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Author Topic: LCS v3.11.3 Released!  (Read 1005 times)


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LCS v3.11.3 Released!
« on: July 08, 2007, 08:08:00 pm »

It has been a busy two weeks, but Liberal Crime Squad version 3.11.3 has finally been released.  
Download this new release from the SourceForge page:  

This version is primarily a bug fix release, see the release notes for a list
of the bugs fixed (

The source and binary packages are available for the following platforms:
Windows (.zip)
Slackware (.tgz)
RPM based Distros (.rpm)
Debian based Distros (.deb)

If you encounter any bugs or have a cool idea for a new feature, please post them on our tracker (  
Features can also be discussed on the Bay 12 Games forum.

To receive up to date information on releases, go to this page, and click the Monitor button next to the file release. This will give you the option to subscribe to receive an email the second a new release is posted.

Being as this project is open source, anyone is free to contribute, even if you are not one of the project maintainers. Those of you who know some programming and would like to help should start out by looking through the code and figuring out how things work. Email me if you need any help making a patch or checking out the code from SVN. If anyone is interested in submitting some patches, or even becoming a developer for the project, contact me or Jonathan.

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