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Author Topic: I have been badly behaved  (Read 1970 times)

Jonathan S. Fox

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I have been badly behaved
« on: August 29, 2007, 10:05:00 pm »

Over the last month I've been on vacation, and I intended to work on LCS during that time, but aside from monkeying a bit with medicine and healing on a copy of the code I have on my computer (it's half built and can't even be tested in the state it's in now), I've totally not done anything, including what I had said I was going to do. I don't want to apologize too much, since working on LCS is just a hobby for me, but I hate to leave people hanging, so I do apologize to anybody who was waiting on some work I was going to do. With the start of the normal college year I'll have less free time (I'm taking 17 credits, and that's considered light here, heheh). How much I spend on LCS depends on how often I feel like working on an outside project in what time I do. I can't make any promises, since I don't know how I'll feel, but that's where things stand with me.

For anyone interested in working on the development of LCS, I would very much recommend checking out the half-finished branch I've been working on, it's on SVN at the Sourceforge page. You can compile it and play with a lot of new toys, but there's a lot broken with it too, so it needs a lot of work before anything can be released. Finishing that is what I was meaning to be doing over the last month while I was on vacation.  :D