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Author Topic: Uniforms, schedules and training for work details - leaner squad interface  (Read 194 times)


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I'm liking the new work details. Up to a point of course, but I won't go into little annoyances here. This post is about extending the new feature by robbing power from the squad interface.
  • Uniforms and livery. Give steel armour to your military, green woolen cloaks and unicorn leather gloves to your foresters, black pig-tail hoods to your doctors...
  • Schedules. Set up hunting seasons, spring cleans, annual stonecraft therapy for miners...
  • Training. The spear detail could train together, then the axe detail... Squads could then be mixed without messing up demonstrations and your hauler work detail could train in unarmed combat - or shortswords and add one to their livery. Civilian training could be added too swimming, climbing, rock lifting, writing, numeracy, history, music...
So what would be left of the squad interface? It would be much more focussed on tactics. You'd still assign who takes orders together under which officer, when they get together as a unit to guard or patrol an area and you could still give them orders that override schedules and work details. Maybe you should still be able to make uniform assignments here - perhaps you'd assign weapon and armour combos in the work detail but override the colour and material of each squad's cloaks. Or you might only set the weapon in work details and have some squads equipped with steel armour and others with bronze or leather.
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