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Author Topic: Suggestion: Specialized Security Uniforms  (Read 520 times)


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Suggestion: Specialized Security Uniforms
« on: March 19, 2009, 06:14:59 pm »

So right now Security Uniforms are just about the golden ticket to most areas (cable station/AM radio/industrial/sweatshops/labs) while police uniforms are almost useless (only usable at the police station and court house).

My proposed change would increase the effectiveness of Police Uniforms overall and greatly decrease the Security Uniforms.

Basically: Make security uniforms specialized for their company. Not every security uniform is the same, most have different designs and logos. So here's my thoughts:

1) Specialized Security Uniforms work like Security Uniforms now. You'd make a Cable News Station Security Uniform, or an Oil Refinery Security Uniform (S.U. to reduce text bleeding).

2) General Security Uniforms: These are just generic ones. Their effectiveness caps at S.U.[3]

3) Police Uniform: Can be substituded for a disguise anywhere, but only counts at most as 3rd rate disguise

4) Wrong Security Uniform: Can use an S.U. from a different location, but this caps out as a 4th rate disguise.

So a trained disguise agent can get away without a proper S.u., or even just on a cop outfit, but for maximum effectiveness you'd need to make it specialized for the area you're infiltrating.
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