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Author Topic: Putting food on the table: Dining improvements  (Read 179 times)


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Putting food on the table: Dining improvements
« on: March 24, 2024, 05:01:21 pm »

When we've taken the trouble to set up a perfect dining situation with a chair and a table, and a dwarf uses that setup for a meal, they should actually place their meal on the table while they eat so that it is visible. That gives a happy thought not only to the dwarf, but to the player as well. I know the devs work hard to put food on the table. All I'm asking is that they do the same for us players literally put food on the table.

Similarly, when drinking from mugs, the dwarf should literally put drink in the mug (like a flask) and move away from the barrel to make room for the next dwarf, and stand around (or sit around, if there are free chairs nearby) drinking.