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Author Topic: Dwarf Fortress Gladiator Tournament VIII  (Read 43667 times)


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Re: Dwarf Fortress Gladiator Tournament VIII
« Reply #405 on: August 04, 2023, 02:12:14 pm »

I bet 40 gold on sweetteeth


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Re: Dwarf Fortress Gladiator Tournament VIII
« Reply #406 on: August 04, 2023, 02:59:23 pm »

The deadline has passed, and bets for round 4 are now closed!


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Re: Dwarf Fortress Gladiator Tournament VIII
« Reply #407 on: August 04, 2023, 04:06:01 pm »

As before, here are some statistics about this round's bets to tide you over until the fights.

This round, bettors placed 13 bets across only three of the four matchups, betting a total of 1442☼.
The median bet fell to 67☼ flat, while the mean bet lies at a much higher 110.92☼, courtesy of two high-roller outliers - the two highest bets the tournament has seen so far, placed (yet again) by Bralbaard (350☼) and by memmet (309☼)!

The three gladiators with the highest total bets placed upon them were:
  • In first with 747☼ across 4 bets: Logem Branchsyrup!
  • In second with 309☼ from just one bet: the Beast of Spearimpale!
  • In third with 254☼ from 5 bets: Sweetteeth!

Which gives us our highest-stakes match of the tournament so far, the first to break four digits in bets - Logem Branchsyrup vs. Sweetteeth in match 4C has a total of 1001☼ riding on it, across a record nine bets on just this one matchup, more than double the highest interest in a single match so far!

The leech man has been the talk of the town of late, and needs no introduction!
Logem, for his part, has ascended to take the top spot for bets placed on a single gladiator across all rounds, up from third place last round, with a current total of 897☼, followed by the Beast of Spearimpale (773☼) and Horof DreadHoof (603☼).

Keep your eyes on these two!



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Re: Dwarf Fortress Gladiator Tournament VIII
« Reply #408 on: August 04, 2023, 04:18:15 pm »

I guess Logem isn't the underwolverine any more....

He hopes to repay the faith his backers have placed in him by dispatching the hellspawned leech monster in the coming round!
Wow. I believe Kesperan has just won adventurer mode.


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Re: Dwarf Fortress Gladiator Tournament VIII
« Reply #409 on: August 04, 2023, 04:36:49 pm »

Incidentally - that one match sets two more records, with Logem also achieving the highest betting total placed on a gladiator in a single round, while Sweetteeth does the same for the number of bets (five). The gladiator with the highest number of bets across all rounds so far is Ine, with seven in all!


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Round 4 Upgrades
« Reply #410 on: August 04, 2023, 05:17:17 pm »

Beast of Spearimpale:
bay12 user: memmet
Round 4 points: 201

Copper shield (-0)
Sold iron greaves (+18)
Sold Iron breastplate (+20)
Sold iron helm (+12)
Sold iron low boots (+8)
Sold iron gauntlets (+8)

Fighter 4>8 (-78)
Biter 2 (-0)
Kicker 2 (-0)
Wrestler 2>4 (-28)
Misc. Obj. User 2 (-0)
Armor User 3 (-0)
Dodger 3 (-0)
Observer 3>5 (-27)
Shield User 3>8 (-120)
Discipline 2>3 (-9)

Points remaining: 5

Horof Dreadhoof:
Dodger Expert -> Great -150 /42
Axeman Talented -> Adept -42/0
Left: 0

Sell Copper Gauntlets (+5)
Sell Copper Mail Shirt (+15)

Buy Steel Gauntlets (-32)
Buy Steel Mail Shirt (-96)

Gear Cost: -108 Points

Adept to Professional Swordsman (-85)
Talented to Adept Armor User (-14)
Skilled to Proficient Observer (-15)

Skill Cost: -114 Points

Ine Points to Spend:  227
Ine Remaining: 5 (227 - 222)

Knifin' Around:
“So this is a danger room?” The human asked, almost stepping on a pressure plate.
Inod gently led her to the center of the room. “This is the display room,” he motioned down a narrow hallway, “That is the danger room.”
Bristol jogged up with the price list. Inod said to him, “Could you get some tallow and sort out which of the mechanisms is making that squeaking noise? Thank you,” Inod flourished the list, “This is what we discussed yesterday. We’ve set up pressure plates, weapon traps, falling traps, and have fighters hidden in the rooms for sparring. It’s our second most expensive session we offer.”
“What’s the most expensive?” The human was nervous. Clearly a first time manager, out of her element.
“You let your champion get lazy and now it is too late for them to catch up,” Inod thought. “You are terrified of them losing their battle and you losing your reputation.”
“It is the agitator run. That’s when I run ahead of the champion and manually activate some of our more elaborate traps. Sometimes I throw in some taunting to better motivate them.”
“That sounds dangerous. What if the champion catches you?”
“It would never happen,” chuckled Inod, “I know the danger room like I know the twist of my beard. That person would have to be insanely motivated to catch me. They would also have to be able to avoid things like this.”
Inod threw a lever and a trap door fell revealing a pool of bubbling magma. He pulled the lever again and the door snapped back into place.
Inod was pleased. The old magma trap always wowed the clients. He could see the sweat on the human woman’s face from the heat.
“You said you have weapon traps,” the woman pulled out a blade, “Could you use this?”
“Adamantine!” Inod sighed. He took the dagger reverently, “Of course we could use this. It would be very dangerous to the champion, and we don’t pay for hospital visits.”
“Hey, boss! I can’t find the whistling back here,” Bristol called from down the hallway, “Is it coming from the front?”
Just then, the doors of the gym banged open. Framed in the light was a marmot woman. She cast her wild eyes around the room and zeroed in on the blade in Inod’s hand.
“It was him!” the human stabbed her finger at Inod, “He took it!”
The marmot woman opened her mouth terrifyingly wide and let out an ear splitting scream as she barreled towards him.
“Don’t drop it,” Idod heard the human say as he ran towards the safety of the hallway, “You don’t want her to get it.”

Knifin’ Around
248 points

Equipment: Adamantine Dagger

Great Knife User
Skilled Discipline
Upgrade Proficient Fighter to Expert Fighter (-66)
Upgrade Talented Dodger to Accomplished Dodger (-170)
Upgrade Competent Observer to Skilled Observer (-12)
No points remaining

Logem Branchsyrup:
Logem surveyed the arena floor with a furrowed brow, supping on a goblet of freshly harvested branch syrup. That leech beast was one bad mother. Chewed up that roach fella real bad. A thought entered his head...
"Hey bub," he grunted to the impassive Arena Quartermaster. "Any chance you could bond some of that blue metal to my bones like an indestructible endosekelton?"
"Umm... no. No we can't do that. But, we do have a lovely selection of nearly new steel armour!" replied the quartermaster, gesturing vaguely to a wall of dented, bloodstained armour.
The wolverine grinned, cigar ash falling on the sawdust floor.
"Any chance you could paint a maple leaf on that mail shirt?"

Round 4 (340.5 points)

Buy Steel Helmet -48
Buy Steel Mail Shirt (with Maple Leaf logo) -96
Buy Steel Gauntlets -32
Buy Steel High Boots -40

Not to Adept Armour User -56
Expert to Professional Dodger -45

Remaining:    23.5

252.5 points remaining
Sell steel dagger (+32)
Buy adamantine dagger (-192)
Accomplished knife user —> Great knife user (-55)

37.5 points remaining

feather wood shield
adept shield-user
competent observer
competent discipline
professional dodger
proficient armor-user

256 points…

1 remaining

Proficient Wrestler
Professional Biter -> Great Biter -84
Expert Dodger
Skilled Observer
Competent Discipline
Adept Armor User
Proficient Fighter -> Adept Fighter -39

Black bronze helm SOLD = +12
Black bronze breast plate
Mephit-One’s Iron mail shirt, bits of skunk man fur hanging from ist rings
Black bronze greaves
Black bronze gauntlets
Adamantine Helm (forged from the blade of Diago Pastor the 53th’s Adamantine Spear) -144

Nick’s Cave Spider Silk Pants (wearing as Cloak)
Mephit-One’s Tail dangling from his neck (Skunk man leather headscarf)


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Re: Dwarf Fortress Gladiator Tournament VIII
« Reply #411 on: August 04, 2023, 06:12:23 pm »

Ine approaches the Arena gates, this time with something he never expected... an entourage.

Meng (and the ever-present carrysack) follows a few steps behind, furtive glances towards likely escape routes.  Behind Meng come the community of gremlins that have banded their cash into the Underground Gremlin Group (UGG) to finance illict bets into Ine's wins in the Arena.  The aunts and uncles of Meng follow closely, though, as they are suspicious of Meng's tendency to publicly bet against his charge.  If things go south during the event, Meng might be face more than angry fans.

And what's this?  Shambling behind the gremlins, sensing the air furtively with their antennae, are a small collection of workers and drones from the match with Queen Regina Formicarium!  Could it be that they're attracted by some portion of the pheromones mixed with ichor that may still be mixed in with Ine's gear and weapon?  Or are they there to exact revenge for the loss of their Queen?

Ine glances behind his, nostrils flaring.  No time to show fear to non-Herd...

"Glory to the Herd!"

Ine steps into the Arena passageways, prepared for whatever the winds of Fate will bring him. 


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Re: Dwarf Fortress Gladiator Tournament VIII
« Reply #412 on: August 04, 2023, 09:35:26 pm »



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Re: Dwarf Fortress Gladiator Tournament VIII
« Reply #413 on: August 05, 2023, 01:25:03 am »

Immediately after the win of Sweetteeth against Diago Pastor 53th - his team’s quarters
Spoiler (click to show/hide)


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Round 4
« Reply #414 on: August 05, 2023, 06:23:36 am »


Fight 4A: Ine the Impala Man vs Sharpfist the Hyena Man

Ine (managed by dr00) enters into the arena to the cheers of the crowd, with his steel long sword casually slung over one shoulder, while he waves to the other. The careful observers in the crowd note that Ine’s panoply of steel is growing, as his gauntlets and mail shirt are now made of that dependable material. But is his mind as durable as his body now is, as he stares down one of his kind’s primordial predators?

Sharpfist (managed by BecauseISaid) bounds out from his gate, snarling and yipping in apparent pleasure as he waves his new shiny blue dagger through the air. The air hums in pain as the infinitesimally sharp blade cuts through it, as Sharpfist’s eyes remain obsessively fixated on it. He’ll never have to replace his beloved companion again, now that it’s made of the best material we have to offer!

At the ring of the bell, Sharpfist’s eyes switch focus from his blade to his opponent, bounding forward while letting out a rapid series of whoops. Ine flips down his visor as Sharpfist closes in, and brings his blade around for a quick parry which knocks aside the hyena man’s first blow! Sharpfist seems undeterred and continues to swing his blade in ferocious arcs, forcing Ine backwards. The Impala man trips a little, and Sharpfist’s dagger grazes alongside the mail shirt, scratching the links, but failing to draw blood.

He seems frustrated by this failure though, and begins to attack more directly now, forcing Ine to clash blades with him as his space to dodge runs out against the rear wall. Hidden in these wild swings is a clear plan though, as sharpfists blade abruptly punches forward, and into Ine’s chest through his mail shirt. As Sharpfist rips the blade away from the hole, black organ blood begins to ooze from the wound. Ine cries out in pain, but channels his energy into a strike that cuts apart the hyena man’s left hand.

Sharpfist merely grins a toothy smile as he registers the pain, lunging forward with his dagger still clutched tiightly in his right hand, and sending it darting into Ine’s left shin. Ine collapses with a metallic clang, apparently helpless on the ground. Sharpfist lunges forward opportunistically, but merely manages to impale himself on Ine’s longsword! The Impala man still has some fight left in him folks! Sharpfist’s sacrifice merely earns him a scratch against one of Ine’s hooves, while his opponent rolls away from his strike before cutting clean through Sharpfist’s right heel tendon.

Sharpfist collapses as he lets out a whine of pain, and as he goes down, Ine’s sword arcs up, cleanly lopping off his left hand. Sharpfist once again goes for Ine’s left shin, but the predictable maneuver allows Ine to hack away at his right forearm, severing it entirely, and sending the adamantine dagger flying! Sharpfist momentarily watches his beloved fly away through the air, before he lets out a terrifying snarl, and chomps his jaws around Ine’s right forearm. The steel gauntlet’s resist the crushing pressure of his teeth though, allowing Ine to swing his arm clean through Sharpfist’s exposed neck. The crazed hyena man’s head flies through the air as it spurts a streamer of blood, finally landing next to the dagger he prized so much in life. Ine pushes the decapitated hyena man body off of him, as his support squad of gremlins and orphaned ant men gather around him to hoist him up, and help him celebrate his victory. Congratulations Ine!

Fight 4B: Horof Dreadhoof the Minotaur vs Knifin’ Around the Hoary Marmot Woman

Horof (managed by Nibudd) enters into the arena, as his lean muscles ripple under his smooth fur. Once again, there are no visible differences in Horof, but his steps seem even more measured and graceful then before. He seems to be well on his way to mastering the skill that one of the great prize fighters of our time spoke of when he said “Float like Floating Guts, sting like a giant bark scorpion”.

Knifin’ Around (managed by Rendentare) enters in a less ceremonious fashion, as she carried in on a cage, before the gates close, and the cage’s mechanism is engaged to open her door. She leaps out with a triumphant whistle, and immediately turns to face the organizer’s box while uttering a stream of what we can only assume are profanities. Sorry ma’am, but if you want to attack the owner of one of our most reputable training centers, these are the consequences!

Horof strikes first, but his axe swing fails to connect as Knifin’ around uses her small size to easily duck into the blow. When she attempts to return the favor, she finds Horof surprisingly light on his hooves, as he springs out of the way of the arc of her humming blue knife. As he lands, Horof swings around, hoping to catch his opponent off guard, but Knifin’ around springs backwards and away from the blow. As she lands, she uses the ground as a springboard, propelling herself upwards at Horof. He jerks his head out of the way, but blood still sprays from his left cheek as the adamantine knife cuts straight through it.

Horof bellows in rage, and spins around to follow the arc of the acrobatic hoary marmot woman, revealing the gaping wound into his mouth as he does so. His great axe is not far behind him, and the head cuts deeply into Knifin’ Around’s left paw as she flies away. Knifin’ Around fails to stick the landing with one paw out of commission, and is now stuck on the ground for the rest of the fight, as blood from her cut foot begins to stain the arena floor.

Horof’s great axe smashed into the arena floor as Knifin’ Around hurriedly rolls out of the way. Horof pressed his advantage, catching up with his foe as his axe cuts again into her body, carving a long cut into her left forearm. Knifin’ Around begins to scamper around desperately on the ground, her adamantine knife still firmly clutched in her remaining hand, as axe blows rain around her. As she goes through Horof’s legs, his axe chops up her tail, but the Hoary Marmot Woman continues her passage through. As she arrives on Horof’s backside, she triumphantly raises her knife, and sinks it into the small of the minotaur’s back.

Horof goes rigid, arcing in pain, as his bronze great axe clatters to the ground from his senseless fingers, and he joins it shortly after. The crowd looks expectantly at the bell, only to realize the Horof is still alive! The minotaur man thrashes his head around desperately, trying to bite and gore the suddenly dominant hoary marmot woman. Knifin’ Around begins to hack into the downed beast, and with a cut of her supernaturally sharp blade, carves straight through Horof’s skin, muscle, and ribcage, cutting his chest clean open. Congratulations Knifin’ Around, you have snatched victory from the jaws of defeat!

Fight 4C: Sweetteeth the Leech Man vs Logem Branchsyrup the Wolverine Man

Here we have perhaps one of the most anticipated showdowns of this year's tourney, folks! My colleague in charge of the betting ring assures me these two fighters represent the overwhelming majority of bets this round, split roughly 50/50 between both fighters. Lets just hope all of you aren't writing cheques you can't cash, because one of these fighters isn’t leaving this ring alive!

The fan favorite Sweetteeth (managed by Merrygin) needs no introduction, as his past victories are plain to see on his person. From Nycteris's pants, to Mephit's iron mail shirt, it's fair to say this leech man has carried a piece of his fallen foes on his person, if not inside his belly. His newest acquisition? A glistening adamantine helm, forged from the melted spear of Diago Pastor 53rd! Sweetteeth has used his ravenous hunger, and uncanny ability to shrug off wounds, to bite his way from free meal to free meal; this tourney has been nothing more than a gorey 'all you can eat buffet' for him. Judging by the buckets of drool dripping from his fanged maw, I'd say he's hungry for more!

Logem BranchSyrup (managed by kesperan) meanwhile marches into the arena menacingly, radiant in a brand new suit of steel armor. Emblazoned with the image of a maple leaf, I'm told this armor was actually a compromise, as the wolverine man wanted to graft adamantine to his bones to form an 'indestructible endoskeleton'... Whatever that means. Another one of his amnesiac mind's kooky obsessions, no doubt. As he eyes up the 'bub' before him, he munches down on one of his signature cigars, and draws his adamantine katana (scimitar). Who will win the day folks? Primal hunger, or cold steel and adamantine?   

The bell rings, and in a flash, Logem sheds first blood! Sweetteeth's right arm sails away, its black bronze armor no protection against Logem's adamantine blade. The leech man shrugs off the injury, yet a short bout of failed attacks on both sides gives way to another grievous wound; Logem slashes off Sweetteeth's left arm at the elbow! With such a spectacular performance so far, Logem could be forgiven in thinking that this match will be a cakewalk, but Sweetteeth's weapons have never been his fists, but rather his mouth. A fact he's eager to remind Logem of.

Sweetteeth surges forward, biting Logem in the torso twice in quick succession. He latches on firmly, but tastes nothing but bitter steel mail. One can't help but think of the mail as a thin tin sardine can, which is all that stands between this ravenous leech man and his next meal. The mail protects Logem from the sharp teeth, but the blunt impact of the fleshy headbutts is enough to bruise his upper body. As he wheezes, winded by the assault, Logem slashes Sweetteeth in the left arm, tearing the skin! Sweetteeth won't give up, and shakes his head to and fro, as he has many times to dispatch his prior foes, managing to tear skin beneath Logem's mail shirt!

The battle devolves into a vicious tit for tat brawl, as Sweetteeth struggles to break through Logem's armor, and Logem tries to bleed the indomitable leech man dry. Sweetteeth chomps down on Logem's right hand, lower body, and right leg, managing to tear skin and twist limbs despite their steel coverings. Logem's adamantine katana returns the favor by lashing out in a slap to the head, and a couple of stabs to the useless left arm. For all their efforts, neither side seems capable of landing a decisive blow! Logem tires, but it is Sweetteeth who is losing blood, only motivating the thirsty leech man into redoubling his efforts. Coiling back for a moment, he springs himself forward; biting Logem in the right ear! As he shakes his head, the ear collapses, and finally peels off altogether with a sickening wet rip!

As Sweetteeth indulges in the mid-fight snack, Logem merely grunts and charges forward, knocking the leech man prone in an eager attempt to avenge his disfigurement! Slapping Sweetteeth in the head with the flat of his blade, he capitalizes on the momentum with a swift stab to the gut! Desperately wounded, Sweetteeth has no choice but to attempt another assault. He's bled nearly dry; Logem's ear having not provided enough sustenance to replenish his lost vitals. He wants, no, NEEDS more blood. Forget self indulgent feasting, this is a matter of survival now. The famished leech man lunges, mouth stretched wide in a predatory rictus grin. As he sails towards the wolverine man, Logem makes a split second calculation, and swings his katana in a spectacular counter strike. The katana's reach exceeds that of Sweetteeth's teeth, and as it connects, Sweetteeth crumples to the floor; his upper body cloven asunder by his enemy's adamantine blade.

As the blood and half digested bones of Sweetteeth's past victims spill onto the arena floor, Logem spits out the bud of his stogie, which extinguishes itself in the mess of fluids at his feet. Shocked gasps lead to a furious uproar in the stands, as with this fresh victory, Logem has simultaneously earned the love and hate of the arena. Half cheer ecstatically as the wolverine man has won them a tidy sum, while the other half despair at their lost gold, and at the death of their beloved, gluttonous leech man. Congratulations Logem Branchsyrup! Your cunning steel upgrade has proven to be more than a mere tin can, and has saved you from a grisly fate!

Fight 4D: Stimraug the Armadillo Man vs Beast of Spearimpale the Minotaur

Fighting for a chance to be accepted by his clan once more, we have the armored armadillo man, Stimraug (managed by Stimraug)! Fresh off his victory against the winner of the heavy division battle royale, Priest Ndrog, this armored tank of a warrior has proven himself to be a resourceful and determined fighter. Choosing to reinforce his already considerable protective steel shell, Stimraug totes a brand new featherwood shield!

His opponent is Beast of Spearimpale (managed by memmet) the minotaur. The complete opposite of Stimraug, he towers over the armadillo man, having made the surprising decision to sell all his recently purchased iron armor. It seems he's placing all his hopes on additional training, and his trusty copper shield. The dichotomy between fighters is stark; armored versus unarmored, short versus tall, dagger versus shield. Who will fortune favor, and which of these extremes will carry the day?

The bell rings, and the fighters are off! Soon after, so is a fighter's limb, as Stimraug expertly slices off Spearimpale's right arm! The fighters bob and weave and charge at one another, failing to land any more hits, until once again Stimraug lands a blow; a bone chipping stab to the left hand! Alarmingly for Spearimpale, who has invested much in his shield skill, he loses his copper shield to this painful injury!

After wrenching his blade free, Stimraug suffers a horrific reversal of fortune. The minotaur gores him in the guts, though this is mercifully deflected by his steel mail shirt. The greater danger comes from a wrestling attack by Spearimpale. Awkwardly manhandling the armadillo man to the ground, Spearimpale buys himself a bit more time by briefly grabbing his foe’s steel dagger as he gets back to his feet. The play for time proves decisive, as Spearimpale leverages it to savagely kick Stimraug in the right eye, causing the entire socket to collapse in a shower of gore! The right side of his face now resembling a messy crimson crater, Stimraug falls to the ground; the force of the blow having torn something in his spine. His limbs now useless, Stimraug can do nothing to defend himself but roll into a ball and cry out in fear, as the newly one-armed Spearimpale awkwardly attempts to place wrestling holds on him.

As Stimraug remains in the safety of his armored ball, Spearimpale's barrage of wrestling moves is only occasionally abandoned in favor of frustrated bites and kicks. In his furious attempt to break Stimraug’s protective shell, Spearimpale over-exerts himself, and collapses from exhaustion, before continuing the grueling assault. But what's this? It appears as though somewhere in this deluge of unarmed strikes, Stimraugh has passed away; dead of suffocation within the comfort of his armadillo shell. As Stimraug's body goes cold, colder than the icy rains of his distant beloved homeland, Beast of Spearimpale unleashes a fell victory roar.

Congratulations to Beast of Spearimpale! Despite the loss of your treasured copper shield, you demolished your foe handily, and earned a spot in the quarter finals!

Fights 4A & 4B written by Mkhos
Fights 4C & 4D written by SlitherPapi


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Round 5 Upgrade Post
« Reply #415 on: August 05, 2023, 06:28:29 am »

All managers who were victorious in Round 4 will see their available amount of upgrade points to the far right of their gladiator in the spreadsheet.

Note about the algorithm: if you look at the numbers a bit closer, you can see that whenever the simple multiplication by 1.5 created a number that had something other than .5 in its decimal part, we rounded it up to the closest .5; so, .25 becomes .5 and .75 becomes 1. This was done to avoid infinite splintering of the points.

The Arena Personnel asks you to provide your upgrades as soon as possible. The deadline is the 11th of August, 12 GMT. We ask for your understanding on these matters; we need time to run and process the fights.

Please remember that your upgrades should be sent to The upgrades will later be revealed via a separate post.

Good luck and go with Armok!


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Round 4 Betting Results
« Reply #416 on: August 05, 2023, 06:30:24 am »

Betting results can be found in the spreadsheet on the betting page. BraalBard was the richest Urist this round, walking away with 447 gold! The three most on gladiators were Logem Branchsyrup, the Beast of Spearimpale, and Sweetteeth.

Round 3 betting opens now, and will be open until the 4th of August, 20 GMT. Feel free to participate even if you did not last round. Rules are here:

  • Betting is open both to the managers and the spectators of the tournament.
  • Every bettor starts out with 100 gold to be spent on the betting. You can't at any given moment put any more gold into a bet than you already have.
  • Every bettor can only put money on one gladiator per round.
  • Bets made after the official deadline for each round are not counted.
  • The system works in a way that allows those who bet on the underdogs (those who have less bet on them) to receive more gold than those who bet on the favorites, so go wild with your predictions!

Betting Run by Nekkowe
« Last Edit: August 12, 2023, 05:44:22 am by Mkhos »


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Re: Dwarf Fortress Gladiator Tournament VIII
« Reply #417 on: August 05, 2023, 06:53:42 am »



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Re: Dwarf Fortress Gladiator Tournament VIII
« Reply #418 on: August 05, 2023, 06:58:09 am »

How many upgrade points does a minotaur get?

The "races" page of the spreadsheet says 130 points (size 220) because a Queen Antman gets 135 points (size 200) and a polar bear man gets 125 points (size 235).

The spreadsheet has Horof Dreadhoof with 130 points and Beast of Spearimpale with 135 points - which one is correct?

It certainly looks like Beast of Spearimpale has had an advantage every round...
Wow. I believe Kesperan has just won adventurer mode.


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Re: Dwarf Fortress Gladiator Tournament VIII
« Reply #419 on: August 05, 2023, 07:44:16 am »

The spreadsheet has Horof Dreadhoof with 130 points and Beast of Spearimpale with 135 points - which one is correct?

Per Mkhos, the Beast of Spearimpale's points have now been corrected to 130!
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