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Author Topic: [47.05] ZM5's HF/Flavor Gear  (Read 1698 times)


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[47.05] ZM5's HF/Flavor Gear
« on: November 03, 2021, 02:22:19 pm »

This is just a minor thing I got an idea for - various types of "flavor" gear, both weapons and armor, mostly for a high fantasy type setting - some are random stuff I came up with, others are things lovers of certain franchises might appreciate. Feel free to use them in any capacity, just make sure to credit me.

Some of the armor pieces have different values compared to their vanilla counterparts, others are slightly different, whereas the weapons will usually be much different. There are also "legendary" weapons which can only be obtained by getting a lucky dice roll and being granted them from a deity. Any of these weapons that has an edged attack will use steel, blunt-only weapons using platinum - I figure adamantine isn't necessary for them, as they already have extremely powerful values, and steel fits more anyway.

As of the release (03/11/2021), here are the current contents:

-Winged Breastplate and Winged Helmet - relatively simple armor with wing adornments (rather impractical ones on the breastplate). Both are heavier and more expensive than their vanilla counterparts, and do provide some additional protection.
-Inquisitor's Chestplate, Inquisitor's Mask, Inquisitor's Armored Kilt and Inquisitor's Armored Hood - essentially the Judgment/Judgement set from WoW. The hood and kilt act more like chainmail overall, whereas the chestplate and mask are more solid. More expensive overall than their normal armor counterparts.
-Animal-faced helms - helms shaped like various beast heads. Same values as normal helms. Come in lion-faced, anglerfish-faced, bear-faced, rhino-faced, hound-faced, eagle-faced, bull-faced and dragon-faced varieties.
-Animal-faced masks - similar to the above. Cloth/leather masks shaped like animal heads - supposed to give this type of vibe, so probably preferable for more cultish/bandity civs. Come in raven-faced, pig-faced, bull-faced, hound-faced, cat-faced, fox-faced, hare-faced and goat-faced varieties.

-Giant's Razor - a shaving tool for giants - a large two-handed sword for those who are height challenged. Can be pretty deadly, but requires both hands for most creatures and is also expensive to make.
-Troll's Axe - a crude two-handed axe for trolls - still two-handed for everyone else. Large, heavy, expensive, with slow but rather deadly hacking attacks.
-Steamsword - a two-handed sword with a steam engine attached to it. Higher velocity to its attacks - its slashing and stabbing attacks are also faster to execute, but are unbalancing.
-Whip Sword - a slinky sword - uses the whip skill, though. Capable of surprisingly deadly slashing attacks.
-Reaper Scythe - a rather impractical war scythe, though it atleast does have a blunted protrusion opposite the blade. Has a deadly slash attack, and one can also bash with the protrusion, working similar to a mace or hammer bash.
-Gunblade - basically a sword with a gun built into it. Can shoot bullets, which may require other mods (any ammo type with the CLASS token set to BULLET will work). While mostly a ranged weapon, its still deadly in melee.
-Tome of Arms - uses the whip skill, for lack of anything better that worldgen soldiers may use. A magic tome that can summon weapons - its attacks are slower to prepare and recover from, but are varied and quite potent - it can hack with several battle axes, stab with several swords, or bash with several maces. One can also use the metal-bound tome to strike, which is admittedly faster than the other attacks - can be quite effective when applied to a heretic's head.

Legendary weapons (fist weapons are always gotten as a pair):
-Laser-powered Goblin Smasher - a large maul with GH inscribed on the head. Uses the hammer skill - capable of a powerful bashing attack that knocks back foes and a beam-smite attack that can sever limbs.
-Dragon Fists - gauntlets with autonomously moving blades, depending on what attack one intends to perform - blessed by a blue dragon. Capable of faster clawing attacks and slightly slower chopping attacks with the blades, as well as fast punches and slower slaps that are more capable of knockback. Can also perform a tiger drop - nigh-instantaneous, powerful punch capable of knockback, though it recovers slower.
-Thundergod Hammer - a one-handed war hammer of a thunder god. Capable of a deadly bash as well as a lightning bolt smite attack - does much deadlier blunt damage, capable of knocking back foes.
-Kaiser Knuckles - fists empowered by an angry deity. While they have only doubled velocity values over normal blunt weapons, they have a very fast preparation and recovery speed, delivering punches practically instantaneously.
-God-hands - divine fist weapons. Capable of fast jabs, medium-speed hooks, and slower but stronger uppercuts - one can also perform a slow but very deadly one-inch punch with them.
-Demonfire Dagger - a dagger blessed by a one-eyed shadow demon. Aside from deadly slashing and stabbing attacks, one can also perform a faster but more unbalancing spin-slash, as well as a slower but less unbalancing shadow-strike, causing piercing damage.
-Sonic Blade - a sword that's also known as Blessed Wind, one could probably also get this off of a Schmoo. While it does not have highly increased values and is only capable of a slashing attacks, it has the highest preparation and recovery speed, delivering its slashes instantaneously.
-Hero-King's Sword - the legendary sword-in-the-stone. Only those of the Hero-king's bloodline may remove it from the stone. Hope you're strong enough to carry this sword alongside the boulder its stuck in - can perform a deadly but slow smash attack with the rock, but its also effective for pommel bashing. Uses the mace skill.
-Giant-slayer Gun - a huge, long rifle, that probably would be more at home mounted on a fortification  - the kickback from it would probably allow you to fly if you fired it straight at the ground (but not really). Comes with 25 clusters of giant-cutters - powerful rounds that shred the flesh of anything they're fired at.
Requires two hands to wield.
-God-Killer Rifle - a bayoneted rifle - said to be able to kill gods, it definitely can kill any non-divine beings. Its bayonet causes severe piercing damage. It comes with god-killer rounds that cause deadly piercing damage. Requires two hands to wield.
-Bladed Boomblaster - a one-handed gun with a cleaver-like bayonet. Its bayonet can deliver deadly slashing attacks. Comes with Flameblast rounds that blast apart foes, easily ripping off limbs.
(the three legendary firearms can also use standard bullets, and are still quite deadly with them)

If you wish for a civ to have any of the weapons/armor, I've included an entity tags file with instructions on how to add them.

Download here