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Huh? no it is about how the mechanics of playable versus unplayable will work outside the spontanious playability system. (except worded a lot better)

I just have asked enough long lasting questions that I am sort of starting to understand how Toady answers things. Atleast when I ask them :P

i was wondering how many question-mails you get nowadays. quite some time ago someone mentioned it not being really many, so has the situation changed? are you being drowned with mails now?

Nah, it's still slow.  Put in your good questions! :D

k, already did ;)
but that rises another question: do you weed out your mail-pool after every episode, or do you store mails until you have time to answer them all, even when its far later than the mail came in?

If it's a good one it will get answered in a 'cast or two.  If it's something we can't really easily answer in the 'cast, then we'll discard it.  If you've asked a question over 2 months ago and it hasn't already, then it likely won't get answered.  Good luck!


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