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Author Topic: A few various suggestions  (Read 1456 times)


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A few various suggestions
« on: April 06, 2024, 05:33:39 pm »

Note that im using the classic version.

1. Make daggers a native dwarf weapon at a ratio of 1 bar:2 weapons, ie forgable. Make civilians carry one if available. It's annoying how even small animals can cause trouble for civvies.
2. Allow to forge large versionf of equipment for human residents that join via petitions.
3. Remove low boot alltogether and rename high boot to boot, i don't know of any benefit of wearing the low one so let me know if there is.
4. Dwarves sometimes die or get injured while cutting trees, and occasionally some will get stuck on them, i dont know if the former is intended, sometimes treecutting can have accidents of course, but if its not intended id prefer it to go away.
5. When you have large burrows and want to add a small one on the same layer the large ones make it impossible to add accurately since they block the sight. When adding new burrows make all other burrows invisible.
6. Combat refinements and fixes, in the last few days ive seen whips punch through armor and a Giant dieing to a human because instead of just punching the knocked out human in the head she hit with a mitten for hours, overexerting herself and panicking afterwards. Just stupid really.

7. PLEASE Some justice effects on children, tantruming children kill dwarves too easily, either make them smaller and weaker or have the captain of the guard drag them to jail for a year or two. They can easily kill several while passerbys just watch and do nothing
8. More support for multithreading and better performance please :^))))))
9. Also please fix the bug that prevents dwarves from equipping many weapons, i wanna use greataxes goddamit
10. Add bread, made with cave wheat flour and cake, made with flour and sugar from sweet pods, and milk.

Tarn i hope you read these sometimes, and good luck on the development

Edit: also gathering zones for webs, and the abilty to save and reuse stockpile settings for different forts/worlds
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Re: A few various suggestions
« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2024, 06:33:28 pm »

1. large daggers are mostly for thieves and adventurers and changing the rules for smithing them is weird. usually civilians only need to go outside if they're woodcutters or hunters which already have self defense tools but something like how human civ members carry around kitchen knives could make some since
2. is already possible
3. high boots are taller but low boots are cheaper. additionally some civilizations will only have one or the other
4. I'm fairly sure that's intentional but even if it isn't it should be made intentional
5. I think burrows should just be partially transparent
6. Whips are notoriously overpowered because they should probably be made from leather not metal.
I don't think there's any way for a creature to gauge the damage of attacks, only the accuracy. besides most items make good improvised weapons just not cloth stuff
7. just treat your kids better. I don't know what child justice would even do to change the problem. children do need improvements in general though
8. specifics??? suggestions are mostly for new features not "better performance please"
9. asking for a bug to be fixed is not a suggestion
10. why specifically cave wheat? there are many other kinds of flour. though other types of sugar don't exist at the moment though so I think sugar cane would need to be added. bread and cake would also need their own item types and procgen meal recipes would probably cover this stuff already anyway
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Re: A few various suggestions
« Reply #2 on: April 10, 2024, 05:05:24 pm »

Like spatula said, there's a sort of line between some of this stuff being already planned if you keep up with development and implemented. If you could format your posts into more concise topics, im sure we'd be able to absorb what you're talking about a lot more.

2. It actually reminds me of the funny bug when dwarven baby's used to be born with a dagger in their hand (a dagger means "urist" no less in dwarfspeak), though you can passively equip any weapon onto civilians by just assigning them to a off duty squad with partial/enforced uniform.

7. Mood problems will probably be looked at again, it was a big drive for 47. to fix mood problems so i imagine children not having a naughtystep could be changed in the future, seems like a good topic to make a suggestion about.

9. Asking for a bug to be fixed is a valid suggestion, especially if you can offer constructive advice on how to theoretically fix it, sometimes the bug just needs coverage, there's the mantis bugfix site for that but there's also here.

10. Most modders use named cheese, its already a 1 piece meal so it fits nicely with a custom reaction. More kinds of food are always a welcome topic for suggestions.
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