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Author Topic: The Sad Story of Tirist Bomrekthosbut  (Read 1515 times)


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The Sad Story of Tirist Bomrekthosbut
« on: May 04, 2008, 08:34:00 pm »

A dramatised true story.

Tirist "Whipdrill" Bomrekthosbut was a member of "The Fresh Gate", one the initial group of seven intrepid dwarves sent to carve out a new fortress in the name of the great civilization of Tangakmebzuth: "The Spotted Oars".

She was an accomplished Weapon and Armorsmith, though it was several years before she could put these skills to good use. However, describing herself as "very helpful towards others", she made herself useful wherever she could. She quickly developed a romantic relationship with the man who was to become Mayor: a man named Rimtar "Channelcrafts" Cattenrigath.

On the third year, a band of goblins launched a suprise attack on the fortress. The people were took by suprise. Tirist was far beyond the fortress walls at the time, and was one of the first to be targetted. And whilst the Wardogs bravely leapt to the defence of their masters, the other dwarves did all they could to drive the attackers away. After a series of bloody skirmishes, the dwarves were victorious! But Tirist, having taken a brutal beating from the goblins before she could be reached, would never be the same again.

It is unknown who saved her, carried her into the fortress, laid her on her bed... But through the painful haze, she remembered it. And she was grateful.

Two years passed. The Mayor was seen carrying a bucket of water towards the living quarters. It would have been an unusual sight, such a high ranking member of society looking after the injured. But all the dwarves knew who he was tending to. His wife, Tirist. His promotion to Mayor had come swiftly after the goblin attack, and although he never shirked his duties to the fortress, he was always there to take care of her.

It took another year for the crippled woman to sink into a deep depression, and eventually, she lost her mind. In a fever brought about by many a sleepless night due to the pain in her broken spine, Tirist crawled out of her bed and began dragging herself along the fortress's cold stone halls, refusing all contact with other dwarves, and kicking off her socks and mittens as she went.

It happened during a Trader caravan visit. Rimtar was away, finalizing a trade deal aboveground. Meanwhile, Tirist was dying of thirst below. She finally succumbed to dehydration and hunger, huddled up in the corner of Rimtar's very own mayoral office.

And so ends the story of Tirist Bomrekthosbut. Crippled by goblins. Saved by a mysterious hero. Cared for by her loyal husband. Died without a chance to say goodbye, or to thank him for caring for her for all those years.

Rimtar was soon informed of her death when he returned to the fort. Perhaps fortunately, he never got to see her body lying in his office; she was quickly taken to the burial grounds and laid to rest. In his diary, he tearfully writes that he has "lost a lover to tragedy recently".

Following this, Rimtar retired from Mayoral duties, but remains as the bookkeeper and village manager. He has never remarried. He has found comfort in a new friend, and in his pet War Dog, which has been with him since the beginning- the very same animal thought to have helped save Tirist and the rest of the villagers from an early demise.

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