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Author Topic: Things that made you sad today thread.  (Read 4766439 times)


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Re: Things that made you sad today thread.
« Reply #116760 on: Today at 11:23:56 am »

Also, Kagus, you're clearly educated, despite no "formal" education - you made it through basic, your writing is clear and readable, and you moved fucking countries. You've done a lot.

Don't let the lack of a formal certificate discourage you.

On the anxiety front, are you still seeing the government therapist?
In any case it would be a battle of critical thinking and I refuse to fight an unarmed individual.


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Re: Things that made you sad today thread.
« Reply #116761 on: Today at 11:49:08 am »

KoDP's successor Six Ages has left me really disappointed with development.

-It released on iOS a year before PC. Fine. That was the market they said they needed to hit first.
-It's a much smaller game.
-Because they're going to do 6 titles rather than one large title like KoDP.
-It costs twice as much on PC as on the Apple App Store.
-Playing it on PC requires Windows 10.

I mean....I really wanted to support these guys, I loved KoDP. But it's just been one thing after another with these guys. People make excuses that development is expensive, yadda yadda....I ain't hearing it. Plenty of devs make games for both platforms without:

-Overcharging PC users simply because they can.
-Claiming poverty as the reason for, well, everything.
-Tech requirements that somehow meant they released last on PC and invalidated a version of Windows that 99.9% of other games can still work on.

I'm sour, not gonna lie. Maybe I should just suck it up and play it for the right price on a device that makes me not want to play games.

I put it here because I don't want to dump all over their thread in OG. But I'm struggling to think of a title I've wanted this much that alienated me this badly by their decisions.
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Re: Things that made you sad today thread.
« Reply #116762 on: Today at 07:02:12 pm »

-Overcharging PC users simply because they can.

I don't know about that. iOS is a standardized platform, whereas with PC you have to make it work with multiple configurations. The pricing decision might be because they actually had to expend more money on the PC version.
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