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Author Topic: [Recent versions (to 40a)] Magma pipe topping bugs, and some related  (Read 1459 times)


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In the most recent versions, there's a circle of obsidian floor above every magma pipe, even  if pipe itself is underground.

1) The layer directly under this obsidian floor is often not obsidian, which is illogical.
2) When engraved, these floors show: "Engraved on the wall is...", despite it being a floor.

The other are not related to Magma pipes, just to the cases, when floor does not correspond to the layer beneath it.

3) When the floor is soil, and the layer beneath it is rock (i.e. a vein of something, or a cluster sticking out from neighboring biome), only grass will grow there (This may be intended, since trees and bushes may require more soil, than a thin layer)
4) In other case (like  with obsidian floor above soil): trees and bushes will happily grow from seemingly stone floor
5) Dirt roads can be built on these stone floors, removing the stone and making it correspond the layer beneath

And something, I think is related.

6) After The tower cap grows at the most bottom level, and is chopped down, it changes the floor tile to different material. In my last case it was red sand, deep underground! Haven't tested, if I can build dirt roads on lowest level initially...
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Re: [Recent versions (to 40a)] Magma pipe topping bugs, and some related
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2008, 11:03:03 pm »

Tower caps don't have to grow at the bottom level, anywhere they grow and are cut down will produce a soil type cavern floor. It works as soil for sand collection (if it is sand, that is) but doesn't act as soil for building roads and such. You can't smooth it either, so it's kind of in between - not quite soil, not quite rock. 

Bushes just unsmooth the floor and it's still a rock, which can be re-smoothed (but smoothing muddy floor unmuddies it, so you wouldn't want to unless you wanted it to stop growing things).
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Re: [Recent versions (to 40a)] Magma pipe topping bugs, and some related
« Reply #2 on: August 31, 2008, 07:34:43 pm »

3 is intentional.  I've noted down 1/2 and 4/5.  6 relates to vegetation being stored as a map tile without saving the previous tile type (as frozen liquids and constructions do), and it just needs to be added in at some point.
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