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Author Topic: SoundCenSe, a c# port of SoundSense  (Read 25067 times)


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Re: SoundCenSe, a c# port of SoundSense
« Reply #105 on: June 11, 2018, 11:44:50 pm »

To avoid getting off topic in the SoundSense thread, I'm replying to this SoundCense-related post here:

that's the problem, SoundCense doesn't work either.

Could you be more specific?

In what way does SoundCense not work? Does it not even launch? Or is it just not playing sound or music alongside DF?

Do you have all of the requirements installed?

System requirements:


    .NET 4
    Microsoft Visual c++ runtime redistributables (
    Gtk-Sharp (

If SoundCenSe doesn't seem to start (nothing happens when you open it), check the Log.txt file, there the url's will be provided too.
After installing gtk-sharp, a reboot might be needed even the installer doesn't tell you so.

Linux: (Debian)


Also, are you using the SoundCense that comes packaged with a starter pack (and which starter pack)? If the answer is "yes", then your problem may be related to SneakyGunz's:

Thanks for this solution. The autodetect is not working with the packaged starter pack.
Directing it to:
    C:\Users\SneakyGunz\Desktop\DwarfFortress\Dwarf Fortress 44.05\Dwarf Fortress 0.44.05\gamelog.txt
worked perfectly. Thank you, thank you.

You could try changing the directory where SoundCense looks for gamelog.txt:
...might need to change the Configuration.json file, setting gamelogPath to ""

Alternatively, you could try installing the stand-alone version as linked in the OP.
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Re: SoundCenSe, a c# port of SoundSense
« Reply #106 on: July 28, 2018, 08:20:05 am »

I installed PeridexisErrant's Starter Pack 0.44.12-r02.
I cannot get SoundCenSe to run. Maybe this is not that surprising, since I have not installed GTK-Sharp. The SoundCenSe log confirms that this is the problem with the series of messages "Checking dll in registry", "GTK# is not installed" and "GTK-Sharp is not installed".

I know where to get GTK-Sharp, but I want to avoid system-wide installs of libraries, if possible. Is there a way of just placing the required files in the SoundCenSe folder and still getting it to run?

By the way: After unzipping the Starter Pack, the SoundCenSe folder already has a "gtk-sharp.dll" file in it (among several other "*-sharp.dll" files). At first I believed that this would be enough for a stand-alone SoundCenSe, but it seems I'm wrong.


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Re: SoundCenSe, a c# port of SoundSense
« Reply #107 on: August 11, 2018, 05:01:15 am »


I'm using Windows 10, 150% DPI on, 2560x1440 and Soundcense looks like this when opening it;

Any suggestions? It seems to work if I change my resolution to 640x480. Doesn't it support 2k resolution then?
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