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Author Topic: List of PC Game Projects I Need to Complete  (Read 915 times)

Servant Corps

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List of PC Game Projects I Need to Complete
« on: October 15, 2009, 09:53:55 pm »

Gah. The only reason I am making this thread is to shame myself, to see if I can remind myself of projects that I promised.

It all started when I came up with another brilliant game idea, only to realize I already have lots of brilliant game ideas that haven't been released yet. I decide that I can entertain this idea, as long as I shame myself by revealing all the other game ideas I need to do as well.

Completed Games:
None that I remember

Games 95% Done:
--"Stalinist Comrade Squad" Modification for LCS (need to test, also need to correct some bug)
--Tropico: Drug Wars (hex editing complete, but never gotten around to actually testing if it works or not, also need to add in an event where drug dealers deposit bribes into the Dictator's Swiss Bank Account)

Incomplete Games, Haven't Even Started:
--Game Review Game
--Time Travel Game, I do have enough to release a Alpha Version though
--Automated Zero-Player RTS Gaming Project

Game Idea:
--Turn-based Fire Emblem game where a conservative religious organization wages an insurgency against the central government. I'll post more later on this idea when I think about it. (To be fair, I may need to go down the route of chaoticjosh, and post a topic fleshing out this idea, but for now, I'm leaving this as just an Idea.)

Abanonded Game Idea:
--Second Civil War: I don't think I'll ever finish this idea. Sorry.
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