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Author Topic: [42.06] Simple Ammo Crafting  (Read 1697 times)


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[42.06] Simple Ammo Crafting
« on: March 24, 2016, 06:24:47 pm »

If you've ever tried to play an archer in adventure mode then I'm sure you know the frustration of ammo. Obtaining ammo from traders can be a pain! With the bone carving system in Adventure, why can't we just craft our own bone bolts/arrows?

This mod does just that, allowing you to craft your own ammunition. Now you can save those ☼Adamantine Bolts☼ for when you're fighting that dragon and use your wolf bone bolts for hunting!

Click Here for the DFFD download page. Included are alternative instructions for those who don't want to download something but still want craftable ammo.

This is my first mod so any suggestions/advice are welcome!