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Author Topic: Chasing the elusive Mermaid  (Read 412924 times)


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Re: Chasing the elusive Mermaid
« Reply #405 on: April 20, 2022, 06:30:45 pm »

Probably because it's extravagantly boring to deliberately build a fantasy universe where cooked ferns are the predominant source of wealth equality.

Correction, the game is boring.

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Re: Chasing the elusive Mermaid
« Reply #406 on: April 21, 2022, 01:15:59 am »

there is a reason certain organic functions are not present in the game, and in truth any game that attempts realistic simulation of those functions is likely to attract the worst kind of person
Oxygen not Included has bodily functions and the associated fluids.

ONI only has poop and a catch-all "contaminated water" as byproducts of using the outhouse. Reproduction is purely by cloning, and sweat and spit and tears are all modeled less realistically than DF does.

I believe the only reason Oxygen Not Included doesn't have its own Mermaid Bones is because there are no notably intelligent things other than the Dupes which are far more useful alive and able. And I don't recall if there's any kind of butchery either. The worst I've witnessed is locking animals in tiny "processing" rooms and machine-feeding them.

Dupes can be told to attack Critters.  However, if one is intending to ranch Critters for Food, a far better Method is set up a System to auto-drop Eggs into an Evolution Chamber, which is a fancy Name for a Pit full of Water so that the Critter will drown upon hatching.

Quite dwarfish, really.
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