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Toady One:
There was interest in another thread about adding some additional organization to the suggestion forum to allow people to build on heavily-discussed topics more easily.  That thread is here:


It starts off discussing a different problem, but the discussion continues to forum organization.  Please do not discuss flaming new posters or anything like that here, unless it specific relates to forum organization.

The current suggestion is to use the wiki as a place to summarize and link to various threads on heavily discussed topics.  Actual suggestions would not be posted there (a wiki is not a good place for my dev notes to refer to -- if I want to come back to something in a few months, it might be gone).  Granite26 put together an initial mockup with an idea of how it might be done.

Another note:  Subforums are hampered by the broken search function (it won't search subforums from suggestions).  Having a few subforums for heavily-discussed topics that are pretty clearly their own thing like "magic" is possible.  As long as all actual suggestions remain somewhere on the forum, the system works for me, so whatever you guys think will improve your ability to continue discussions and build on old suggestions is fine, provided it is fully discussed and whatever objections are raised.

If there is no further movement on this topic, that's fine as well.  I am responding to a perceived need that has been touched upon in one direction or another by several people.  If these people are sufficiently interested, and there is further movement and something is created on the wiki, I will change this thread into a link to whatever that new construct might be for easy reference.

I revised it a bit more to add the list from Fellwood's threads.

I also added in a symbol for linking to Eternal Suggestions Voting to indicate a given idea is on that list.

The goal for the page is that it should take someone a minute or two to skim the list.  I'd recomend a 5 repeat minimum to put a thread in the common area, and a 20 return minimum for the top area (20 returns on the keyword listed.)

What's the thought on a forum suggestion header that encourages necromancy for this particular board?  Toady, it sounds like you favor short and sweet, front loaded suggestions to long merits and flaws threads.  Would you prefer that someone with a 'here's a different way of accomplishing this' idea append that to a previous discussion or just start a new 'X has been discussed, but what about X WITH Y!?!?' thread?  Doesn't matter too much to us (although new repliers are just as bad as new OPs for repeating threads, IMHO)  Maybe encourage Necro-linking?  (Post a new thread but link to the old discussion in the OP)

Well, a few sub-fora on a selected few clear topics seems like a good way to start to me. I'd think that

* Magic
* Combat/Military

are two obvious candidates. We could start off with those and see as we go what other candidates, if any, are suitable.

We shouldn't cart magic off into its own forum as it is too vague for the average user and including that there arn't all that many magic topics anyhow.

If I see any subforums there BETTER be significant number of people creating that suggestion. Dealing with forum EXPLOSION clutter is far worse in my mind then occasionally dealing with at most 3 magic topics on the first page.

I like the fact that when I go to the forums I can click anywhere I want to go without scrolling down. (Mind you... not quite anymore due to the Various Nonsense forum explosion... but I don't go there anymore anyhow for the that very reason)

You might want to take a glance at how this is organized: http://yppedia.puzzlepirates.com/Category:Commonly_Discussed_Ideas

That's a whole wiki category that indexes forum threads about ideas that are frequently suggested in that game. Right now people tend to cite the dev goals and say "yeah, that's already on there as Core1234" or whatever, but when you go look up Core1234, it doesn't have informative links to the places it's been discussed on the forum.


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