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Author Topic: Sid Meier's Sim Golf (Impossibru Difficulty)  (Read 4284 times)


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Sid Meier's Sim Golf (Impossibru Difficulty)
« on: February 16, 2022, 02:31:57 am »

Anyone else got to play this game back in the days when it was new and fresh? In ye olde days of 2002? :)
For me personally, it's a game I like to come back to every now and then and just chillax with some digital golfing mixed with the the sims universe.

Never gets old for me, tho it does get tedious when your course gets to a certain point! :P

If I'm not mistaken, this should be abandonware by now. I have at least seen discussions of it where it has been linked to as such.
Pro tip to get it to work properly - I fiddled around a bit with it, well, a damn lot, actually... and finally I managed to make it work properly (somewhat, in a 800x600 window in the middle of my screen, but other than that all good) - it seems the trick is to run it in Windows XP Service Pack 2 compatibility mode, and "run as administrator" ticked on. There may or may not be other steps, but this worked for me on Windows 10!

I'm currently doing a playthrough of if on youtube, if anyone wants to follow along! Going through it on Impossible difficulty until I got 18 holes and a damn nice course, or the game eventually breaks down on me and spirals into an unrecoverable domino-effect of horrendousness, as it might, due to the difficulty level and certain game-mechanics.

---> Click Here To Watch <---

Not much more to it than simple relaxed sim gaming, really! Hope it will be of some value to at least one other person out there!
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