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Author Topic: Alliance Feature Knowledge Repository Thread (also a question)  (Read 1210 times)


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Alliance Feature Knowledge Repository Thread (also a question)
« on: November 17, 2021, 12:37:43 am »

So looking at the wiki article it seems there isn't much known about how alliances work beyond that they tend to be formed against entities that make it required to kill neutral factions, yet at the same time I think I have noticed two alliances going to war with each other in my mods, both of which didn't have any members which fulfilled that criteria. Wouldn't that mean there's more to alliances than just the above condition?

For context, I am experimenting with reframing the world's entities. Essentially, the biggest world is the size of Iceland about, and even small kingdoms during the ancient world (Mesopotamia for example) were far more populous than a DF kingdom. But, what if one were to change the naming conventions of entities up so they were called cities and towns (ie a human entity called "The Green Kingdom" becomes "The Green City" and then, if possible, find out what pool names are pulled from for alliances and fiddle with that to ensure it says things like "the Confederation of so-and-so", and if possible mess around with the frequency and probability of alliances? That would allow you to create the illusion of cohesive nations consisting of multiple entities which now function more like districts of a bigger government so long as the alliance holds. I, personally, would like to understand more about alliances to better bring this idea into existence, but I feel a thread generally about the ins and outs of goofing around with this feature could be useful.
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Re: Alliance Feature Knowledge Repository Thread (also a question)
« Reply #1 on: November 23, 2021, 08:04:45 pm »

Its relations through similarity/non-diametricism, coupled with threat. If i was to pull up a squamous orc and make them very closely opposed but parallel to goblins in the shared [BABYSNATCHER] group, they'd have a equal base position for being "teamed" and similar hostile enemies of people outside that group. I can say make 2 civs worship the sun and even maybe use putnams create-gods script so they are one and the same, and that goes someway, but exact details i wouldnt be sure over just piling over 'more reasons' you can get with values.

Being narrowly similar enough they will 50/50 ally up, or fall into war and look elsewhere for allies preferably similar to themselves. One orc society i genned teamed up with a lone town of humans by virtue of them spamming so many hamlets and having similar enemies (potentially though contact of goblin baby stealing) they felt they needed to make a pact (or maybe it was the other way around, humans being distinct enough to be compatible with orc values but extreme within their own civ)
  • IndigoPhoenix has a utility up at the moment, and more relationship screen data should be coming to the steam release anyway for the future.
Id be interested in your engineering as i know very little about getting what you want out of goofy df name titles, but mostly it seems to be a behavioural thing in that you can make overt 'friends' ready for one another that are mostly bulletproof. Additionally samelyness is negated as far as internal same entity-type alliances might be concerned, and maybe moved more into the relationship side of things through rulers, of which Toady doesn't typically let them all mingle together to get a feel for what each one is like personally, so it'd be tough to arrange with a lack of experience in that area (because really when does anybody important ever reveal themselves in the fort?)

Summon them from afar as a visitor? I wouldnt know what to suggest, dfhacking diplomats i dont think really moves anything.