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Author Topic: [40d] Repeatedly Retiring to Town Causes Slow Load, Then Crash  (Read 2767 times)

Lord Licorice

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[40d] Repeatedly Retiring to Town Causes Slow Load, Then Crash
« on: November 06, 2008, 03:46:25 am »

I recently modded kenders into DF for the sole purpose of kender genocide. I've been wiping them out town by town, but eventually I found a couple of sizable kender cities that would pincushion my single adventurer whenever I dropped by.  To combat the kender threat, I picked the closest human town to the kender civilization and started retiring groups of adventurers to it, which I would then recruit and go forth for brutal genocide.

All told, over time I've retired somewhere between fifteen and twenty adventurers to Suitorgladness, albeit no more than five or six at any given time.  Currently, there are only twenty five humans (and one kender!) in the town according to Legends export; the towns I'm attacking have a hundred or more kender and load just fine for me (I've got a very powerful computer).

However, as I retired more and more adventurers there, the town began to take longer and longer to load; I noticed this after I began alt-tabbing away from DF and waiting for it to finish.  This load time took progressively longer and longer.  The second-to-last time I was ever able to get Suitorgladness to load, it took a few minutes; now, I can't get the town to load at all, and get a fairly generic crash error from DF (to the effect of "the program was terminated in an unexpected way").

I have no idea why, but something appears to be "building up" on that particular town, to the point where it no longer loads at all.  Other adventurers going to other towns have no problem, but I can't visit the town or restart an adventurer that was placed in that town. I could try walking up to the town, but I'm not sure if that would make any difference.

The full copy of my DF folder, including saves, raws and a PNG with Suitorgladness circled in red, can be downloaded here. I'm going to send another adventurer to walk up to the town from outside and see if that makes a difference, and try looking at the Legends screen for the town to see if that makes it crash.

Actually, let me do that right now...

Nope, loaded just fine.  Oddly, the records only show seven adventurers retired to the town; I could have sworn it was many more than that, as I created at least two adventuring parties of five to six apiece...

Edity: Nope, walking to the town still crashed.

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Toady One

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Re: [40d] Repeatedly Retiring to Town Causes Slow Load, Then Crash
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2008, 08:42:31 pm »

I believe this has to do with concentrations of animal populations that build up in the towns.  I'm hoping to have it fixed for next time.
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