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What shall we do with these purrbeasts... (conquest? General Relativity says NOT YET)

Soldier Purrbeasts!
- 3 (100%)
Purrbeast servants (read: maids and butlers)
- 0 (0%)

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Author Topic: Stellarisstuck: My Dimensional Anomaly is Bigger than Yours  (Read 18329 times)


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Re: Stellarisstuck: My Dimensional Anomaly is Bigger than Yours
« Reply #30 on: June 12, 2021, 05:20:07 pm »

It's 6/12 day in the US (AKA Karkat's Wriggling Day), so, guess I'll start adding here what else is going on.

To confirm, we'll be stuck on 2.8 for a bit now. Many mods have to be updated. Given the early nature of this game, we won't have to worry about the pop issues. Proper A.I. should be able to get the ball on with industrial districts in about 1 solar sweep equivalent (literally, minerals are super abundant).

I've only played the early game and at Ensign/Captain level difficulty (no or small AI empire bonus) but the AI or at least certain Empire combos may be having economic and rebellion problems at low difficulties from what I've seen. I dunno if it's intended or a bug somewhere. Captain was a bit better than Ensign (or whatever the no bonus to AI difficulty level was). I couldn't say yet whether it works better at higher difficulties or not. My hunch with no evidence whatsoever backing it is that there may be a bugfix patch coming but I dunno.

Really nice LP by the way.

EDIT: There happened to be a Beta patch released today:

Spoiler: notes snippet (click to show/hide)

Thanks! I've been holding off on the 3.0 update. I'll run this game without the pop growth required slider, but the planets will have the new pop caps due to carrying capacity. MODJAM2020 and one other mod still need to be fixed, but I could throw out much of the MODJAM2020 content and just keep the subterranean mods. None of the other alien species I used, will use the removed content as far as I know.


> Aryknu: Order a Shipping Yard

Spoiler: Not The Shipping Yard (click to show/hide)

A shipyard, not a shipping yard you nob.

It would be a pity if Aalolph were not able to rebuild your fleets for you, and you desire a shipyard to yourself in your space, one which is not dominated by the whims of the Nautical Aristocracy, borderline gam8alignants, or the upper echelons of the Imperial Royality. Aalolph seems to be it, and you have just enough alloys to make it so.

You note it is unironically 420 days until the majority of the starbases are upgraded to STARHOLDS.

> Kaista: Plot Course

You have discovered one clue at this site. However, you could probably do better with more experience. You set a course to OCCIDAN, to chart the new system.


> Tazsia: Breakthrough

Spoiler: Frequency Tuning (click to show/hide)

You are finally done with the ENERGY SIPHON. Based on observations of the Space Lusi known as the Tiyanki, you have developed a HIGHLY ENERGETIC WEAPON which will, for the most part, ABSOLUTELY OBLITERATE enemy shields.

> Tazsia: Calculations

Arguably, the MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR for equipping new vessels is damage. Unfortunately, the ENERGY SIPHON does little damage to enemy armor, which will slow down the demolition of that nontrivial part of a vessel's defences. You do a lot of mathematics. You're pretty genius at this, which is also why you're so angry.

Current models of Aera corvettes have 300 hull points, 100 armor and 50 shields.

A single Occulus Class corvette, based on current models, would take 8.5 days to punch through the shields, 13.5 days to punch through the armor, and 36 to punch through the hull.

Outfitted with energy siphons, it would take 2.9 days to punch through the shields, 37 days to punch through the armor, and 27 days to punch through the hull. This isn't an efficient setup, in your lookstubs. You'll hold off until later for the upgrades.

> Tazsia: New Research

By researching GENOME MAPPING you will be able to increase population growth speeds by about 10%. This is pretty important to Alternian civilization considering all factors. None of the other research options even comes close.


> Yeshin: Report

Urrom IIId is an Alternia-sized moon of the gas giant Urrom III. With the right techniques you could terraform this world...

Oh. Right. You've switched to a darker shade of violet for your clothing. The lilac footwear you've been wearing for, well, too long and it's kind of worn out.

> Bay 12 Reader: Disgusted

You wonder how the hell these trolls wore the same, or similar clothing for nearly ten fucking sweeps... time for you to grab a barf bag.

Let's be clear, these folks are aliens. What may seem like human standard principles are... obfuscated. Sure, there are some "core values", which some may or may not uphold (and get away with it), but fashion isn't a strong point of these trolls. Well, some trolls.

Once we pass this mental stool and it's implications, we can continue.

> CaptainArchmage: Intervene to explain

Actually, I was a total moron when I created the initial troll dolls and didn't keep the keycodes for regenerating them safe. Just the images. Camius and Yeshin were created with the same funky shoes and the pink color was actually intended to emphasize certain details on the clothing that weren't showing well for Yeshin. I didn't save the exact color though and here we are. Several characters will have to be regenned. Also, hairstyles may change.


> Camius: Transdimensional


Spoiler: Memo Trolling Log (click to show/hide)

> Aryknu: Check Species Rights

A poll has been taken as to setting the SPECIES RIGHTS of the Kilrathi, also known as the Purrbeasts from beyond reachable space.

It seems that "Soldier Purrbeasts", a popular theme among the Jade caste, has won out among members of the nautical aristocracy while "Purrbeast maids", pushed by minority opinion group the "Eastern Alternian Alternative" did not gain any traction.

The changes are of course, implemented on a slightly higher level than yours.

Purrbeast litter was also used in the disposal programs for radioactive waste, until civilization developed the technology to move the contents to offworld facilities (on Scorist). Many sweeps ago, when you ordered the cleanup of industrial wastelands, the cleanup crews reported finding them. The shift in disposal method caused a notable dent in the purrbeast litter industry, which had a nontrivial number of sales to the atomic waste disposal industry. You suspect the Eastern Alternian Alternative was funded in part, by the purrbeast litter industry. You make a mental note to order some legislacerations and subjugglations.


> Laivan: Finish Anomaly Scans

Spoiler: Solar Sail Ship (click to show/hide)

You're done here. Hopey shit that ship was huuuuuuuuuuuge! You decide to ask the society head what to do next.

Spoiler: Trolling Log (click to show/hide)

> Laivan: Talk to the Engineering Head

You find the notion of talking to your lessers a bit humiliating.

Spoiler: Trolling Log (click to show/hide)

> Laivan: Don't talk to the Angry Genius

Spoiler: Journey to the Unknown (click to show/hide)

You're going to make this decision yourself. You plot a course back to Amgathorra, and prepare to explore the new section of space you have access to. This place is a hyperspatial dead end.

You expect a new hyperlane will have been breached by the time you have reached the destination.


> Camius: Recieve Hail

Ever since the dimensional anomaly hit your vessel, you have been waiting here as instructed by the "Genius" in charge of society research.

Wait... something is showing up on screen...

> Camius: Not this Lususfucker

Seriously, no. Just no. Why does THIS GUY have to show up all the time.

Yeah about that... you just got to the bridge and something is now just about on top of you.

Spoiler: Conversation (click to show/hide)

> Bay 12 Reader: Be the Other Lususfucker


You weren't the second in command of this vessel. You weren't the third in command of this vessel...

... whatever this thing is.

Let's get our bearings on the issue, shall we?

You were assigned as an observer to the AIS SCIENSTIFF by none other than TAZSIA ERDEHN. Being an observer meant you had no specific responsibilities, while retaining all your privileges as a member of the NAUTICAL ARISTOCRACY.

So far your privilege card has NEVER DECLINED. You have a knack for ESCAPING FROM PERILOUS SITUATIONS, and have done so before when you escaped from the AIS Gold Mage as it came under attack from the 607th Drone Wing some sweeps ago.

When trapped in what the Rt. Hon Camius Colbun has called the "Shithive Maggots Dimension", you immediately took command, overriding the X.O.

You share the same ancestor as GAIOUS HIGZUS, whom you consider to be your rather violent SHELLMATE and maybe MOIRAIL.

Your trolltag is particulateSpellbinder, and you are a specialist in PARTICLATE PHYSICS.

> Nekron: Explain your master plan

What is this "Master Plan" you are talking about? There is no master plan.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

> Nekron: Realize you forgot to name this vessel

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Almost as though you should have named the ship before you decided to paraded this translucent dildo of a craft eh? You take a quick poll and enter a na- oh. Come on, you fucking kidding me? Let's get real here.

> Nekron: Cull the motherfucker

We're done here with dumbfuck names that belong on a Qthread on some imageboard. Seriously.

You engage CULLMODE. You have the perp sent down to power the structure of this vessel. We're not going to show that here.

This despicable specimen is of course one of the mustardbloods that help "arrange" the interior of this vessel, such as it is. They also provide propulsive assistance, and compared to a normal Alternian vessel you need a lot more of them. Oh well.

> Nekron: Come up with something decent

You know what, you're just going to call this the "From Beyond" for now.

Or not.

Oh. You're being trolled.

Spoiler: Troll Log (click to show/hide)

> Nekron: Embrace unemployment

Spoiler: Deal with it (click to show/hide)

You don't embrace unemployment. You're the captain of this gig now and have pulled strings to make yourself an official SCIENTIST of the EMPIRE. That makes you a lot higher than those goons now. In rank of course, though you remain about equal in blood. About.

Seriously, fuck those bone bulge suckers.

> Nekron: Receive Encoded Transmission

Spoiler: Incoming CLASSIFIED (click to show/hide)

This looks like it comes from one of the more cultured echelons of Troll society. It's from a similar batch of goons to the ones who fired you. However, they're different goons.

The plan is quite simple. While the MAYOR OF PORT ENIGMA saw the HYPERLANE GENERATOR as a means of EXPLORATION and DETERMINING SECRETS OF THE VOID, these folks on the other hand view it as a MEANS FOR GETTING AN ADVANTAGE OVER THE LANDLUBBERS.

Capricorn has given the highbloods, or is about to give the highbloods, their own world. You need to mitigate this SECTORIAL AND PLANETARY GAP. Without further worlds scouted to explore and settle outside of the administrative reach of SECTOR ALTERNIA, it seems logical that SPACE BEYOND BANU SPACE may yield fertile targets.

> Nekron: Set Course

Ah, who are you kidding. Likely the HIGHBLOODS will burn through influence to set claims upon the AERA ASCENDENCY. You set course for beyond Banu space.

To do this, the Empire will need to annex several border systems. Unar, Bistramar, Eychilia, and Crimdor will need to be claimed.


> Aryknu: Trolled

After citing your curiosity in certain art-forms of Eastern Alternia, your trollservant has procured some INTERESTING SAMPLES.

Curious. You're certain you can make a MORE REFINED FORM of this artwork, given your class status. You're not still that "which way western alternian" troll.

Oh look. There's a message for you.

Spoiler: Trolling Log (click to show/hide)

>Aryknu: Imbibe

Spoiler: Cut Version (click to show/hide)

You've had enough for today. Seriously.

[Note by CaptainArchmage: So apparently, Aryknu has a painted eyelid/blued up eye. I didn't notice when I created he/they. This is just an altered sprite with five minute furniture and drapes. This is the view from Aryknu's desk in that huge ass-room we keep seeing.]

> Bay 12 Reader: Be ObsessiveHeirophant

Nope. You aren't able to be ObsessiveHeirophant. Not yet, at least.

Wow, the ball was really dropped somewhere, wasn't it? At least it was not dropped on your toes. The rest of the backdrop has been removed to meet Imperial Classification Standards.
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Given current events, I've altered my profile pic and I'm sorry it took so long to fix. If you find the old one on any of my accounts elsewhere on the internet, let me know by message (along with the specific site) and I'll fix. Can't link the revised avatar for some reason.


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Re: Stellarisstuck: My Dimensional Anomaly is Bigger than Yours
« Reply #31 on: July 04, 2021, 05:58:56 pm »

The "4th July Update": Happy Independence Day to those who celebrate it! I'll post up in the other previous post as necessary to complete that section. Or this one. Progress is again, null due to the lack of update on one or two mods for the 3.0 update.


> Yeshin: Finish Expedition

You've spent a lot of time here for a piece of cloth. Let's get this down straight.

Spoiler: Trolling Log (click to show/hide)
« Last Edit: July 04, 2021, 06:01:25 pm by CaptainArchmage »
Given current events, I've altered my profile pic and I'm sorry it took so long to fix. If you find the old one on any of my accounts elsewhere on the internet, let me know by message (along with the specific site) and I'll fix. Can't link the revised avatar for some reason.


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Re: Stellarisstuck: My Dimensional Anomaly is Bigger than Yours
« Reply #32 on: February 22, 2022, 10:26:30 pm »

Just a little update: In light of the 3.3 update (which hits tomorrow), I'm going to try upgrading this save direct to 3.3 for more shenanigans. Else or otherwise, there will be a new save started with a few changes!

Yes, it will still feature trolls.

And maybe an "apocalypse" origin story.
Given current events, I've altered my profile pic and I'm sorry it took so long to fix. If you find the old one on any of my accounts elsewhere on the internet, let me know by message (along with the specific site) and I'll fix. Can't link the revised avatar for some reason.
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