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Author Topic: [50.xx] Hot Coffee  (Read 1761 times)


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[50.xx] Hot Coffee
« on: January 13, 2023, 01:25:31 am »

Percolated piping-hot steaming elixir of the morning.

Superseded by Dwarven Tea Party!

[50.xx] Steam Workshop:
[50.xx] DFFD:

This mod allows your dwarves to brew the delicious black drink, coffee, to give them a little more hop in their step. Coffee beans are recovered from coffee cherries, either via eating them or brewing them into coffee cherry wine. The beans can then be ground at a millstone or quern, and the resulting grounds brewed in the kitchen or still into the precious java.

Okay, barrels of coffee is a bit weird. But that's dwarves.

-- Important Notes --

Due to a DF bug, items stored in bags, with those bags then stored in barrels, become inaccessible for things like grinding or brewing: make sure the stockpiles for your coffee beans and coffee grounds do NOT allow barrels!

-- Compatibility --

This mod replaces the original coffee tree and replaces them with two new ones coffea arabica and coffea robusta. No other significant changes to vanilla.

-- Changelog --

v1.04 Minor text change, no code changes.
v1.03 Fixed coffee cherries not dropping seeds when brewed (kinda important!).
v1.02 Fixed incorrect infotag and missing tree graphics errors.
v1.01 Added missing tag to allow correct stockpiling.
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