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Author Topic: Inheritance Game - Namaecamo  (Read 1133 times)


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Inheritance Game - Namaecamo
« on: March 31, 2008, 06:18:00 am »


Finally, I have started the inheritance game I suggested a while ago.

I have uploaded the file at the file depot.

It is a 127x127 world where a single fortress, Ralzas (Silvercrystals) has been played from 1051 to late Summer 1059. After one crash, I had to replace the files with the Spring 1059 backup, but was able to continue successfully (game stability seems to have not been damaged by the step).

The fortress was very small in several ways:
It was 2x2 and there were still about 7 levels of ground that have not been dug into.

Therefore, I do see potential for using the fortress in reclaim mode as well.

On the other hand, I tried to put some engravings and at least partially an interesting layout in place, so that exploring it in adventurer mode would also be an option. (A few of the designs didn't really work out; the kitten below the barracks can probably only be found in reclaim mode (^_^;; )

During that period, the fortress saw several sieges and a few local goblin leaders got killed in that time, so there may be somewhat weakened goblin towers nearby.

Beyond that, I wish to keep quiet about the details of the fortress so that people can explore it and find out things for themselves.




This world has been provided as an inheritance game. Of course, you can simply play it for the fun of it, but maybe you wish to participate in the inheritance game. If so, here are the (tentative) rules:

* Any uploads must be finished plays - that is, all fortresses have to be abandoned and all adventurers dead or retired.

* Besides the subdirectory containing the save, please update and add the history file that comes with it.

* Each save has an ID. The ID of the original upload I have provided is 'Namaecamo'. The system for the IDs is as follows:
- If you upload a new save, simply add the digit '0' to the ID of the version you downloaded.
- If the ID generated thus already exists, increase the value of the digit by 1 until you get an unused ID ('0' -> '1', '1' -> '2', ... '9' -> 'A', 'A' -> 'B')
- In order to avoid confusion, precedence in this thread rules; if two uploads claim the same ID, the one whose announcement on this thread is listed first gets the ID and the other(s) need to change their ID(s) accordingly.
- Example: Base file ID: Namaecamo -> First child: Namaecamo0
          Base file ID: Namaecamo0 -> First child: Namaecamo00
          Base file ID: Namaecamo -> Second child: Namaecamo1
          Base file ID: Namaecamo00 -> First child: Namaecamo000

* When you upload a save, please announce it, together with its ID here in this thread.

* You can also talk about your game in play or about your save in any way you like in this thread (you do not need to keep it a secret the way I did). If you have something to share about it, feel free to do so.

* Once the first child of your save has been uploaded, please delete your save (this is meant to keep things from getting too wide because of too many children on the same level). There is no deadline for this, so do not feel pressured into checking for children regularly. Just please do it once you notice.

* However, feel free to release new children of saves, regardless of whether these saves already have children or grandchildren or whatever (see the example as a chronological account). The deletion of a save from the uploaders does not prompt people to stop their games in the world of that save. Feel free to finish it and release your own child of that save when you are ready.

* Since you are free to download and participate without prior announcement, there are no deadlines or other restrictions like that you need to worry about. Simply download a save that looks interesting, play it, and once you are satisfied, please upload your own child of it.

* Please remember, this entire project is about having fun.



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Re: Inheritance Game - Namaecamo
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2008, 07:55:00 pm »

Seems fun. I'll take a wack at it.

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