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Author Topic: So Basically I Was Able to Train Dodge to Ridiculous Level Just For Pet Colossus  (Read 1691 times)


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I basically created a human vampire character with absurdly huge dodge which took weeks to grind with cave blob. I cut of limbs of Bronze Colossus at shrine, entered it's tile and spammed "5" with autoclicker and holding 2 different "5" keys on keyboard already. My adventurer for 2 days already had no need to dodge into other tile and so I had to take a blood drink. My striker got ridiclulously high at once.

Laying here, I realize you were
Just like me havin average strength.
But who's to strike a flesh of bronze.
When our guard is down I think we'll both get struck.
That grind breeds grind.
But in the end it was inevitable.
I've curved my blood shrine, you've followed your smell;
But maybe we're both historical figures.
The world has turned, and so many atom smashed.
But fun is to blame.
It's tearing across this barren rain forest.
I feel new Urist could be born beneath
The slade stained sock.

Original: It Has to Be This Way by Jamie Christopherson
Does anybody know how to become an elephant man in adventure mode? I literally did all advanced world settings possible to increase chances.


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Ngl I was confused at first, then i realised what you were going for when i started reading the lyrics, thank you for making me smile over this lol
I once had a 30 dwarf glacier fortress once.. was going great till the dwarf merchants brought along a WereKoala and killed everyone...