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Author Topic: Splint's Miscellania v4 -Coming of the Stick Slayer  (Read 2318 times)


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Splint's Miscellania v4 -Coming of the Stick Slayer
« on: March 20, 2021, 07:05:23 pm »

A collection of minor mods.

Hello and welcome traveler, to my shitty little abode. So, " Splint, what the fuck is this?" You may be asking. But probably aren't.

This thread/project is a place for me to share stuff I make, either of my own volition or at request, that falls outside the scope of vanilla expanded or the utility mod. Could be anything - weapons, civs, creatures, whatever.

As I intend to make more stuff, see the changelog for new additions.

Additionally, anything in here can be presumed as modder resources, just give me (and if I used someone else's stuff as a base, them as well) credit if you decide to use anything.

v1 consists of the following

Gors - The beastmen of Warhammer Fantasy, adapted as best I could manage without magic. They can spawn as spire or forest retreat civs, competing with elves for space in the latter case. Assuming you use both files, that is. They sport thier own array of wargear and 4 castes.

Heralam - Essentially sterotypical depictions of angels, being winged humans with brightly colored eyes. They're capable of flight and have some flavor weapons, as well as thier own animals - Porter Swans for pack animals, and Giant Frost Bats for war beasts.

Urks - Based on a combination of various orc types. General belligerent dicks. They have two sizes of squigs as custom animals, one for fightin' and one for ridin'.

Apocalyptic Arsenals - Contains an assortment of weapons and ammo, for now consisting solely of the guns seen in the Metro game series and a few that are setting-plausible to make up for not having the grenade launcher or flamer. I do intend to do Fallout's as well, but there's nothing from that in yet.

Spearbreakers Weapon Pack - Contains an assortment of ranged weaponry from Spearbreakers' extended canon, though minus the coil and rail weaponry. Also includes Ferocious Gorlaks as trainable fighting beasts.

Spoiler: CHANGELOG (click to show/hide)

If you'd like to make a request for something, let me know and I'll see about it. Provide as much detail as you can, else I'll make assumptions and adjustments where needed, and bear in mind I'm no DFHack master nor am I willing to do big, multi-caste abominations just yet. So keep it simple while you're at it.

Special thanks to ZM5, Hugo the Dwarf, and rinestone arts for providing assistance with bugfixing and playtesting.


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Re: Splint's Miscellania v1 - Initial Release
« Reply #2 on: March 20, 2021, 09:45:43 pm »

Ayyyy, Spearbreakers stuff! That really brings me back.  :D Wow, that was almost a decade ago now.
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Re: Splint's Miscellania v1 - Initial Release
« Reply #3 on: March 22, 2021, 08:48:40 am »

Ayyyy, Spearbreakers stuff! That really brings me back.  :D Wow, that was almost a decade ago now.

Must be how the people who played Boatmurdered felt by in 2016 or whenever its 10 year was.

Speaking of Spearbreakers...

v2 is now out! My entire day was basically eaten by this and SVE yesterday. Scroll on up to the OP to go and fetch it if anything tickles your fancy folks.

Code: (v2 release) [Select]
New in v2

- Fixed missing caste name on Porter Swans in the Heralam file.


Onijin - Idea sugested by rinestone arts. Oni-like humanoids with a mild japanese flavour. They're generally nice people, but due to thier great size compared to typical adversaries faced by dwarves they can be quite dangerous if provoked into military action - especially those wielding thier deadly oni great clubs.

The majority of thier weapons *can* be used by non-onijin, but they need to use two hands due to them being built with that method of use in mind.

Unless someone has a sufficently japanese-y language file sitting around, they'll use the human language.

Rotbloods - Based on the Vermintide 2 faction. Their readme has much greater details than I can reasonably give here. They're hostile humans divided into 3 castes though (male and female of each.)

Spawn of Holistic - Oh yeah. they're back. Along with a wild and hell version too. I've nerfed them a bit to be more forgiving for general play, and changed thier skin to coloration more consisted with looking like leathery, burnt bullshit. Special thanks to Mr Frog (who provided the base so long ago) as well as Nakeen and Hugo the Dwarf, who brought them up to modern standards for the most part.


Modern Wargear Pack - An assortment of ranged weapons based upon modern weapon platforms. The readme file has specifics.

These are as generic as humanly possible, allowing them to be used for just about anything. There's also a small selection of armor items. The buildings and energy weapons are unimplemented at this time, though this will be remedied later.

Random Items - A bunch of apparel and other crap that I couldn't really be bothered to put in something else, or didn't really have a place for them. Readme has the details. Requested items will end up in this mod/folder.
- Demnos Staff and Runic Slugs, requested by rinestone. Pike/Blowgun skill weapon.

All should work in theory, as no errors were thrown and the entities spawned properly.


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Re: Splint's Miscellania v3 - Dawi and Death Rays
« Reply #4 on: March 25, 2021, 03:30:25 pm »

Got another update out. No errors and playtesting hasn't show much in the way of issues. Finally implemented those energy guns, jank as the solution was, though the buildings aren't in yet.

Code: (Changelog) [Select]

New in v3

The following were mad eby Enemy Post a while ago for rinestone. Since I was seeing if I'd have the same crash issues as they were out of the blue, I figured why not include them if they work fine? Thanks to Enemy Post for the work, and rinestone for opting to let me include them.

Haiza - Plant-like humanoids who value a peaceful life, and have a strong affinity towards wind and air. They can be played in both fort and adventure mode.

Kairin - Smaller humanoids believed to be related to the Haiza distantly. They're even smaller at size 40k, and act as a hostile group due to thierpredilictions towards making mischief and causing trouble, including stealing children.

Dwarfs - Based on Warhammer's Dwarfs, complete with exclusive ability to work gromril and a whole crapload of flavor gear. They can, with luck, live practically forever, which hopefully counter the 20% malus to most skills. Their readme has specifics.

!!NOTICE!! Due to a shared singular, they'll cause some confusion in adventure mode's creation screen. Be sure to check which dwarf civ is which beforehand so you get the one you want.

Feral Haiza - Violent, corrupted Haiza. They're incapable of higher thought, and often used by others as beasts of battle.


Modern Wargear Set: While it'll 100% lead to some serious jank, I've made two new materials and weapons to go with them. The materials perform like adamantine, except in one area: Density. This is to allow them to penetrate armor. In terms of effectiveness, laser weapons tend to break what they hit (usually bbroken arms or legs and a joint or two,) while plasma weapons reliably sever arms and lower legs, causing massive amounts of blood loss. Both also tend to floor thier targets.

!!NOTICE!! Due to the janktastic nature of the materials, I highly advise any entity you give these to as normal-access weapons and materials not be given bows or crossbows, lest you end up with laser and plasma arrows or some such nonsense.

Any loose plasma or laser ammo should probably just get atomsmashed, or you can roleplay melting them as gathering them up and setting them aside to recycle, Fallout New Vegas style.

- Laser has the density of silver, and is used by laser rifles and pistols.
- Plasma has the density of platinum, and is used by plasma rifles and pistols.

Modern Wargear Set: Laser and plasma guns, one and two-handed versions. You really, really don't wanna get shot by these, as they consistently knocked down targets and plasma guns tended to take off limbs and cause extreme bleeding in testing.


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Re: Splint's Miscellania v3 - Dawi and Death Rays
« Reply #5 on: May 13, 2021, 06:23:28 am »

Wow, Splint and Talvieno


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Re: Splint's Miscellania v3 - Dawi and Death Rays
« Reply #6 on: May 13, 2021, 06:43:24 am »

Wow, a Reudh.

While not relevant to this thread, terrible things are in motion. Terrible, terrible things.

Relating to the mod, I'm prolly gonna release a couple civs to go with the Modern Wargear Set (or rather, a greatly expanded version of it with oodles of flavor variants of the different weapons) and Metro Guns pack, the Outlanders and Metro Dwellers. Depends on if anyone has a Russian language file laying around anywhere.

Also planning to release something of a small tribute to a guy from the old Internet, Stickmen. A lazy reskin of humans who are colorful and predisposed towards violence, and a new human-like creature called the Stick Slayer to play as, with an attendant weapon: The Slayer's Eraser. I'll probably release them all at once.


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Re: Splint's Miscellania v4 - Coming of the Stick Slayer
« Reply #7 on: January 06, 2022, 10:23:31 pm »

Hey hey people, this mod's finally gotten an overdue update! Including some fixes!

Code: (changelog) [Select]
New in v4

- Fixed the Heralam entity. They'll no longer use land-bound pack animals.
- Fixed Kairin spine launch attack so there's at least a slight breather in the hailstorm of cactus spines they fling at your dudes.
- Fixed entity tags for free plasma for your civs.
- Fixed missing ammo entity tags for the Modern Wargear Set and Metro Guns.
- Fixed double colon in the light machinegun's name.
- Fixed missing progress triggers on the Haiza.

- Veiza, a sort of fire and blood cousin to the Haiza. Can induce pain and blistering with a touch-range interaction. Idea credit to rinestone.
- Stickmen, for practical purposes they're humans with a rather wide range of skin and hair color options, and aren't terribly fond of peace or harmony. They're essentially stick men of the old internet. They use a mix of regular equipment and the non-energy weapons from the modern war gear pack (so you'll need those files for the entity to not throw errors.)
- Zarians, strange jester-like people with a fondness for eloquence, art, leisure, and doing terrible things to thier fellow living things. Start with some natural skill in thower and archer skills (juggling,) Comedian, and naturally high agility. Steal kids to raise into future assistants. Idea credit to rinestone.
--Unique Weapons
--- Cane sword: Fancy pants sword.
--- Weighted Cane: For beating the shit out of people.
--- Strongman's Mallet: Two-handed hammer.
--- Court Blade: Uses bow skill. Can use juggler pins, bladed discs or throwing knives as ammo. Workaround for issues with thrower as weapon skill.
--Unique Apparel
--- Beret
--- Jingle Cap
--- Tailcoat
--- Blouse
--- Ruffled Shirt
--- Breeches
--- Jingle Boots

- The Stick Slayer: Time to erase some smiloid ass! They're bigger than the average human, have maxed willpower, above average agility and very high strength, toughness and endurance, that they might slay sticks and stick-adjacent beings (such as the Zarians,) more effectively. Not meant to be balanced.

- Slayer's Eraser: A large bludgeon resembling a broken pencil, specifically the end with an eraser. Uses mace skill.

- Warhammer dwarfs renamed to Dawi to prevent confusion with vanilla dwarves.
- Haiza and Kairin have been given a Haizan and Kairinian language respectively, courtesy of rinestone.

Get your deranged jesters and stick men here.