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Author Topic: Under the scorching sun! Story about a challenge fortres  (Read 1251 times)


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Under the scorching sun! Story about a challenge fortres
« on: May 16, 2008, 08:33:00 pm »

16th Malachite, 1052 Under the scorching sun!

Oddomidash's log

The weather is unbearable, but we are managing. Surviving in this lush forest does not seem much of a problem as there are more berries than i could have hoped for, and these prickle berries aren't so bad.

I got quite angry when our "leader" ordered me to herd some elephants into a cage trap recently, their largest male charged me and i barely escaped. I know times are grim but we don't need taking risks. I hope to convince the rest of the expedition that i am more fit for managing our hovel later, as Othil still seems very distraught of our history.

Oh well, i guess i can't blame him. I too miss our old home, my deceased wife and children, and friends of old. We are the last of "Speardanced", and are now forced to live in this stinking forest like bloody elves, without equipment or even a chance of building safe lodgings!

I have vowed to strike a bone bolt into the first goblin who venture here!

16th Malachite, 1052 Cool breezes!

Oddomidash's log

It seems to be getting colder, i bet back at "Speardanced" the snow lies thick by now. Lucky thing is our brethren had already got our messenger eagle and send a caravan our way, with wagons and all!

We traded the little low-quality clothing we had managed to produce for the life saving bronze axe and pick they brought, thank goodness! I personally got started with digging a cavern for living quarters immediately, it's dirt floor, walls and roof but who cares as we got shelter.

Strangely as it is, everyone seems happier by the day! We have had lots of time on our hands as we watch the rope reed grow, not anymore though as we make barrels, bins and beds. This time has even brought me very close to our newly appointed Woodcutteress, which brings me much joy as her stomach is wide and her beard is thick, Adovan is indeed a real dwarf lady!

As i was making wooden bolts from some spare wood, wishing i had a goblin or two to try them on, some elven horn sounds through the forest. They appeared quickly at our trade depot bearing mostly worthless stuff 'cept from a cougar and a cat which they had tamed. I told Othil to accompany me with a crossbow, in case they tried something when i went to trade with them.

Apperently the elves were disgusted by the sight of our finely crafted bone totems and wished to leave. No wonder my father, the Broker of Speardanced was grumpy after dealing with this rabble. Othil had a moment then, and i was quite amused as our leader walked up to their leader pointing a loaded crossbow at him saying "Give us the wares we desire, or find yourself as a totem dwelling in our bins soon enough!". Later, after the elves had given us the tame animal and some other wares he walked up to me with the cougar in a leash. "I thought i had to compensate you for the incident with the elephant, a bad decision from my part. I saw this beast here enthralled you, why don't you have him as a pet".

It is hard not to respect Othil after this, and i've named my new friend "Captain Ironblood" after the legendary soldier of Nist Akath.

een failing lately?

Duke 2.0

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Re: Under the scorching sun! Story about a challenge fortres
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2008, 08:42:00 pm »

Man, those migrants are going to be pissed.

Urist McMigrant: What? This isn't Ironblood. I was promised Ironblood!
Oddomidash: That would explain the 300-dwarf immigration wave.

Buck up friendo, we're all on the level here.
I would bet money Andrew has edited things retroactively, except I can't prove anything because it was edited retroactively.