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Author Topic: [40d] Moods did not restart after being ineligible for a long time  (Read 797 times)


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My current fortress got 7 moods within the first 8 years, after which they stopped completely due to my fortress being built above ground (in a 47x47x16 cast obsidian tower). Twelve years later, I started doing extensive exploratory mining in order to get the moods started again (plus, I had trained all of my dwarves with at least 30XP in a moodable skill so I wouldn't get craftsdwarves). However, even after revealing over 13,000 subterranean tiles and waiting an entire year, no strange moods happened.

Dwarf Companion indicated the "mood timer" was at zero, which means I should've gotten a mood almost immediately after performing the extra mining (which is exactly what happened in my previous forts, where I never went that long between hitting the mood cap and doing more mining). Upon using its "Insta-Mood" function, I instantly got a possessed bone carver, and now strange moods have been happening regularly ever since.

If necessary, I can post a save file.
P.S. If you don't get this note, let me know and I'll write you another.
It's amazing how dwarves can make a stack of bones completely waterproof and magmaproof.
It's amazing how they can make an entire floodgate out of the bones of 2 cats.