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Author Topic: [47.05] DwarfCrafted v1.2 - A Minecraft Mod  (Read 2659 times)

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[47.05] DwarfCrafted v1.2 - A Minecraft Mod
« on: February 22, 2022, 08:09:34 am »

DwarfCrafted - v1.2 [47.05]


This mod aims to translate the things unique to the world of Minecraft (creatures, plants, ores etc) into the world and spirit of Dwarf Fortress. This includes spinoffs in the Minecraft franchise, such as Minecraft Dungeons (MCD), to a lesser extent Minecraft Earth (MCE) and Minecraft Story Mode (MCSM), and whatever may come out in the future.

DFFD Download Link Here

Changelog Link Here

This mod will not add anything from Minecraft that exists in the real world (eg, animals), even if Vanilla DF doesn't have it; other mods should be used for real world stuff. The exception to this rule will be if it's strongly tied to a fantasy thing somehow; for example, if cows didn't already exist in DF, I would have added them for the sake of mooshrooms.

This mod was created with the help of the Dwarf Fortress RAW language server extension, which is currently in beta, but I still recommend it for anyone wanting to make Dwarf Fortress mods, either for the first time or as a veteran.


Copy-paste all files this mod's `/objects` folder into the `/raw/objects/` folder from Dwarf Fortress.


  • Villagers: a trade-loving, pacifistic civilization.
  • Illagers: a power hungry and evil civilization, though slightly less chaotic than goblins.
  • Piglins: a civilization of lawless, thieving hunters who love a good scrap.
Creatures from Minecraft
  • Creepers: stealthy plantlike quadrupeds with sad looking faces. They explode when they get near.
  • Testificates: these are the villagers; a species that are essentially identical to humans, but have tall bald heads and massive noses. A little stronger than humans too, and greedier, more singleminded, but somehow less vain.
  • Illagers: testificates whose skin is sickly and grey thanks to use of dark magic long ago in their past; was it worth the cost? Some among them are born with magical powers.
  • Piglins: greedy, messy, and not very bright, these piglike creatures come from a hellish plane and are well used to extreme heat, being nearly fireproof.
  • Ravagers: massive beasts created by illagers to use as beasts of burden and war, and which all seem to have faces suspiciously like those of testificates, humans, dwarves, elves or goblins.
  • Allays: small, friendly nature spirits who love music and dance.
  • Phantoms: legless, winged undead reptiles that lurk at night in swarms, generally in places of death and evil.
  • Silverfish: ugly, swarming, huge bugs (huge for a bug anyway!) with horrid hairy tendrils all over their body. They lurk underground.
  • Slimes: green cubes made of living slime, found in swamps and the underground.
  • Mooshrooms: underground-dwelling cows which have mushrooms growing out of their bodies. They come with many different types of mushroom - red, brown, plump helmet, dimple cup, tower-cap, and fungiwood.
  • Wardens: shhhh! Treat lightly, these things lurk in the deepest darkest caverns, and are blind, but they have excellent abilities to hear and smell to offset that, and are terribly strong.
  • Shriekers: found in the underground, disturbing these immobile growths of sculk and bone will lead to the appearance of wardens!
  • Guardians and Elder Guardians: ocean-dwelling artifices made of prismarine; they look like one eyed fish with huge spikes, and they can fire beams of electricity from their eyes that both shock and fatigue you. Their elders can fatigue you just with a glance.
  • Glow Squids: little squids that live in pools in deep caverns, and glow.
  • Iron Golems: big golems made of iron created long ago; they are often used by the villagers for work.
  • Snow Golems: magically animated snowmen wearing mysteriously never-rotting pumpkins. They toss snowballs.
  • Endermen: mysterious and tall, intelligent creatures from another dimension; they flicker in and out of existence, seemingly trying to go somewhere, but failing.
  • Endermites: vicious little parasites that tend to appear when endermen "flicker".
  • Shulkers: mollusks that also seem to have flickering problems and be sort of ill? They can't actually be found anywhere except arena mode because I can't figure out where to put them.
  • Enderdragons: megabeasts that inflict a matter dissolution syndrome with their breath and their body.
  • Withers: demonic, 3-headed undead megabeasts dripping with a slick that causes living things to rot and die.
  • Wither Skeletons: tall, horned undead dripping with the same slick as withers, they are found deep underground and originate from a hellish plane.
  • Ghasts: gigantic floating, crying heads with tentacles dangling below them. They spit fireballs, and their tears have special healing properties.
  • Magma Cubes: cubical chunks of living magma with a creamy consistency, surrounded by a rocky crust.
  • Blazes: floating heads with many solid rods levitating beneath them. They fling fireballs at whatever they see as an "intruder".
  • Striders: armless bipeds that stride across magma like it's nothing, though in turn they cannot tolerate normal temperatures.
  • Hoglins: huge piglike monsters with large tusks and a nearly fireproof body.
  • Vexes: evil spirits summoned by evokers, they are believed by some to be allays whose hearts have been corrupted to evil ends.
  • Fangs: large sets of snapping fangs summoned by evokers as weapons; their origins are unclear.
Creatures from lost mob votes
  • Barnacles (Mob A from the 2017 Minecon vote): sea-dwelling monsters with massive 4-hinged maws and a long tongue for dragging prey into the depths.
  • Chompers (Mob C from the 2017 Minecon vote): huge ambush predators that live underground and in deserts. Their heads are enourmous for their size.
  • Wildfires (Mob D from the 2017 Minecon vote): floating heads with 4 shields levitating beneath them. They fling fireballs at whatever they see as an "intruder", and can produce a smokey shockwave.
  • Glares (2021 Minecon vote): small flying clumps of moss with glowing eyes peering out; they're known for their urge to warn people of danger, by means of getting grumpy and assertively grumbling.
  • Copper Golems (2021 Minecon vote): small little golems made of copper, with lightning rods on their heads.
  • Moobloom (2020 Minecon vote): cows with buttercups growing from their backs, found only in magical places alongside the likes of fairies and unicorns.
Creatures from Minecraft Earth
  • Furnace Golems: essentially iron golems, but with fiery furnaces build into their bodies, which nobody knows how to operate anymore.
  • Melon Golems: magically animated snowmen with mysteriously never-rotting melons instead of heads. They toss snowballs and can spit watermelon seeds as a weapon.
  • Moolips: a variant of moobloom with pink flowers instead.
  • Cluckshrooms: underground-dwelling chickens with mushrooms sprouting from their bodies. They come in all the same variants as mooshrooms.
  • Bone Spiders: gigantic underground-dwelling spiders with a layer of bone protecting their cephalothorax, and the top of their abdomen and legs.
  • Hyper Rabbits: a hyperactive species of rabbit with long whiskers, messy fur, and an unusual color scheme. Inspired by official concept art that never made it into the actual game.
  • Magma Cows: cows made of magma, found deep underground. Inspired by official concept art that never made it into the actual game.
Creatures from Minecraft Dungeons (including DLC)
  • Tropical Slimes (Hidden Depths): cube-shaped chunks of living slime and water, with tropical fish swimming around in their watery layers. They live in oceans.
Creatures from Minecraft Story Mode
  • Prismarine Soldiers: tentacle-bearded, magically animated statues made of prismarine, made to guard now nonexistent undersea temples.
  • Prismarine Colossuses: megabeasts which essentially are just much larger prismarine soldiers.
  • Creeders: horrid abominations that take the explosiveness of creepers, and add arachnophobia.
Creatures not canon to Minecraft
Stones & Ores
  • Prismarine:  a kind of rare undersea stone that shifts colors between various hues of blue and green.
  • Netherrack: oddly soft rock from a hellish plane. It can be worked into netherware, much like clay. This stone is found only in some titans and forgotten beasts.
  • Nether Quartz: a gorgeous white quartz from a hellish plane. This gem is found only in some titans and forgotten beasts.
  • Glowstone: brightly glowing crystal from a hellish plane. This glasslike crystal is found only in some titans and forgotten beasts.
  • End Stone: a pale, highly durable stone from another plane of reality. This mysterious stone is found only in some titans and forgotten beasts.
  • Giant Azaleas: huge azaleas that grow as large as an oak tree.
  • Glow Lichen: a glowing underground fungus.
  • Sculk: terrible plants that grow in veins deep underground. They possess a morbid presence.
  • Evoker: a caste of illager that summons vexes and fangs.
  • Iceologer (2020 Minecon vote): a caste of illager that summons either big chunks of ice, or deadly sharp icicles.
  • Mage (MCD Arcade mode): a caste of illager with telekinetic powers, mostly consisting of pushing things at a distance.
Planned Content

Note that the below list is in no particular order, and is subject to change.

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Re: DwarfCrafted
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Re: DwarfCrafted
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Re: DwarfCrafted
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Re: DwarfCrafted
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