypassed by Pan-Galactic Accord Forces. There is an ongoing counterstrike on Jhurope by the Miranu.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Closer to home, the 607th Drone Wing has been destroyed by Admiral Ardata Ferroo after its recent reactivation. The vessels were ancient, but were not of Yuht origin as they had hyperdrives attached.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Lastly, the system you are in has been fully explored and you can begin construction of an outpost immediately on arrival. It's about time.


> Arkari: Enter Orbit

This is a fine day as any to ENTER ORBIT AROUND YOUR TARGET PLANET. You have been waiting for this a long time.

Now you need to name the colony world in the name of the NAUTICAL ARISTOCRACY.

> Bay 12 Reader: Name this planet

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Really, commander?

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

That name is more suited to a space station, but I'll hand it to you it did not trigger a filter.

> Yeshin: Intervene

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

This world will be called AQUITTARIUS. It will not be a sector capital, but that doesn't matter.

You also note that as the leader of the militarist faction, your peer Tazsia Edhern will not tolerate any longer the shortfall of nautical aristocracy vessels, of which there are none. She has created a new fleet.


> Arkari: Found Colony

You land the B1IND PROPH3CY on AQUITTARIUS, and slowly flood the specially designed bulkheads, sinking the vessel beneath the waves. This is now YOUR WORLD, and you declare yourself ITS LEADER. The vessel will become the initial settlement of PORT ENIGMA. You estimate it will be operational in about a sweep or two.


> Yeshin: Check Generators

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

It is the DAY OF THE BLIND PROPHETS. You and the rest of the NAUTICAL ARISTOCRACY have been GREATLY PLEASED by the foundation of the new colony of AQUITTARIUS, though it has STRAINED BUREAUCRATIC CAPACITY NEARLY TO THE LIMIT.

In three months, the Empire's RECRUITMENT DRIVE will be complete, making sure the armies are READY TO UNDERTAKE A CRUSADE OF GALACTIC CONQUEST. You also need to position them carefully around here.

To aid that crusade, you need to check certain new generators you have commissioned. These lie in APPON, which came online at the start of the month, and in AMGATHORRA. You need to ensure the NAUTICAL ARISTOCRACY has an MONOPOLY OVER THESE.

> Yeshin: Order generator priming

These are not any ordinary generators. You designed these yourself, actually. By synchronizing their frequency with pulsars in the galaxy, it is possible to GENERATE NEW HYPERLANE CONDUITS. There's supposed to be an interface for that, but you're not sure where it is. Damn.

> Yeshin: Finish what you were doing

Some days pass, and you finalize your assessment. Damn, these wormhole generators are broken!

Spoiler: Memo (click to show/hide)


> Arkari: Preside over the launch of the Fleet

Only one vessel has been created thus far. It's name is the AIS Vainglory, perhaps a reflection on your aims. You are determined to ensure, however that this endeavour is anything but Vainglorious.

> Bay 12 Reader: Name the Starfleet something Honest

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

We're not actually going with that, mate. Let's skip this phase, shall we?
There's something wrong. The fleet shouldn't be the Fourth Star Armada. That's lame. Let's help this guy out with naming the fleet, shall we?

> ???: Name the Fleet

This large-horned troll woman has a different idea. Yeha, we'll go with that!

> ???: Become the Admiral

You are HORATA REGULA. You are 18 sweeps old, and have finally obtained a place for yourself as ADMIRAL OF BATTLLEGROUP AQUARIUS. That's it, literally. That's what you're naming this gig.

You're pretty AGGRESSIVE and are GOOD AT DIRECTING FLEETS WHERE YOU HOPE THEY WOULD GO. You really like to make it so.

Hey, that rhymed.


> Camius: Discuss with your Subordinate

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

With your investigation complete, you consider how to package up the report for the Empire, and discuss with your subordinate, MEPRIN XILITE.

The discovery has lead to a vast amount of influence after claims that the AIS SCIENSTIFF generated a GRAVITATIONAL MURDERWELL and became covered in skeletons.

You check the memo for previous posts. One stands out. In other news, Aozena has also finished research on Fusion reactors, bringing the realm of D-D fusion to ordinary average everyday spacecraft.

Spoiler: Memo (click to show/hide)

Meanwhile, a few systems away...

> Crihka: Break out the Heavy Flamer

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

You break out the Heavy Flamers and go on the offensive. Over the next sweep or so, you expect to eliminate ALL the overgrowth and volatile flora. ALL OF IT.


> Trizza: Check News

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

You switch on the news to discover that the AERA ASCENDENCY has declared a rivalry against the ALTERNIAN EMPIRE. Until now, relations weren't bad enough for this to happen, but continued Aera efforts to undermine relations have finally passed the point of no return.

The Empress is reportedly declaring the Aera a rival in return. This will increase influence, please the Strength through Conquest Coalition, and make it easier to press claims on their space.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

News from earlier shows that the Aera have lost and then recaptured Jhurope.


> Yeshin: Discover The Signal

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Your research has pinpointed something important. The signal, the first music, comes not from beyond but from some point on the planet's surface. An archeological site has been registered here.

You immediately report your findings and get on the line with someone who can help claim the system.

Spoiler: Trolling Log (click to show/hide)

Meanwhile, back on the homeworld...

> Tazsia: Complete Administrative Bureaucracy Research

You're done. You know how to make spreadsheets 5% MORE EFFICIENT. Classic. This should give bureaucracy a bit of a break during the Empire's logical expansion, but only a bit.

> Tazsia: Next Research Project

You have a decent number of options. The nautical aristocracy is going to rapidly run into issues featuring TOXIC XENOKELP, while the colony of REDEMPTION has charted areas of quicksand.

All in all, however, you have decided to focus on the ENERGY SIPHON project. This, you believe, will allow you to create a NEW CLASS OF CORVETTES. In part, of course. The second component is dependent on the engineering department.

That project will be done by the end of the sweep.

> Astlus: Incoming!

You recieve a FRENZIED REPORT from the Big Top Committee on Rijjin Starbase. A force of 14 corvettes is bearing down on Veyer.

Oh shit oh fuck. While the Alternian Empire remain NEUTRALS in this war, the conquest of VEYER OR ESHIUQ would eliminate the hyperspace corridor between DUBIOUS ABYSS and RIJJIN. You are now seriously concerned you might be CUT OFF. Fortunately you have a fully upgraded starbase present, so if you need to Tom Clancy your way out of here you could.

> Astlus: Who is this Tom Clancy Motherfucker?

No really, you don't know who Tom Clancy is. You also don't care. Probably some edgy motherfucker with an edgy name that's been cut in half.

You're... just going to continue to mayor your way around here.


> Camius: Establish Contact

While these aliens didn't enjoy the taste of trolls, they sure did enjoy the flavour of certain purrbeasts from the other side of space. You're not sure how they got here, but you guess they probably used alternatives means of FTL propulsion.

You found the contact details of the Kilrathi Empire and are able to put through a contact.

> Nikhee: Assess Situation

The Kilrathi are a purrbeastoid race of SLAVING DESPOTS originating from the planet KILRAH. They are ruled over by EMPEROR JAGG, SCION OF URUG, who is a RUTHLESS INVESTOR and EXPLORER. They are outside of contact range for normal space travel, and you only got their subspace frequency from Camius' Colbun's research. Therefore, you'll be able to get some relativistic freighters over, but other than that you are not able to establish normal trading relations. That said, you don't really have any problem trying to cut a deal with them for some ALLOYS in exchange for your much-desired SMUPPETS.

As of late the Kilrathi have closer their borders to an INIDENTIFIED EMPIRE, and have taken a BELLIGERENT STANCE.

You do not really see the point of a commercial pact at this time.

Meanwhile, debate has erupted on Alternia as to whether to assign any Kilrathi as "Purrbeast Soldiers" or use them as domestic servants, or "Purrbeast Maids".


> Zekura: Asteroid Welling

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

SSD-36367 is home to a YUHT ASTEROID DWELLING. The asteroid itself is closer to a DWARF PLANETOID in nature, and quite spherical. You will take 6 months here to research the location.


> Tazsia: Establish Science Division

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

With enough unity to establish a new tradition, you easily pick SCIENCE DIVISION. No longer will the scientists of the Empire be limited to level five! Now seven is the ceiling. You can edge that up to eight in about FOUR SWEEPS. Yourself, you will be the first to benefit from this in a day or so.


> Occeus: Discover Starholds

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

The STARHOLD is the logical upgrade to the STARBASE. These structures will allow you to build DOUBLE the number of modules, as well as buildings, you can fit on a normal starbase.

> Occeus: New Technology

This is a bit of a hard choice. You'd really like to reduce the cost for upgrading starbases, but you have certain imperial directives from Tazsia Erdehn. Destroyers are more fun anyway.

This research will take about a sweep to complete.

> Trizza: Upgrade Starbases

Using your significant STOCKPILE OF ALLOYS, you place imperial orders for the upgrades of the Pyral, Appon, and Amgathorra starbases into STARHOLDS. This will take a whole sweep to complete.


> Laivan: Improve your Expertise

You traced the astrocartographic chart to the location noted. Somewhere on this planet, which orbits close to the corona of this A-class star, there was a large vault opened by a code. Or something like that. It wasn't too hard to find save for the planet's slow 3:2 rotation bringing the vault under the blistering sun.

The planet is riddled with stable geodes and useful alloys, and the vault was inside one of them. Curious as to why someone would leave a vault like that here, and it had a curious symbol on it. You take note of it for further reference.

You have banked 957 CREDITS IN THE NAME OF THE EMPIRE, and are now Level IV. One of the subjects you have been studying thus far, in your spare time and in conjunction to your military strategy is the impact of the Deep Troll Subconscious. This has lead you to write a few theories about PSIONIC EXPERTISE. The more "rational" members of the violetbloods deny the existence of suck magicks, but you have reason to believe that these forces are tied up in the FUNDAMENTAL CONNECTIONS THAT HOLD TROLL SOCIETY TOGETHER. You suspect this might come in handy sometime, but you'll need some assistants.

Spoiler: Memo (click to show/hide)

This is about as far as we got. Other events involved using the hyperlane generators to target systems, which is a neat new feature. Maybe will cover that in the next post. Also contact with ANOTHER Empire.
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Re: Stellarisstuck: My Dimensional Anomaly is Bigger than Yours
« Reply #27 on: April 16, 2021, 11:30:00 pm »

In which we finally get up to date again. I'm going to run this forward until the starhold upgrades are done, then I'll try the upgrade. I'm expecting time to be taken for the mods to update. I'll take a full backup of the mods so we can continue this on 2.8 if necessary.

Edit: I've noticed that Lost Future has been taken off the modlist, not sure when, but it's kind of going to screw the game somewhat. The files are there but the descriptor seems to have gone.  Critically, the "Modjam 2020" hasn't been updated yet (despite being an official mod, apparently, endorsed by Paradox).

Also, the new population mechanics are reportedly a dumpster fire for later game.


> Astlus: Review Situation

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Two weeks have passed since the Veyer outpost surrendered to the Aera. While Alternian vessels can still pass through the system, you're now at risk of being cut off. Were the Pan-Galactic Accord to sue for peace now, you would face complete cut-off from the rest of the Alternian Empire.

A large quantity of trades have been put through the Alternia and Mirava stock exchanges, featuring downpayments of billions of credits from Alternian reverves. As a result, the Empire has some more "consumer goods", mostly "smuppets", and a considerable amount of faygo and these smuppets have been traded with the Alternians for minerals, energy, and alloys. One trade remains outstanding.

As of today, you can see that some resources have been distributed to DUBIOUS ABYSS, in order to upgrade it to a STARHOLD. This is unsurprising, as it is the LITERAL GATEWAY to Alternian Space.

> Astlus: Plan Upgrades

Originally, you had hoped to build a TRADE CENTRE here. With the plans for this sector, though, that's becoming increasingly sketchy. You order an ANCHORAGE, so that the SUBJUGGLATORS will have an additional centre to work out of.

You're not going to call for a HYPERLANE GENERATOR just yet. That depends on how things go from here. When it gets built though, you will be able to produce a hyperlane into the HEART OF THE AERA ASCENDENCY. Before you do that, however, you want measures to be in place. You note a sizeable number of GUTTERBLOOD LEGIONS have been brought to DUBIOUS ABYSS, where the effects of time dilation will keep useful rustbloods alive and ready to spare.

> Bay 12 Reader: Be Aryknu

You are ARYKNU VARNIS again. You have a large surplus of CONSUMER GOODS on your fronds.

> Aryknu: Distribute Goods

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Once again, you are facing a shortfall of amenities. You remedy that by using most of the 412 units of consumer goods in the inventory. At least for the next five sweeps, you don't expect much fuss to be had on this front.

> Ayknu: Go to sleep

It's not the morning, silly. Your servant has, as usual, brought you a serving of bubbling fermented moobeast extract, of the highest quality.

> Aryknu: Get Trolled

You have an INCOMING TRANSMISSION. Oh, look.

It's the APPON STATION COMMANDER. Turns out the hyperlane progenitor doesn't fire randomly every year. It now requires firing up with a large quantity of FUSIONABLES, and you can set a specific target. Huh.

There are FIVE targets, all of which can be used to EXPAND YOUR DOMAIN. Ejok is currently the one you know of. Miklor's Vortex appears suggestive of a BLACK HOLE system, and lastly there are three systems you aren't able to pinpoint on the map.

> Aryknu: Order firing

Spoiler: Oof (click to show/hide)

You can't do that. You don't have the energy credits.

> Aryknu: Order Fire Sale

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

You contact your... "finance" contact, and order a fire sale of 100 units of RARE CRYSTALS in your personal control, for a stash of Deuterium-Helium 3-Tritium "mix" in the Appon system, delivered to the station, STAT.

All of these these options look pretty flakey. Maybe it was a shoddy idea to build this generator here, eh? Well, you're stuck in it for the long haul.

> Bay 12 Reader: Bulldoze a hyperlane through Uranus

Sorry, you're in the wrong universe. At least, I'm pretty sure you are. If that is even an option, the range on these generators is limited.

> Aryknu: Pass the Buck

Fuck it. You ask your bronzeblood servant to take over for you. He sure has the time to make tough decisions, right? I mean, worst case scenario it takes you three years to get where you want to go.

> Hozzut: Make a decision

You are HOZZUT GORJET. You are GOVERNATOR ARYKNU VARNIS' TROLLSERVANT. You're used to doing all sorts of cr@p for your boss and this is one of the more tame ones... well, maybe it isn't. Maybe you're going to take a decision to bulldoze a hyperlane through to some system and doom an entire alien race there. At least, you hope that's not going to be the case.

You have no clue of how astronomy works here, so you eliminate the obviously unhelpful options, Ejok and Miklor's Vortex, from the decision. You're left with Ofeogliea, Dristmak, and Occidan, in the order they are on the list. You align them in order they appear on the screen, which is incidentally the order of their names from stupidest to least stupid.

1. Ofeogliea
2. Dristmak
3. Occidan

You roll a 3 on the Thricedice you throw, so it's Occidan.

> Aryknu: Make it So

You issue the order.

> Aryknu: Nothing Happen

Walp, guess you just tossed 500 energy credits down the drain.


> Arkari: Fire Amgathorra Generator

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Your hyperlane generator is READY TO FIRE. You direct it at the system with the most complicated name on the list. There's actually only two, and then you can replace the system.

> Arkari: Hail Idle Construction Vessel

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Shit. You're no longer the captain. You transmit the orders to the vessel to travel to Sigge A and build a frontier outpost there to EXPAND THE EMPIRE. Their job is done here, for now.


> Arkari: Get News

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Apparently, the generator firing worked! You have now BLAZED A TRAIL TO OCCIDAN, a system with nine planets. The third planet from the M-class star is apparently a MEGAFLORAL WORLD, which is HIGHLY HABITABLE.

> Arkari: Congratulate your trollservant

You got a two-for one. Beyond Occidan lies a collapsar, which may have resources but it's sketchy. Your scientific sources have many times since informed you that supernovas tend to render the systems they occur in uninhabitable.

> Camius: Discovery

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

As usual, you have made another discovery!

Spoiler: Trolling Memo (click to show/hide)

> Camius: Set Course

You're pretty sure the other site wasn't a dimensional anomaly. You actually hate those things, and it puts your XO and assistant on fucking edge all the time. Even though it would take you less time to check out, you have a bad feeling about this.

You're glad you will have company in investigating the asteroid 333P-97, as it's twin, 91F-866 will be surveyed by your compatriot in due course.


> Arkari: Hyperlane Generator

By catching onto a particularly impressive gravity wave eminating from the micro-black hole at Aquittarius, Project Violet has successfully opened a hyperlane to Bistramar. This is a "nondescript" K-class star system. Sensor pings have also identified unidentified spacecraft present.

> Tazsia: Initiate First Contact Protocols

Spoiler: Yodh Aliens (click to show/hide)

You immediately begin decoding the signals from the "Yodh Aliens" in the Bistramar system. You might be on top of a new Empire. Fortunately, the Imperial Fleets are at the ready in case of incursion.

You expect to be done in four months. It would be nice if like, there was a diplomatic core to deal with this kind of stuff.


> Aryknu: Starbase

Spoiler: As usual (click to show/hide)

The AALOLPH STARBASE is finally complete. No longer will this little corner of your space, or your FUTURE SPACE, lie wasted. You are determined to make this one of the more useful vanguards in your space, complete with it's little radioactive mud world base.

You order a TRADE CENTRE built here, where it will become the regional collection centre for the area. You may need your own LEGISLACERATORIAL FLEET here. You'll defer the decision on upgrading this to a FULL ON SHIPYARD later.

You will make sure the captain of the construction vessel assigned to this part of the Empire will finish the intervening starbase, allowing you to add two systems to your demesne.


> Laivan: More Treasure

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

This vault contained a supply of valuable gems. Again, you notice certain oddities.

Spoiler: Trolling the Memo (click to show/hide)


> Zekura: Finish your research and watch the news

This ASTEROID DWELLING was once the home of esteemed Yuht "Yakliir". She was a philosopher-hermit, and a figure of some legend. It appears she perished awaiting a supply shuttle...

In other news, the Miranu and Aera are now full-on rivals.

This wraps up your exploration of this part of space.


> Tazsia: Establish Contact

After four months of burning through resources, you have established communications with the UNITED BANU PLANETS. The repeated success of the society research department in bringing results has also yielded more influence, almost enough to claim another system for the GLORY OF THE EMPIRE.

You suspect this may be the last "first contact" you have to deal with. You have a plan in the works.

> Empress: Respond

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

"We share the same divine heritage, Banu".

> Trizza: Analysis

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

The UNITED BANU PLANETS are a THEOCRATIC REPUBLIC of SPIRITUAL SEEKERS. Their apparent homeworld is known as GATHERING. They seem, in ways, much like the MIRANU, though you suspect major underlying physiological differences.

You note that several species are showing up on the species list that shouldn't be there.

> Nikhee: Deeper Analysis

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

The current elected "Revered Elder", Krikri Tokoto, is another charismatic precursor who drove the effort to strike out to the stars. The Banu have at least one other strategic resource present which you didn't already know of, but you are not sure which one it is. Maybe it's the "Zro".

The Banu occupy the rimward edge of the galaxy. You note a significant gap between Alternian Space and theirs', and hyperlane alterations may allow the Alternian Empire to CLAIM THOSE STARS.


> Azdaja: Dark Prophecy

Spoiler: Trolling Log (click to show/hide)


> Nullis: Watch the News

You note, somewhat disturbingly, the prevailing belief in the upper echelons of Alternian Society is that the Pan-Galactic Accord will win. That seems to herald an imminent war not too far down the line, at least based on your observations. Maybe you're just fantasizing though.

Meanwhile, a heated debate has broken out among the noble circles as to whether the Kilrathi should be assigned as SOLDIERS, or as DOMESTIC SERVANTS. These are the two PREVAILING KINDS OF "CITIZENSHIP" that appear to be considered for them. You note that indentured servitude is not one of them, though it has been proposed that Miranu and Banu, along with "uplifted races", may live their lives under such rules.

An open poll seems to be running...

Yes, there's a new poll. Overwhelmingly, people think the Aera Ascendency will "lose" the war. What form this "loss" will take is yet to be seen.
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Re: Stellarisstuck: My Dimensional Anomaly is Bigger than Yours
« Reply #28 on: April 20, 2021, 09:38:34 pm »

To confirm, we'll be stuck on 2.8 for a bit now. Many mods have to be updated. Given the early nature of this game, we won't have to worry about the pop issues. Proper A.I. should be able to get the ball on with industrial districts in about 1 solar sweep equivalent (literally, minerals are super abundant).

Happy 4/20 Day!


> Cepros: Discover Alien Mural

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

A fascinating find! Nonetheless, it brings with it a rather disturbing err... realization.

Spoiler: Trolling Log (click to show/hide)


> Aryknu: Level Up

As the sun sets and another night begins, you feel a lot more experienced.

You have reached GOVERNOR LEVEL IV.
New Modifiers:
-12 to Crime.
-8% to administrative overhead from population.
+8% productivity on jobs.


> Astulus: Check Clout

Your capital of New Teltin is so far growing well, and your Starbase's new anchorage has done much to provide for a NEW WAVE OF NAVAL PERSONNEL. For the first time since the rebellions, the Highbloods can take an EQUAL ROLE in command of the naval fleets.

Unfortunately, the starbase will no longer be sufficient as a defensive outpost, especially as a jumping off point for an invasion of the AERA HOME SYSTEMS. You have therefor been looking to upgrade the starport to a STARHOLD, and have made considerable leeway by pushing trades of SMUPPETS, FAYGO, and MINERALS in the right directions, mostly those of OTHER EMPIRES such as the PAN-GALACTIC ACCORD.

... you nearly spill your faygo over your husktop as an alert comes up.

Spoiler: Trolling Log (click to show/hide)

> Astlus: Reconsider strategy

At the moment, the Alternian Empire's neutrality is being respected in terms of trade. You ABSOLUTELY HATE having to read up on this because the other clowns won't.

Smuggling across a few systems, should the war end as it is now, would be difficult but managable. Unfortunately, it looks like the Aera are intending to take Eshiuq. If Eshiuq should fall, then the Aera will be able to cut Capricorn off from normal shipping. Worse, you will be right on the front line.

You need to hurry up and get the alloys.

Spoiler: Trolling Log (click to show/hide)


Meanwhile, on the other side of unexplored space...

> Cepros: Discover Very Hot Planetary Core

Spoiler: Decisions, Decisions (click to show/hide)

Congratulations! You have reached the all-powerful SCIENTIST LEVEL IV! Actually that's not quite the achievement one might have thought it was, at least these days.

Spoiler: Memo Trolling (click to show/hide)


> Nullis: Finish Up

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

You're done with the Nishpan outpost. This will give your "boss" all they need to expand their demesne all the way to Aalolph, adding a total of three systems in a couple of days.

THREE systems have been added to Alternia Sector. These are Sigge, Nishpan, and Aalolph. Sigge was claimed two days ago by the AIS Chiselkind, which seems to be under new management, and is operating pretty autonomously. Their current strategy appears to be to build a METRIC CRAPTON OF RESEARCH OUTPOSTS before exploiting the system's energy sources.

Additionally, a legislaceratorial force will be able to provide a buffer for lower levels of gambalignancy. You believe that's a good thing. You're not exactly in the mood to fight off gambalignants. You've had to kill someone once. ONCE. You don't want to have to do it again. You'd rather forget about that.

> Nullis: Examine Strategy

Aalolph's trade hub was completed a few days ago, and was opened by the governor themselves. This will more than DOUBLE the amount of trade goods collected from that starport, making anti-gambalignant measures MORE IMPORTANT.

You observe that the governor has not since ordered anything on the starbase.

> Aryknu: Troll the Captain

Spoiler: Incoming transmission (click to show/hide)

Time to hand this captain his itinerary. You want this system developed. You want it like, fully developed. The full bone bulge.

Spoiler: Trolling Log (click to show/hide)


> Astlus: Get Butt Dialed

Spoiler: Uh, who? (click to show/hide)

You finally got a hold of the alloys to carry out the starhold upgrade, thanks to a deal cut with the United Banu Planets, so you order the upgrade.

Oh look, someone's trying to contact you.

Spoiler: Trolling Log (click to show/hide)

> Laivan: Complete Scans

Spoiler: Lleam (click to show/hide)

Lleam V is the outermost planet of the system, a warm, barren planet with a solidified core.

Spoiler: Memo Trolling (click to show/hide)

OK, so apparently something went wrong on galaxy generation. This system was apparently flagged by the Lost Future Storypack. I still have the mod files, but as it has been deleted off the mod list on the website, the descriptor file may be gone it was updated for 3.0 but the game hasn't. It's still functional because I've run the game offline since the 15th. Now sadly, I'll have to fire off the events once again, if I can get it working, sadly, but that will be some time in the future. It will likely generate a new system... somewhere.

Actually the process to generate the planet didn't fire off, period, at game start. If I can work out how to do it I'll publish this mod again.

I've been playing around with the codes. It looks like, compared to Homestuck (or Hiveswap) the "purpleblood color" is actually "indigo" on here, "indigo" blood color is "blue", and "violetblood" color is "purple". Quite a mess, right?

This also wraps up 2218.
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Re: Stellarisstuck: My Dimensional Anomaly is Bigger than Yours
« Reply #29 on: May 07, 2021, 11:46:54 pm »

To confirm, we'll be stuck on 2.8 for a bit now. Many mods have to be updated. Given the early nature of this game, we won't have to worry about the pop issues. Proper A.I. should be able to get the ball on with industrial districts in about 1 solar sweep equivalent (literally, minerals are super abundant).

I've only played the early game and at Ensign/Captain level difficulty (no or small AI empire bonus) but the AI or at least certain Empire combos may be having economic and rebellion problems at low difficulties from what I've seen. I dunno if it's intended or a bug somewhere. Captain was a bit better than Ensign (or whatever the no bonus to AI difficulty level was). I couldn't say yet whether it works better at higher difficulties or not. My hunch with no evidence whatsoever backing it is that there may be a bugfix patch coming but I dunno.

Really nice LP by the way.

EDIT: There happened to be a Beta patch released today:

Spoiler: notes snippet (click to show/hide)
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FINISHED original composition:

Sort of finished and awaiting remix due to loss of most recent song file before addition of drums: <-zguit
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