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Author Topic: Truespace: Free and vanishing, but VIDEOS!  (Read 513 times)


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Truespace: Free and vanishing, but VIDEOS!
« on: October 20, 2009, 09:09:57 pm »

Tis a Blender-esque thing.  Has gone free and non-bound license wise at 7.61.  Has a strange server thingie and a SDK for plugin writing.  Website and company will self-destruct sometime between earlier this year-any moment from here on.   Seems to be another case of Microsoft bringing a hammer down from on high.  Small community forum trying to carry on and see about things, but no telling.

But thar be graphical and 3D design related videos/tutorials of em...HOURS and HOURS in them hills.  Some about 2-3 hours on a given subject.  We're talking well over a day straight of free and informative videos---all slated to shuffle off into the internet no man's land where DEC Machine games dwell.

Should ye be needing art learnin', or want another Blender-like dealie to muck about with as an Indie or Hobbyist, or see fit to feel like it---now'd be the time to fire up the storage devices and start archiving at ridiculous speeds as you will likely get ridiculously good download speeds.

This looked too nifty and edutainmental to go quietly into the night folks, so you've now had a head's up!