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Author Topic: [40c] Suicidal cleaning missions  (Read 2016 times)

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[40c] Suicidal cleaning missions
« on: September 07, 2008, 04:20:18 pm »

Dwarves will run toward an arriving flood to "Clean" the muddied tiles if they have no other jobs. This often leads them to run down aqueduct channels with the flood behind them, become trapped, and die. It can also make it very hard to wall off flooding areas because valuable dwarves are running toward the flood (and past any attempt to dam it further from the flood).

See my save here for some examples. If you unwall the wooden barrier blocking water from entering the statue garden on B1, then attempt to re-wall it, many dwarves will begin running down the flooded section of hallway (from stairways in the above wilderness, and from the recently-opened hole) and get washed away repeatedly while trying to clean the floors in the hallway\statue garden.

It may be a bug that dwarves are trying to clean mud\water off unsmoothed, outdoor, unsafe, and submerged tiles.
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