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Author Topic: Request: Corin utilities  (Read 765 times)


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Request: Corin utilities
« on: January 22, 2008, 05:13:00 pm »

Okay, it's clear that SOME crazy people like Corin's Mystery Massacre.  It's fun!  My only problem with the game is that the early levels are very long for little payoff after you've beaten them a couple times.

Anyone who could make a memory utility like the DF ones to change which level you start on would get my enormous thanks.  I'd like to play levels 3 or 4 repeatedly and get my posterior handed to me, instead of going through 1 and 2 first!  That and I'd like to see what on earth the game is like at level, oh, 16.

Anyone who could also make it start you off with less-than-zero leadership would get even more substantial thanks.  It seems a little suicidal to advance far in the game without grinding for upgrades...and that's not as much fun.  Starting at level 4 with no leadership at all?  Eek.

I used to have a clue about writing my own, but that was back in the DOS days.  I'm out of practice and clueless about modern methods.   :(

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