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Author Topic: Paranormal Mafia game - Round 3 - Day 7 ends the game  (Read 33376 times)


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Re: Paranormal Mafia game - Round 3 - Day 7 ends the game
« Reply #510 on: May 08, 2009, 10:59:02 pm »

"Plus, the Dopps know exactly who is what. I knew you were Medium since... Day 3?"---Webadict

I'm going to treasure this quote. I'm going to treasure this quote for years and years.

I rescind what I said about you in anger. I rescind it entirely.
:P Why does everyone want to see me fail?


I think I'll play again.

And you wonder why we want to see you fail.
Sometimes plans fail. That's what back-up plans are for.

And I'm trying to give helpful advice. You have to think about all the points of views and roles. Mostly, think about the Mind Shield. It's very powerful.

Also, Town did a very good job, but they had very bad luck. We found all the good roles at the beginning of the game and killed them.

I think that Dopps need a little less powers, or less chance of getting them. The town needs at least one more investigative role than the Dopps do, and definitely need a Protector if the Dopps have one. For sure. Psychic Wardens are good, but not as great as you'd like. They can be both beneficial and terrible, depending on their luck.

Also, less powers in general.

Nice game. Especially Frelock. Kind of lucked out since Josh and me kept going at each other, while you just went with me, making it seem like you were a townie I could trust. And then I told you who I was blocking that one night, even asking you whether or not you thought Alexhans was a Dopp or not. Seriously, if you had said not, I probably wouldn't have gone with either of you. Especially not you.

Truly, as I said during the game, I would not have thought Josh was a Dopp if he hadn't fucking kept going after me. That derailed the entire lynching for the latter part of the game. <.<

Luckily we at least got in the kill of webadict during that, though.  ;D

I don't have time right now to read all the stuff Meph has posted. I'll read and comment on it tomorrow.
Yeah, it would've been nice to win at that point, but oh well. Win some, lose some, you know? I had to try, right? Especially since Alexhans was on the chopping block.


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Re: Paranormal Mafia game - Round 3 - Day 7 ends the game
« Reply #511 on: May 09, 2009, 12:47:01 am »

Well... I gotta say I'm sorry for not being able to play this game. 

I bothered both the town and my dopp partners. 

I really was (and still am but not that much) incredibly busy.  I think there has to be a new policy from the moderators.  Maybe even a sticky replacement thread where mods ask if people want to replace into games. 
I would mod it but don't think I have time for it yet.

I never read the game.  Just a couple of pages in the last days but was afraid that if I jumped into the game I would just be lynched and screw even more the dopp's chances. 

Later I'm gonna try to make a better read and explain my actions better and give my opinions on the game.

Don't be so hard on Webadict.  He is a good mafia player who likes to handle every situation.   It's really hard to lie and post so much so cut him some slack.  His super confidence helps him a lot.  Others usually believe him more.  Anyway, it's gonna get harder and harder because we are all getting to know each other a lot more and meta-gaming is starting to matter.

See you soon.

Good game everybody!
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