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Author Topic: Project: Close Combat  (Read 4492 times)


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Project: Close Combat
« on: March 15, 2022, 08:04:24 am »

Hello there, good people!

So, let me cut to the chase! I have recently taken upon myself a mission. Perhaps a calling even, some may say.

Are we talking a noble pursuit for the betterment of mankind? ...No. Certainly not! If anything, quite the contrary! I have decided to fight my way through all the war that the Close Combat franchise has to offer! Well... All the war that the singleplayer grand campaigns have to offer, anyway.

My goal is: Play through every single Close Combat game to ever exist. With both factions in the longest campaign the games offer up, on the hardest difficulty there is, making things even harder for myself than the developers originally intended for it to be, as we move along!

I figured, instead of posting about each game separately... Why not have a project collection, where everything can be located as it comes out? And so here we are! I might even throw in some reviews of the games as time goes by, as I certainly am getting a good sense of what is what, and the differences between the various iterations as I progress through my personal mission!

Now, I am a seasoned veteran of the franchise, and have been playing Close Combat games for, at the time of writing this, around two and a half decades. My first experience with the series was with the Close Combat 2: A Bridge Too Far demo. This was back before everyone had "the internet". Whatever that place was. However - a friend of mine, when I was in my early elementary school years, had gotten his hands on the demo from a CD in a gaming-magazine! He told me about it, and I through it sounded amazing. So we went to his place, and I was not wrong! Instantly hooked me right in like a true sucker! And here I am, 25 years later and still playing these dang games! I have for a while been considering playing through them all with both factions, and put the playthroughs out on youtube. And well, I finally got to it! Why the heck not, right!? It's somewhat of a niche game, and some of it's iterations barely have any LPs of them, so I enjoy the thought that one day, anyone will be able to come to my youtube channel and have all the games laid out for them to choose from in a let's play type format! With some reviews, when the time comes, and heck - even some of the better mods out there being played through as well!

Why do I bother with this? Well. As you will surely figure out for yourself if you watch any substantial amount of these videos, it is simply because I am insane, and don't have my priorities in life straight!

Close Combat. A love and hate relationship that has it's ups and downs. It has me jumping out of my seat screaming in joy at unsuspected victories. It also, on the other end of the spectrum, have me close to beating a hole through my screen at the utter unbelievability of it's BS at times! So... come along from the rides, and see the best and the worst sides of me as the journey goes!

I will now list the four playthroughs I have already got out there below. In the future, more will be added. If there is a specific CC game you'd like to see next, that I haven't played already, I am certainly open for requests on that part. However, I am likely to finish the vanilla games before I dip into the glorious mods that are out there! You can suggest those too - it will just take a while until I get to them!

Either way! I will list them like this; the aggressor in the campaign first, then the defender second. So for the Normandie landings - the Allies, then the Germans. For the invasion of Russia - The Germans, then the Russians. Alright! Here we go!

Close Combat: Wacht Am Rhein (Axis Grand Campaign)

Close Combat: Wacht Am Rhein (Allied Grand Campaign)

Close Combat: The Longest Day (Allied Grand Campaign)

Close Combat: The Longest Day (Axis Grand Campaign)

Close Combat: Last Stand Arnhem (Allied Grand Campaign)

Close Combat: Last Stand Arnhem (Allied Grand Campaign)

Close Combat 3: Cross Of Iron (Axis Grand Campaign)

Close Combat 3: Cross Of Iron (Allied Grand Campaign)

That is the four iterations of the franchise I currently have available out there at the time of making this post. More is sure to follow soon, and I hope some of y'all will want to come along for the ride! If you got any questions, suggestions, hate or love, I am receptive to it all! Let me know what you think, wether you think I'm doing allright, or you think I need to make some changes to how I do things! For all I know, you might be right!

Oh well! If you're still reading at this point, I would like to thank you for your attention, and I sincerely hope your time spent with this does not feel wasted! Y'all have a good one, folks! And may Cthulhu bless you!

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Re: Project: Close Combat
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2022, 09:38:57 am »

Close Combat: Meuse Crossing Mod (TLD)(German Grand Campaign)

I've just started playing through one of probably the top 10 CC mods of all time - Meuse Crossing for The Longest Day. And I must say, it's a treat! Such a beautiful gem of a game! Contrary to most other vanilla CC games, this one is set during the invasion of France in 1940, as opposed to late-war like most other, if not all, official games of the franchise focused around ww2. It's such a blast using early war equipment, and seeing French tanks I've never seen before!