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Author Topic: [suggestion] interface : cycling through squads or dwarf  (Read 1690 times)


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[suggestion] interface : cycling through squads or dwarf
« on: August 20, 2006, 04:49:00 pm »

I have a suggestion to do which has (partially) been done at least once already :
The hability to cycle through dwarves when you are on the "v" mode.

My problem : I find difficult for exemple to make sure that all my dwarfs are set to the correct job and wont interfere with each other. You can press "u", choose a dward, then press "c", selecte to work press "space", "u" again and so on. Quite long...

An other way is to press "v" , and then move the pointer to select new dwarfs. Much more comfortable, but can never know for sure that you have seen all dwarves.

So I think that things could be slightly better organised. Through cycling. OK, it has been suggested already, and you answered "na ! can you imagine cylcing through 200 dwarfs ? borring !" True !
But, an other thing has been made already : the hability to create squads. As far as I undertsand it, right they are mainly used to control military units. But could also be used to cycle quicker through your dwarfes : press "v" it gets the closest as it does now. Ok. press "u" for exemple, it goes to the next dwarf ("m" for previous), and "k" and "h" to change squad (as I see now, there are different squad level, maybe could you had one more key to change the squad level from wich you jump : 1 for first squad level in hierachie, 2, for second...
If there is no second, it goes from first to first. However I don't know if this last remark is really relevant. It might be fearly useless and complicated in terms of gameplay.)

So it would be possible for the player to organise its squads the way he wishes to make control over dwarves much easier...

If you add to this the possibility to name yourself the squads (and write the squad name above the dwarf's name on the "v" screen) it could prove quite convinient !

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Re: [suggestion] interface : cycling through squads or dwarf
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2006, 04:59:00 pm »

Replying to myself, and quoting Mayakashi :


- Controlling dwarves' jobs once you've got seventy of them quickly becomes tedious. If I had a few broader controls, such as being able to toggle on/off a particular profession for ALL dwarves at once, and/or perhaps for all dwarves of a particular class, it'd be much easier and more enjoyable to keep a fortress running smoothly.

Maybe when moving from suad to squad, you could have a screen displaying not the properties of a dwarf, but of all those in the squad (all properties, hability, or whatever). For the jobs :
-White : all of them can do it
-Dark grey : none of them can do it
-Litgh grey (or any other color): Different for each dwarf.
On this screen, you could either set it to white or dark grey, and thus changing the property for all of them.

If by displaying the squad screen (instead of unit) there are some option to difficult to show, just don't do it. The most important would be this one.