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Author Topic: One of my party members is missing. It seems that he's actually vanished.  (Read 269 times)


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I've checked his location a dozen times, it's a now-empty titan shrine that had two monstrous serpents from spellcrafts in it. While my injured swordsman (who I was controlling at the time) sprinted off east after the retreating one with decapitating intent, he shouted "I must withdraw!" (Very uncharacteristic of a fearless, overconfident hammerdwarf) and ran off somewhere to the west, but checking that way shows no tracks. The c-tab menu says he's in the shrine itself, but there's no one there, even checking with reveal, (and whoops now the denizens of the caverns are on the surface of this shrine) and he's not able to be switched to. Is there any way to find him using DFhack?

Edit: Got him back by retiring and unretiring. He was actually at a hillocks on the other side of the world.
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When I lost partymembers I can find them again in the embark menu as a "specific person" - even if they are a brainless undead person (one of the reasons I had someone run off - braindead undeads seem to just sort of stand there until they find something random to sprint at, and disappear off the map - unless controlling them)