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Author Topic: Welcome to Zutash Alath  (Read 1150 times)

Booken the Blue

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Welcome to Zutash Alath
« on: May 01, 2008, 08:58:00 am »

This here to chronicle my first fortress, and how it it fell. From the journal of Shorty - Leader, Digger.

This be the land of my dreams, lad. Skeletal cods that follows you overland, fire-breathing imps and dragons, goblins invaders, all the fair stuff for the riches hidden under this mountain. We shall make our home here! Strike the earth!

Lets start with the basic. We dug out the hall, and planned our lodgings. The workshops are underway. I can't wait till we get our workshop going. I hear Smithy makes wonders with his hammer.

I ordered everyone to grab a pick and start digging - the soil here is really easy to dig into. A novice could dig out a palace in no time.

We have our workshop going. Our industry is booming. We just conducted our first trade, and there some immigrants that joined the labor. Also, we have our quarters finished. Not to mention the rubies - SWEET!

We hit some damp stone. I ordered to stop digging until we could plan out a way around. Newcomer Gimpy decided he wanted a swimming pool. He started digging indiscriminately. This does not bode well.

By the Beard of Moradin I've never seen so much water. I have ordered a channel from the nearby magma pipe dug out, so we could turn that lake into obsidian. We are losing all of our work in the meanwhile.

The channel is nearly done. Our home is completely flooded. I'm gonna have him hammered. Or better yet, burnt alive. We haven't heard from Smithy in a while. I  bet he drowned sleeping in his room. ((He died of thirst.. :) ))

This place is cursed... We were assaulted by a werewolf, and fire imps preventing us completing our work. Worst, we hit water first, and now our channel is full of it. I've lost too many dwarfs today. Dimpy felt in the channel and drowned. Pimpy courageously sacrificed himself by playing bait with the imp. He didn't last long, but long enough. Zippy tried the impossible: Wrestle the fire imps... in the magma. Yea.

There's only Me, Gimpy, and a few unskilled peasants left. We shall abandon this accursed place and return to the home... AMBUSH!!GOBLINS AND THE WEREW...

Creature Mod:Wyrms!
You forgot a detail: Dorfs get webbed in GCS webs and trigger traps. Right now we have some 12 caged dwarves, including you.


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Re: Welcome to Zutash Alath
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2008, 09:11:00 am »

Losing is fun!
HMR stands for Hazardous Materials Requisition, not Horrible Massive Ruination, though I can understand how one could get confused.
God help us if we have to agree on pizza toppings at some point. There will be no survivors.