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Author Topic: Updating the wiki for Adventurer Mode  (Read 1770 times)

DPh Kraken

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Updating the wiki for Adventurer Mode
« on: March 12, 2024, 01:28:24 am »

The Adventurer mode prerelease will be available on April 17. This will come with major changes for the interface, among other changes yet to come. Much of this will seem obvious but I thought it would be good to organize some efforts and make a list of what might require changes.

- Adventurer keybinds should be squared away ASAP, and the quick reference ( should serve as a guide to them for other wiki editors.

These categories are going to be the main focus of edits, one is very narrow and the other incredibly broad.

Deities ( are going to have a lot of new mechanics, with the changes to the "demigod" start option/relationship being a highlight.

Portraits would be nice to add to creature infoboxes, for completeness. I'm not the manager, it's a community effort, there will be much tedium involved, but way less than doing it for all the creatures ever.

There's a couple other topics that I feel are relevant and would like to bring attention to for the future update.
Villainry is likely to be looked at. (,
Flasks ( aren't tagged as adventure mode, but refilling them is a keybind that's going to come up.
Is there anything else that would be good to have in mind before the release?
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