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Author Topic: Space Station 13 - Oh no, i'm the traitor and I have no idea what to do!  (Read 29980 times)


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Hey, this guide is to help you with SS13, refer to Broose's thread if you don't know what SS13 is.

I've been playing ss13 for about a year, I know how to run it all, what runs it all, and how people's minds work.
I am going to divide this guide into a few sections, bear with me because you will need to read them all.

1. Space Station 13
1.i. Jobs on Space Station 13
1.i.i. Random events on Space Station 13

2. The Traitor (oh noes!)
2.i. The Traitor's objectives
2.i.i. The Traitor's equipment

3. How to be 'The TRAITOR'
3.i. What to do in the event that you are caught completing your objective
3.i.i. How to break out of jail
3.i.i.i. How to effectively assassinate your target
3.i.i.i.i. Taking on the role of another person (both with a voicechanger and genetics)

4. Things to aid you
4.i. The AI
4.i.i. Toxins Lab
4.i.i.i. Medical Lab (not medbay)

5. Miscellaneous

Alright, let's get started!

-Space Station 13-

Space Station 13 is a game on BYOND, which is slightly complicated. The main goal on ss13 is to survive, and tools are all around you to complete said task.
One of the ways of surviving, is unfortunately, killing people. Don't go killing everyone you see to survive, because that isn't how this works. This guide is to show you how this works.

-The Jobs on Space Station 13-
There are multiple jobs on SS13. Here are the current jobs, as of now. These vary on each server, so be wary.

  • Captain
  • Head of Personell
  • Head of Research/Security -- Name will vary depending on server.
  • AI
  • Security Officer
  • Atmospheric Technician
  • Station Engineer
  • Medical Doctor
  • Assistant
  • Janitor - pick this for lulz
  • Forensic Technician/Detective
  • Toxin Researcher/Scientist
  • Genetic Researcher
  • Chemist

Any job marked with a * means you either:
A. Got the worst job in the world (clown, you have like no access and you start out clumsy)

And that's about it. Try each job and see which ones you like. The last three are really only for experienced players, learn about it before starting.
A good place to learn about these last three is:

-Random Events on Space Station 13-
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Random events happen when you have been playing too long. These usually happen in extended. They can vary from the following:

  • Blob
  • Anomaly Alert/Wormholes
  • AI Malfunction
  • Meteor Shower

and many more. These are all bad, whereas they all hurt the station in some way.

Blob: This is basically blob mode implemented into your nice RP server, which was something other than blob before. Don't you just HATE the coding they put in?

Anomaly Alert: Wormholes are appearing around the station. Jump in one and end up in another. This is good and bad, whereas you can jump around the station, however, without the proper equipment, you could end up DEAD in SPACE(notgood).

AI Malfuntion: Basically the AI gets a new law, usually something about killing humans. Bad.

Meteor Shower: If this isn't obvious, stop reading this guide.

All of these are bad. Badbadbad. If you are traitor, this could greatly hurt you, but sometimes, you can use it to your advantage.


Cent. Com. Update Enemy communication intercept. Security Level Elevated
Summary downloaded and printed out at all communications consoles.

You are the traitor! You must do shit and then escape!

Uh oh. I'm the traitor. I don't know what to do!!11/1backslash2231!1

Don't worry pedestrian, this guide is here to help you!

Here are the basics of being the 'TRAITOR'.

You are a syndicate spy. You have been placed on SS13 with an objective you must complete. You should remain your identity as traitor secret, however you do not have to. We gave you a signaler, best of luck. Complete your objective and escape on the emergency shuttle. Over and out.

Code: [Select]
for i=1, #spies do

Disclaimer: IF YOU DO NOT STAY SECRET, THIS GUIDE HAS NO CHANCE OF HELPING YOU. GET OUT. Unless you want to be a badass like me and run around killing multiple people at a time

Staying secret is the BEST THING you can do to complete your objective without getting caught. If you get caught, it makes it a WHOLE LOT HARDER.

The traitor comes to ss13 with a specific role in mind: complete my objective with as little people noticing. I should also kill these people who figure out I am the traitor, or risk my cover being blown.

IF you need to blow your cover to complete your objective, do it. Your main goal is to complete your objective and escape. To win, you must do those things. The traitor comes with a variety of roles and objectives, which I will explain in the next section. Being the traitor is one of the best things about ss13, the reason why it exists. SS13 revolves around traitor mode. If you would rather do monkey or blob, go make your own guide on that.

-The Traitor's Objectives-

The traitor has a variety of different objectives to complete.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Here is a small list on the objectives of a traitor.
  • Escape Alone on the Escape Shuttle
  • Assassinate some person
  • Cut the power to 80% of the station
  • Destroy 80%(I forget the percentage) of plasma canisters throughout the station
  • Kill all of the monkeys on the station (REMEMBER MR. RATHEN & MR. AND MRS. MUGGLES)
  • Steal important object
and a few others.

SUGGESTED BY Gantolandon:
Mr. Rathen is in the engine, ignite it to kill him.
Mr. Muggles is outside of the AI foyer.

Now, these are all fairly easy, not counting the first one. The first one will send you to hell and back if you have 20+ players on the server.

These are all self explanatory.

Oh shit! This is too hard and i'm NEVER going to complete my objective!
DON'T WORRY CITIZEN, I HAVE SOMETHING THAT CAN HELP YOU! As a traitor, your radio MAGICALLY (don't ask how) turns into a syndicate uplink! Hooray! Rejoice!

Your syndicate uplink can spawn items, using telecrystals. *GASP!*
Each uplink spawns with three telecrystals.
Here is the list of items it can spawn, *MOAR GASP!* along with how much telecrystals it takes for each one.

  • The Revolver (2)
  • Ammo for your revolver (1)
  • Cloaking Device (3) -- did I get the telecrystals right?
  • Voice Changer (2)
  • Syndicate Card (1)
  • Cyanide Pill (1)
  • Fully Heated Timer Bomb (3)
  • Energy Sword (3)
  • Electromagnetic Card (1 or 2, I forget) (AKA: The EMAG)
  • Sleepy Pen(1)
  • Freedom Implant(1)

All of these are useful in completing your objective. EXCEPT REVOLVER

Here, I will explain each one for you.

The Revolver: Hey look guys! He has a revolver on his belt! Take him down!
The revolver is useless in everything whatsoever, unless you plan on framing someone.
The revolver sucks for gunfights. It holds 7 .357 caliber bullets at a time.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

I take everything I said about the revolver back. Compare these stats:
Pistolwhipping with revolver (much faster than toolbox) force: 30
Toolboxing (very slow) force: 8
You compare the stats.

Ammo is there for refilling your revolver when it is empty.

The Cloaking Device: This is ever so slightly useful, however the voice changer is much better for professionals. The Cloaking Device emits a cloak around you, only you, the AI, and anyone with optical thermal glasses can see you. People with xray (see genetics) can also see you.

However, there are MAJOOOOOR drawbacks.
The AI will be constantly looking at people, if you happen to pass by and the AI sees you have a cloak on, he will go all like "THIS PERSON IS THE FUCKING TRAITOR KILL THEM11" and bolt you into a room. Then the captain will come along with his thermals and beat the shit out of you.
If there is no AI, and you manage to steal both pairs of thermals at the start of the round, sure, go for it. The cloak is the best for you.

The Voice Changer: Here is the scenario. You are the traitor. You've just choked the captain to death in the morgue. You want to wear his ID, however you won't be able to talk or you will give yourself away.



No, i'm serious. I have no idea how voice is related to ID, but this is how it works.
It looks like a normal gasmask when you spawn it. You secretly think to yourself "what a waste.". You put it on and then disguise yourself as the captain. You try not to talk, but you trip and fall flat on your face. You say 'Ow!' and realize that was the old captain's voice.

Success! Your voice is now disguised!


If you need to know how to use it specifically, put it on like a normal gasmask. Your voice will be disguised by the ID you have on.

This is very useful. Very. VERY.

The Syndicate Card: One of my favorites. Wear it while conducting a murder, or with a cloaking device, and be hidden from the AI! However, if you are seen wearing one people will suspect you as a traitor. Put it in a box and put the box in your backpack for maximum effectiveness.

The Cyanide Pill: Need to kill your target fast? Once fed to ANYONE, the person will die within half a minute. Very useful. The only way to stop it is cryogenetics, but you must be pretty quick to do that in 30 seconds. Combine this in a secret area with your target, and a sleepy pen for maximum effectiveness.

Fully Heated Timer Bomb: Basically just a bomb. Unless your objective is to kill monkeys, no need for it. Just go make one in toxin research, don't waste your telecrystals on one.

Energy Sword: Going commando? Want to look like a jedi and run around with a lightsaber that does 3hitKOs? This weapon is right for you!

Electromagnetic Card: Need to break into a door fast? Use it on windoors or personal closets, they will automatically be hacked. If you use it on an airlock, there is a 25 to 50 percent chance it will not work and bolt the door. Nevertheless, very useful tool.

The Sleepy Pen: One of my favorites. Looks like a normal pen. Stab someone with it to put them to sleep for two minutes. Great to combine with the cyanide pill.

The Freedom Implant: This will uncuff you when you say a certain emote, stored in your memory. Use the 'memory' verb to access it. This has a random amount of uses, ranging anywhere between 1 and 6.

But, what are the BEST ways to take out my target? you might ask.

The best way? Get rid of your signaller. Accuse them of something. Get them in the brig. Kill him and tell security he attacked you, so you did it in self defense. Then escape! That simple!

No way to link your signaller back to you!  :D (bad pun)

Even better, don't touch your signaller. Put gloves on. Knock out your target and give him a signaller. Say you saw him with a syndicate signaller so you knocked him out, and tell security. They will kill him FOR you, so you don't have to worry.

Unless you get some sympathetic faggot captain.

-How to be 'THE TRAITOR'-

Alright, so you told me the basics. But how do I act in certain situations?

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

If you don't act NORMAL, then people will suspect you of being the traitor. Remember, this isn't some kids game. Do whatever you can to look innocent.

-What to do in the event that you are caught completing your objective-

Callum McGregor  [145.9] exclaims, "Help! Your Mother is the traitor! He attacked me!"

Oh FUCK. This is BAD. Fortunately, we have ways of getting out of situations like this.
You have a variety of options at your disposal:

1. Deny it.
2. Say he attacked you first.
3. Ask 'What the fuck are you talking about.'
4. State that your ID was stolen and hide it somewhere. This gives the illusion that someone else stole your ID and attacked him.
5. Run. Get your voicechanger our and take on another identity.

All of these are good choices.

-How to break out of jail-
Shit! I am horrible at this! I was caught!
There are solutions to this!

Here are a few options you have, but all some prerequisites.

  • Aggravate and annoy the guard into fighting you
  • Use your freedom implant when no one is in the room, and break out with some sort of weapon at your disposal. This can range from rods to window shards to the oxygen tank on your back.
  • Go with the flow. Act like you are completely innocent.

The best way to do it is the last one, UNLESS you have dumbass guards. Then you need to do one of the first two.

-How to effectively assassinate your target-
I tried to toolbox my target to death, but it ain't working!

Of course it's not. You can't walk up to some random guy and start to toolbox him, 80% chance you will loose.

The best way you might ask? Get into a place where not many people are, like the following:
  • Escape shuttle hallway (unless EVAC shuttle is coming)
  • Chapel/Morgue
  • Maintenance Tunnels
  • Toxins

But wait! There is more!

When you get there, start a conversation. In the middle of the conversation, strike as fast as you can. Preferably with a stun baton or taser. These work the best.

Kill them after that. If you are in the escape shuttle, toxins, or maintenance tunnels, you can throw the bodies out into space.

You aren't feeling like that kind of bloody murder? You can also do it indirectly.

One of my favorite ways to do it, let's say you are toxins. Take an oxygen tank. Empty it. Fill it with N20.

When you are walking with whoever you are assassinating, go all like:
"Hey man, there is unsafe air up ahead. You should take my oxygen tank and gasmask."
"Gee, thanks! You are a real pal!"
After that, he gets knocked unconscious. Lock him in a locker or something and be done with it, or kill him.

-Taking on the role of another person (both with a voicechanger and genetics)-
VOICECHANGER: Put on the voicechanger and dress up as the person. Take his/her ID and put it on you. Congrats, you have just committed identity theft!
GENETICS: Stick the dead body in the genetic machine. Save it's UI and UE. WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT SAVE IT'S SE. Then make an injector out of it. Inject yourself.
You are now an exact copy of the person who is in the genetic scanner.

-Things to aid you-
-The AI-
The AI will always help.
Break into it's foyer, using thermite or a high level access card. Your choice.
Get the onehuman module, and input your name. Upload it to the computer. Congrats, the AI now has to follow your every order!

No, really. One of the most useless places. Ever.
Set atmospherics to put small amounts of plasma and a lot of oxygen in the air. Whenever someone lights a welder, they take out everyone near them. Not to mention themselves.

Launch shit out using the launcher. Make bombs and stuff. The choice is yours.

-Medical Lab-
In chemlab, you can make acid to splash on your face, disfiguring it. If it is disfigured, no one will know who you are.

In genetics, you can change your identity, or even give people your identity. If you are a genetics master, you can give yourself super powers, also!

This is for people who suggest good things for me to add on.

-Buckling people to chairs/beds-
For them to stay buckled, they need to have a straightjacket or handcuffs on.
Click them and hold down the left mouse button. Drag the mouse to a chair/bed. Release. Yay, you have just buckled someone to a chair! You can now torture them as you please!

-Making bombs-
IF YOU ABUSE THIS I WILL BE VERY VERY MAD  >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

1. Go to the plasma dispenser in toxin storage
2. Take out a plasma tank by double clicking it
3. Put the plasma tank in a heater
4. Set the heater siphon to max
5. Set the heat to temp to max (500)
6. Start heating it
7. Screwdrive an igniter
8. Screwdrive a radio
9. Grab the radio and click the igniter with the hand that has the radio selected. If this doesn't work, do it the other way around.
10. Screwdrive the assembly.
11. Wait for the plasma temperature to hit 500.
12. Set the plasma release to max (-M)
13. Take out the plasma tank
14. Click the assembly with the plasma tank. If this doesn't work, again, do it the way around.
15. Grab a welder and click the bomb. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP.

You now have a fully functioning bomb! Send a signal with a radio to detonate it!

-Taking things off people-
I get this question a lot, ingame and by my friends.
Alright, click who you want to take the stuff off of and hold down the left mouse button. Drag your mouse to your character, and release it. A menu will come up with all of the stuff the person will have on. Click these to take the stuff off. Be warned, if you have something in your hand and it fits in the slot, it will replace whatever is in the person you are taking stuff off of's slot with the thing you are holding.


Internals: Alright, first of all, make sure what you are setting your internals is BLUE. If it is red and white, or orange, this is a canister of a lethal substance. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, SET THIS AS YOUR INTERNALS.

To set your internals, make sure you have a mask on. Preferably a gasmask, or a medical mask with a helmet on. Put your oxygentank/jetpack/whatever in your hand, and double click it. A window will come up. Don't mess with anything. Just click "Set Internals". Put it back on your back, unless you want to hold it, and you are done!

Starting the engine: Put all of the plasma canisters and oxygen canisters in the engine, where the black flooring is. NOTE: DO NOT PUT THE BLACK CO2 CANISTERS IN. After that is done, hook the black canisters up to the connectors and set their pipe release to max, starting the cold loop. Now all you have to do is ignite the engine. Go to the room at the very end of the engine with all of the computers and pull the valve connected to a plasma canister.

Congrats, you have just supplied the station with power!  :D


How to use a jetpack: Take it off your back. Treat it like an oxygen tank, set your internals, and put it back on your back. Right click the jetpack and click 'toggle', enabling to move around in space.

SUGGESTED BY Gantolandon:

Where to find useful shit:

Captain's spare(1 on station): In senior staff/bridge.
Jetpacks(3 on station): Two in EVA, one where captain's spare spawns.
Handheld Teleporters(2 on station): One where captain's spare spawns, one next to main Teleporter.
Multitools(I think about 4)

And that about sums it up! I hope you all become great at ss13. :)


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Whew. That was looooong.

Took me an hour to write, I hope it helps you guys.


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Very nice!

...I still can't figure out how to change the station's atmo levels from the atmo room, though.
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Not just the atmos room. There are also places you have to attach canisters to in maintence.
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Anyone else have something they want me to add?


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How to properly use a jetpack.  It's easy to die in Revolution if you don't know, and I haven't had the chance to figure it out yet (died a couple times though).  I guess I somehow managed to turn on the jetpack without having my internals set, while everyone was saying the jetpack does that for you?
Some things were made for one thing, for me / that one thing is the sea~
His servers are going to be powered by goat blood and moonlight.
Oh, a biomass/24 hour solar facility. How green!

Dr. Johbson

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Awesome guide, love it, but yes, internals and jetpacks would be a great help to some of the newer members. Thanks for taking time out to help everyone! ;D


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Very nice indeed. Mind if I post that on PA forums?
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I like this guide. It's very good.


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How to properly use a jetpack.  It's easy to die in Revolution if you don't know, and I haven't had the chance to figure it out yet (died a couple times though).  I guess I somehow managed to turn on the jetpack without having my internals set, while everyone was saying the jetpack does that for you?

No problem.  Any tank(Including the plasma ones) or jetpack can be used to start internals.  You will always need a working mask item equipped.  This can be a gasmask or a medical mask(Warning using a medical mask without the space helmet is very unreliable and will usually get you killed)

Once you have a usable mask and tank/jetpack you need to use the tank.  If you use numpad shortcuts, 3 will open the internals menu for you while the tank is in your active hand.  Otherwise just click on the item while it is in your active hand.  You'll see how much gas is left in the tank, what its rate is set to(I think 96 is the bare minimum you can survive at.), and the set internals button.  Clicking set internals will ensure that only gas from inside your tank will be used when you breathe.  You can close the tank window at this point(unless you want to adjust the rate).

One step further is putting the tank on your back so you don't drop it if you get stunned.  If you want to use a jetpack to propel yourself, this is necessary.  Take off your backpack(By dragging it to an empty hand) and then click your back slot with the tank or jetpack.  There ya go.  If you want to use the jetpack to propel yourself too, right click it and select toggle, or do it from the commands tab.

One other tip, if you suddenly run out of air in your tank or don't want to use internals anymore, there's an internals indicator on the upper right side of your hub that you can click to automatically turn it off.  It turns red if the tank you are using has run empty.
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Go ahead, post it wherever you like. It's not like a big copyright symbol is over the whole thing.  ;D


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This guide is great. The only thing it lacks it's a general know-how: where to find some crucial objects and places. First time when I was a traitor, I had to kill all the monkeys. I was a bit annoyed, when I found out about Mr. Rathen just after the shuttle had got off. Also - where the fuck is personal teleporter?


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Also - where the fuck is personal teleporter?

In the teleporter room, right next to the full-size teleporter. Warning: room is filled with plasma.
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One spawns in the bridge along with the captain's spare ID, also.

E. Albright

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Welcome indeed. Mr. Pot, Mr. Kettle here would like to commend you on your thorough research.[/snark][/pedantic]
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