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Author Topic: LCS screenshots  (Read 840 times)

Jonathan S. Fox

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LCS screenshots
« on: December 09, 2007, 11:00:00 pm »

I threw some screenshots of the branch build I have going onto Photobucket so that you can see some of the new things.


Picture 1: The new dating interface.

I did this today. Note the painter's skills and the fact that you can see this person's skills and abilities before continuing with the date.


Pictures 2 and 3: The new recruit interface.

I also made this from scratch today, and it's working pretty well. This is a completely new screen that comes up when you talk about the issues to someone and they agree to come by. Instead of immediately joining, you go into this kind of thing, and you have to use your judgment on how to get them to join. You can use it as a kind of vetting process, where you send them on task after task, getting their juice up and getting them armed without risk of a racketeering charge, or as a courtship of sorts -- many characters won't start out eager to join you, especially those that in previous versions would always refuse to listen to you talk about disturbing things. Now even Conservatives will listen, but the more "out of your league" they are, the harder they are to convince. Even if you are persuasive enough to get a moderate or Conservative to show up at your recruitment center, you'll never convince them to join.

You can see in these pictures I'm actually sending a moderate through the process. This guy agreed to do aggressive activism, but he balked and walked out when I told him to buy a weapon afterward. Each time one of these guys completes a task you tell them to do, the "recruiter" gets a little bit of juice -- making even eager candidates jump through hoops and convincing Conservatives to do community service are good for the credibility of your recruiters. The candidate's eagerness also increases each time they complete a task, so they progress from community service to activism to small crimes. You can get a hint on eager they are to work with you from the "Thomas Fenoglio has completed the community service" line. If Thomas was a Liberal Hippie, he'd probably have something like "Thomas Fenoglio is eager to move on to bigger things" or something like that, and in fact would probably agree if I invited him to join right here. Even easy to recruit people are unlikely to agree on day one if they've never heard of you, or have a bad impression, however. If nobody's heard of the LCS, you can expect to have to have even even throwaway characters wanting to test the water a little bit before committing to working with you.


Pictures 4 and 5: Interrogations

This is the interrogation plan screen, where you select your tactics. It's described in detail in the thread I made for it. Which options here are selected by default is determined by the choices you made the day before for that character, so it's not too much letter pressing.

After you confirm the plan, it's taken into action and you get a "blow by blow" of how things turn out. The reason Barbara is barking like a dog during the interview here because I'm making her suffer the interrogation process on drugs.


Picture 6: [A]ctivate the Uninvolved

This screen needed a facelift, it was getting too crowded and it was hard to add new things because all the good letters were already taken. The way it works is that you choose your category on the left (or one of a variety of non-category activities on the lower part of the left list) and, if applicable, select the specific task on the right.